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  1. doubled

    Suite OBC

    We received $300pp for Continent Suite in August 2019.
  2. Thanks....think will spend 2 days in Oslo and then train to Bergen 1-2 days early. Looking forward to it.
  3. We are considering train from Oslo to Bergen for a Northern Lights cruise end of January. Are there ever problems that train doesn't run? Don't want to be stuck in Oslo when cruise is leaving Bergen. We will be doing reservations on our own.
  4. Yes you can pick own seats. Extra charge depends on seats (exit row, preferred, etc) can be as little as $6 and up as much as around $100 but usually $25-$70 just depends.
  5. My vote is for Seeker! Will be interesting to find out name of latest addition. Can't wait to get back to cruising! Art
  6. Great News! Any information on name? Will be interesting to hear what changes there will be.
  7. Seems like a lot of Fluff! Thought maybe a new level would be added between Elite+ and Zenith , but no such luck.
  8. - 2 Celebrity cruises canceled 2020 - 1 Azamara cruise canceled 2020 - 2 Celebrity cruise canceled 2021 - 1 Azamara cruise canceled 2021 - L&S 3 Celebrity cruises - L&S 2 Azamara cruises - 2 Azamara Quest scheduled 10/21 -1 Azamara Pursuit scheduled 11/22 -3 Celebrity Apex scheduled 1&2/22 -2 Celebrity Solstice scheduled 4/22 -1 Celebrity Flora scheduled 8/22 - 1 Viking Venus scheduled 1/23 - 1 Viking Jupiter scheduled 7/23 Hopefully all will be a go. As we recently retired and wanted to do som
  9. We were told by Azamara no Lift and Shift available for our March 4, 2021 Quest cruise. My wife is considered high risk, so we don't want to cruise too early. Unfortunately, final payment will be due before we'd feel safe going ahead with this cruise, so will probably just have to pay cancellation fee when time comes. Art
  10. Would go for it!
  11. When speaking with Azamara rep the other day, hopeful by end of July.
  12. Bonnie....your help and insight will be missed. Hope you are back soon! Art
  13. Pat......I was told by Azamara same rules/penalties apply. I was concerned that Azamara would only do if final payment had been made, but no problem and new cruise shows when I login on Azamara website with OBC showing as well.
  14. Thanks for the link. We made this the other day after marinating overnight. It was very delicious! Very easy to do. Will do again. Art
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