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  1. For us, on an 8 day cruise, it was going to cost about $200 more. But beyond the extra cost, I don't see anyone mentioning the other conditions of the RU2 offer.... (Unless I missed it.) 

    The best offer on this cruise has: 

    • Exclusive VIFP rates
    • $50 per person to spend onboard
    • Reduced deposits from $50 per person
    • Free room location upgrade
    • Price Protection
    • Sale ends March 1, 2021

    But the RU2 only offers:

    • Cheers included in your offer!
    • Great VIFP Rates
    • Non-refundable Deposit
    • Sale ends March 1, 2021

    After factoring in the $50/pp onboard credit, it's actually about $300 more. And after looking at our alcohol tab for the last cruise we took for 16 days, we only spent $550. So for half that time on a ship, this isn't a good deal for us. But for those who are getting the offer for less of an uncharge, good for you! We've never done Cheers because it doesn't come out to be a deal for us. But it would have been fun to have it. If the offers on the RU2 would have been comparable to the other fare, I would have considered it. Just to have the luxury of not paying for drinks onboard... But as of now, we will not be using the code. Oh well!

  2. 9 hours ago, Balsam12 said:

    Hi Amy,


    Awesome, thanks for that.


    Are those prices in USD or AUD?


    Where was the cruise from?





    USD. We were out of Baltimore. You’re welcome!

  3. On 11/13/2019 at 3:18 AM, cruisingguy007 said:

    For anyone who has cruised on a Vista class ship, did you find the Vista class ship(s) to be overcrowded? I keep reading unflattering reviews on this ship class and having booked the Panorama it has me concerned. Overcrowded, poor drink service, and long lines seem to be the biggest complaints. There also seems to be an excessive amount of these particular complaints. Makes me contemplate the value of a CC over an all inclusive if you end up having to pay extra for everything to enjoy a cruise. By the time you factor in upgraded staterooms (in order to be able to get a lounger or swim), upgraded dining choices (to get quality food without lines), premium excursion packages charges booked through cruise line, drink packages etc, is it a better deal to go with a premium cruise line that offers a higher square foot per passenger ratio or seeking out an all inclusive resort? Did you feel the public areas on Vista class ships were too crowded to be enjoyable? 

    I feel like the minority, so I haven't said much about it, but I will never go on that ship or its equivalent again. I did find it too crowded. And there were only two small pools. I couldn't even sit in the pool because kids were jumping in and splashing and getting water in my beer. I swore after that cruise I'd never go on that one again. Just got off the Pride yesterday. WAY smaller. Adults only serenity deck. Even though there were almost no children on the boat, the serenity deck never seemed too crowded. And there were TWO other large pools for the kids. One thing I DID miss from the Vista was the IMAX theater and the specialty restaurants. But it was worth the sacrifice to have a ship I actually learned without a map and didn't have kids ruining my vacation because they had no where else to go. Someone told me to book the Havana deck next time. But I don't want to have to pay a premium price to avoid children when I could just find another ship...

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  4. On 11/18/2019 at 9:15 AM, Balsam12 said:

    Hi All,


    My other half and I have only cruised with RCI previously, but have seen an Australian cruise with Carnival that looks like a good deal. 


    Our question relates to drink prices and drink packages.  


    With RCI, we pay about AUD 72, and this covers all drinks up to $12 or $13 onboard. If you order a drink that costs over the package limit,  you only pay the difference plus gratuity. We have never ordered a drink that wasn't covered by the package. 


    From what I can find,  the equivalent package with Carnival costs $119. If I used the onboard drink prices from RCI, that would make the package uneconomic, and we would just pay as we go. 


    I like a drink,  but don't want to be worried about "getting my money's worth" from a drink package.  With RCI, three or four alcoholic drinks per day is the break even. Easily done while on vacation. The Carnival one looks like eight or nine alcoholic drinks to break even,  which would be ok on a five night, but not on an eleven night.


    Does anyone have either a recent onboard drinks menu,  or a link to one so I can do the math? 





