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  1. Why bring a bottle on board, 3 glass of wine per bottle (approx.) @ $6.00/$7.00 glass.( I drink the cheaper wines) Your still NOT ahead of the game!!!:confused::(:eek: I'm just buying mine on board, you get more for the buck! Am I missing something here?? :confused:
  2. Thanks so much, for the calendar for Crystal cruises. Now I understand how the numbers are determined. Hope to be on the Symphony in November. I have only heard good reviews for Crystal Cruise Line :) Bea
  3. NO, I'm not correct!! The last two digits were wrong.:confused: Need to locate the calendar with the number of voyages for that ship in 2012. I did locate a calandar, but I counted 15?? (someone just posted that it is 28).
  4. Thanks so much for the information on the code numbers. I thought it was probably something like that. I'm interest in taking the "Jazz Theme Cruise" in November 2012 on the Symphony, it departs on the 18th. When I refer to this cruise I will use the V2201,am I correct? This seems to be the only cruise line that I noticed that uses a code system like this. I guess it shortens the reference to a particular cruise. Bea
  5. Without seeming totally ignorant, this is the first time that I have been on a Crystal site would like to book a cruise in 2012, I noticed that each cruise has a number??, where does this number come from? (the answer is probably a duh moment)! Most all of our cruises have been on Princess & Celebrity. Their cruises don't have this number. I checked out a cruise that my DH and I would like to book, but I see no number there. Just curious. :D
  6. Ginger, You'll be getting your wish about the smoking I think Princess starts in Feburary 2012 with no SMOKING! :-) :-)
  7. billet I actually thought your avatar was a live insect on my screen! LOL
  8. It seems expensive, but if you break it down, its only $1.39 a bottle. But I do agree, NY prices are outrageous on most items!
  9. THANKS for all of your suggestions. They were very helpfull in choosing a location for the "Sail Away Get Together". OUTRIGGER BAR wins!! :D Thanks. Bea
  10. I'm interested in finding out where would be a good place for a "Sail-Away" get together on the Caribbean Princess. I thought at an outside bar on a high deck. I'm not familiar with this ship so I would appreciate your import. I'm sure someone has attended a gathering for a "Sail Away" get together on this ship. Brooklyn is such a nice harbor to sail out of. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :)
  11. What time does the Muster Drill usually happen??? I have totally forgotten, is it usually after we have set sail? About what time if sail is 4:30PM.
  12. NO problem at all, the porters will give you your luggage tags when you arrive at the port. Just make sure you have your express pass handy so they can put your cabin number on the tags. I have gone this route before myself, and had NO problem. About a month before you sail you can go on the Celebrity site, and request that the tags be sent to your address, I just did this for my cruise in December.
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