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  1. My thought as well. I was under the impression that it would be a different set of 3 items for each night. Hopefully they will add a few more in the near future.
  2. Yes, one thing that is disappointing with Azamara is you loose all your LCV benefits and only get suite benefits. Also don't like that laundry is for every 7 days so if you are on a 13 night cruise you still only get 1 bag of laundry.
  3. Although we don't cruise to watch movies in our stateroom, we usually cruise for 10 nights or longer and have enjoyed being able to catch a movie in our stateroom on occasion. Disappointed to see this happen.
  4. Never received any notification and seem to receive all other Azamara emails. Just booked future shore excursions on board 2 weeks ago for 10% off would have been nice to get an additional 10%.
  5. Our cruise in October 2020 qualifies for Double Upgrade promo however is Substantially higher than last month.
  6. For us was Arneil who we met on previous cruise and also found us caffeine free Diet Coke which was no where to be found on ship
  7. Update: No Silent Pool but 4 bottles of Fever Tree
  8. On Quest now... no Silent Pool or Fever Tree...said would check but doubtful
  9. Can anyone confirm if footstools are still on Eclipse in Aqua class. Have read on other posts that they have been removed from all Millennium Class ships. And another post seemed to indicate have been removed from Equinox. Thanks in advance for tour replies.
  10. We really enjoyed the Retreat Lounge and the service for the most part was very good. Liked the full wall of floor to ceiling windows. We did miss not having a bar there and hope they add one in future. The outside area of Lounge we enjoyed but on our cruise it got crowded quite a bit and sometimes no seating available. The pool deck was nice, however more shaded areas would be nice.
  11. LuAnn....If you just checked in maybe it takes a day? I had luggage tags at et end of my document a few weeks ago but I checked in a few months ago. I also called them and they mailed the nice ones but is probably too late for that. Worst case get them at pier. Art
  12. No problem. We ordered a cappuccino and latte every morning with breakfast on our balcony. We were surprised how good the cappuccino and latte are from room service. Art
  13. Agree...give Mosaic a try. We actually preferred the coffee Mosaic used over Nespresso. Art
  14. You can go to dinning room and meet your servers before your reservation and let them know you will be absent and how much you look forward to being with them on future evenings. That way they can inform other table mates and they won't be waiting on you. Enjoy! It is nice to miss all the confusion the first night. Art
  15. We really enjoyed the Edge and would like to cruise again but pricing is a bit steep. Feel the specialty restaurants are over priced unless you get a deal. Fine Cut Steak House: 5 stars We really enjoyed, especially notable Tuna Tartare and Aussie Tomahawk. Everything was good Le Petit Chef at Le Grand Bistro: 3 stars Was a one timer. Liked the Green Tea Matcha Cake Eden: 1 star Was expecting a lot but ended up being disappointed. Liked Eden Cafe better at lunch. Rooftop Garden Grill: 4 stars We ate here on a port night in San Juan so wind wasn't too much of issue but still had some breezes that blew napkins. Was much better than expected and would go again. Dinner on Edge: 5 stars Luckily the wind wasn't a problem as was very calm leaving Tortola and had a beautiful sunset. Service was good and food was much better than expected. When we got there thought we were supposed to choose one of each but they brought everything. Starters Charcuterie Board Seafood Platter Chili Braised Short Rib Pastels Entrees Grilled Lobster Tails Slow Roasted Chateaubriand South Florida Gulf Snapper For The Table Tostones Sauteed Baby Potatoes Warm Asparagus Dessert Locally Inspired Dessert Trio Le Grand Bistro: 4 1/2 stars We had lunch one day and brunch on another. Everything was good and large selection for brunch. Luminae: 3stars Have always rated Luminae 5 stars on other ships. Although we loved the decor we found it to be much noisier than other ships as room is huge. Was noisier than main dinning rooms and Blu. Service was great except sommelier was subpar compared to previous experiences. Food not as good as previous Luminae experiences. Blu: 5 stars Excellent food as well as service and great sommelier. We ended up eating here a couple of nights as we found it more enjoyable and more choices. Hope to cruise Edge class in future depending on pricing. Art
  16. LuAnn.... Go to Azamara.com, click on Booked, click on Azamara Ugrade, enter your last name and Reservation ID. If you are eligible for an upgrade will show your bid options. May not be available till inside 45 days of sail date. Good Luck! Art
  17. Cruised Azamara for 1st time last November and have 2 cruises booked. Don't remember seeing Goat Cheese Souffle. Is goat Cheese Souffle an appetizer or desert? Had the Sole and was awesome will ask ahead for it. Art
  18. We are considering this as well. Please email any info you can share. user1203@aol.com Art
  19. Disappointed to hear that suite and LCV benefits cannot be combined...will be on 13 night cruise and was looking forward to extra laundry
  20. doubled

    Azamara Website

    I use Firefox and has worked well. Have booked excursions and onboard packages ...no problem.....use for mock bookings as well.
  21. Anyone have any updates on new menu?
  22. We booked a guarantee with 2 perks and were assigned what looks like large port hole veranda...reviews showed balcony is very small...emailed celebrity and they called me next day and said is a known problems with lots of complaints and to have our travel agent contact their celebrity rep...we contacted our agent and were upgraded to infinite veranda...we liked the infinite veranda but room is a bit narrower but overall liked and loved Edge even though a few things could be better
  23. We received same survey and are on the 14th as well. No option for 14th. Art
  24. I think adding a level between Elite+ and Zenith would make sense. A good target would be 1500 points which is double Elite+. We are Elite + and feel we will never reach Zenith so are considering other lines. More lines have packages available that include extras so you don't feel you get anything on the cruise. Seems would be a good business decision as I know it would entice us to consider Celebrity even more. They are are line of choice but we are open to trying other lines more than in the past. Art
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