    Here’s pics of some of the menus from my cruise I got off of yesterday. Not all the bar menus, but hopefully this helps. 




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  5. A step back is right. Although they probably recycle, it's still incredibly wasteful to print out all those when you know most of them get thrown away. Not to mention the amount of time you have to stand there trying to find the stupid picture of yourselves. I mean, they did away with plastic straws, but it's ok to print all those photos on photo paper???

    We sail on the Pride next week and I'm hoping it's on the Hub for us.... Although the screenshots with the watermark are useless to print, we had/have a ton of fun with our awful pictures and I still have those screenshots. 😂

  6. 40 minutes ago, groundloop said:


    I have to wonder how long before Carnival figures out how to stop that.  Not that I'm clean as a whistle in this matter, but anymore I just bite the bullet and pre-order.  

    Short of going through every liquid in a suitcase, I don’t think they ever will. I mean, the run runners she has are shampoo and sunscreen looking bottles. Security would become a nightmare if they had to go through everything. Since an Irish car bomb is two liquors and a beer, I can’t imagine how much that would cost. Lol

  7. 2 minutes ago, Jasonsterling said:

    Hi AmyJ23, 


    I was just going to follow up post that reading the boards I saw a couple of people state that you can buy the same selections from room service as is available for pre-purchase. Which makes some sense, assuming they haven't sold out.

    That does make sense. LOL. Luckily it's not my problem, I drink beer. But my friend is a professional Irish car bomb drinker and she's using a rum runner for her Jameson's, but was going to buy a bottle of Bailey's ahead of time. BUT, Bailey's, nor the equivalent are available in the Fun Shop. I guess she's going to have to figure it out once we board! 

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  8. 19 minutes ago, ray98 said:

    Carnival is rarely going to put anything official out with prices because things change so rapidly.  They don't want guests having an 'official' copy which will likely be outdated and cause conflict when they actually travel.

     I know why they don’t. But I wanted to see it. I figured an image existed somewhere. 

  9. 45 minutes ago, Laurab23 said:

    Does the Pride have this?



    Yep! And supposedly there’s happy hour before the ship leaves Baltimore. 


    1 hour ago, idraconis said:

    Amy great question,  Joe great answer. Thanks. I don't understand why Carnival does not post their menus. Been on 13 cruise and up until two cruises ago they had the same beer menu and for the most part, bar menus. That also goes for most of the food venues on aboard, free or not. I know menus change but most stay the same for years at a time. Just post the menus. I'm a Carnival customer that has to go to other websites to explore what my cruise line is serving. At least they tell us the itinerary is. Thank CC and other sites.  

    Yes! Super annoying. 

  10. So this is all very interesting.... My friend loves Bailey's for her Irish car bombs. She was interested in purchasing a bottle of Bailey's ahead of time but it's not on the Fun Shop menu. I'm also reading conflicting posts about whether they even have Bailey's on board. I just spent 10 minutes Googling for a menu of the liquor that can be purchased for Room Service and can find nothing. Does anyone have a current menu showing what liquor can be purchased in Room Service, please? Or am I misunderstanding how all this works. LOL. I drink beer so this is something I've never looked in to before!!!

  11. 7 hours ago, crockea said:

    So, we leave for our cruise on Sunday.  I haven't sailed Carnival in over 5 years but have been on over 35 cruises.  For the first time I am experiencing this annoying arrival appointment system.  I called as the soonest I could get it online was 1pm.  I have NEVER gotten on a ship that late.  Usually we arrive between 11/11:30 and are on board shortly after.  Is Carnival really so disorganized that they can't handle cruisers arriving whenever?  I am not typically a grumpy cruiser (other than laughable bad burgers on another line)  but this new system sucks.  I called and was told if I arrive earlier than the 1pm slot we could be turned away.  Has anyone experienced being turned away because you were early?  Makes me feel like I shouldn't known better than to jump back to Carnival again.  I hope this isn't a precursor on how the rest of the cruise will be.  Trying to get over it but booooo Carnival for starting with a negative.  Yes, I know I'll be picked on for complaining about this but, really?


