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  1. Good morning! What I have appreciated most about Oslo is not something in particular but the city in general. If I compare Milan or Rome to Oslo, I think that they have everithink like in these cities but at the same time, they live like in a small and green town. Of course, the royal palace and the museum of Viking's Ships were great! Ciao IG
  2. Hi! Back from my cruise: great experience! HAL met all my expectations (but didn't exceed!:() and we had a wonderful time! The stewardess at the pier was ITALIAN (I could not believe!)... when my friend showed her the identity card,after a moment of hesitation, she told us: "ok, no problem, you're right! I'll find the way to fill in the documents useing the ID instead of the passport" After 10 mins we were aboard! She was a representative of the company, not of the customs, so I wonder: was it so difficult for HAL to confirm me this possibility in advance? :confused: Anyhow, the itinerary was awesome, the ship nice and the food really good... only the cruise director (Dave) was not so amazing in my opinion. Thanks again for your precious help. Kind regards,:) ItalianGuest
  3. Hi! Back from my cruise... what a wonderful experience! Great ports, unspoilt nature, excellent weather!!! Oslo is really a wonderful city and Lerwick in the Shetlands amazing! I would like to thank you: dressing with layers was the best solution! Kind regards,:):):) ItalianGuest
  4. Hi Again I'd like to thanks you all for your precious help. I've packed warm clothes and done my homeworks (selected the tours and printed some guides). I'll let you know when back at home! Ciao:) ItalianGuest
  5. Thanks a lot. Your pics are so wonderful and the information so interesting that now I don't need to visit the cities!;)
  6. PS Should I bring a sun protection cream? (For when it's not raining)
  7. Again thank you very much to you all! I've decided to pack like for early spring here in Italy! Best regards, IG
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately I can bring just a 20 kg suitcase! :( But fortunately there is the laundry service!!! :) Regards, IG
  9. Thank you for the useful information! I'm used to wear shorts only when the temperature is over 28 degrees:D Go for jeans! Ciao IG
  10. Hi I'm going to sail for my next cruise in about a week. What should I pack? I'll visit Copenaghen, Kristiansand, Oslo, Glasgow, Portree, Edinburgh and New Castle. Should I bring also bermudas and t-shirts or only jeans and shirts? Woolen or cotton sweaters? Jackets or quilts? Any opinioni is well accepted! Thanks in advance,:) ItalianGuest
  11. [quote name=Danish viking;467859' date=' its the biggest taxi company here in Copenhagen. The others are 3 Dantaxi, Taxi Nord and Amager-Øbro taxa.[/quote] Thank you very much Danish viking! Ciao ItalianGuest
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