    So if it was mentioned, I missed it. What ship are you leaving on? I ask because we're going on the Pride next month out of Baltimore, and instead of a 4pm departure time like we're used to in Florida, we have a 6pm departure time. So everything is shifting two hours than we're used to. So in our case, a 1pm boarding time isn't really that late. But I'm not judging you for your disappointment either way! We enjoy getting on board really fast, too. We're always so excited!

  12. 7 minutes ago, 2wheelin said:

    If the hook isn’t working for you and you want to hang it on the outside of the bathroom door——loop a piece of string in the hook and loop/tie the other ends over the door and attach to the hook on the inside. Piece of string takes up much less space/weight than command or magnets.

    Store sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, S&S card

    OMG GENIUS!!!!!

  13. 1 minute ago, clo said:

    And I was sincerely asking for examples.  I think it's a terrific idea.

    Oh yes! I knew you were serious! Besides what I listed, it's great for small items that I didn't need all the time. Oh! I also put my hairbrushes, my jewelry pouch... It's been two years so that's all I can remember. If you go to YouTube, you'll see all sorts of videos about using them to organize. Seriously, you can find a YouTube video on every subject. LOL

  14. Just now, Husky61 said:

    We never take an organizer for anything.  We don't take enough shoes to use it and don't carry anything else onboard except ourselves and our clothes.

    For about the third or fourth time. We're not using it for shoes. And if you don't use one, AGAIN, why are you on this thread?? I'm asking for solutions. Not personal commentary about how you don't use one. 

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  15. I should have forbidden men from this thread. 🙄 (Forgive me if any of you with useful advice are men.) I have never put shoes or clothes in my organizer. I put all kinds of odds and ends in the pockets along with my hairdryer, flat iron, old fun times, etc. 

    I'm going to look at the Dollar Tree for the one mentioned above, otherwise I think the 3M Command strip trick may be the solution!

    We'll be on a 14 day cruise so yes, we unpack, settle in, and I try to keep things organized in such a small space. And I have plenty of time to drink a lot of beer 🍻 when I'm done. If you think this is shenanigans, not sure why you're even on this thread.... Thanks to those of you who gave me useful advice!

  16. So I've been using an over-the-door shoe organizer on all our cruises, but there was one problem that's sort of annoyed me. I wondered if anyone else has this problem. And if you DON'T, can you please tell me the exact organizer that you have and where you got it? So the hooks that came with it, although not especially thick, keep the closet door from completely closing. And the organizer hanger on the far side by the closet hinge will move around and then slide and fall down which is also annoying. I'd love to hear models where this did not happen. You can't tell from a picture on a website if a hook will be thin enough to allow the closet door too close. I'd prefer someone to just tell me what they have that works. Thanks!

  17. 21 hours ago, Arzeena said:

    I was given the runaround by taxi drivers. I do know what the problem is but everyone there is sounding quite vague. Both times the lady I buy spices from at Marigot Market gave me directions: "walk to the second round about you see there, make a left and then right and keep walking towards the marina"......no I did not end up there! I asked several people there, I asked taxi drivers, the people at the info booth at the port, police, locals.....got different answers. Some say it is open, some say maybe, some just suggest another place. The taxi drivers do not know where it is and they just say they have closed down for good and take you to some other pastry places. NO no no....I want SARAFINA'S. I am determined to find them ....if they are open. The best news I recently heard from the spice ladies was that they are currently kind of a takeout( with 3 tables) and are in the process of rebuilding and expanding. She gave me the same directions again...."walk to the second round about you see there, make a left and then right and keep walking towards the marina" ......could not find it, third time!
    If someone has been successful in locating them, please post.
    Yes plenty of other pastry shops....but none as good as Sarafina's,  IMHO.

    Thanks, Arzeena! I will not plan to seek them out next month. I don't want to chase our tail when our time there is brief. 

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