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  1. We always have the Latte coffee on the Larger ships from the IC but since this ship doesn't have a IC is there any place on board that can make them ? I am going to buy a coffee card if so and thank you for your reply.
  2. I totally get it now but NOT something I am going to do. I think it is ok if you split it and tell people that but to come up with a price up front and a good line and then keep posting on roll call that there is more spaces available over and over is not for me
  3. The one that got me was on Royal Princess and the couple had a excursion for every port and wanted the money mailed to them up front...we had some words and I decided I didn't want to do it.
  4. I have done several private tours and never had a bad one but I have never done one booked off Roll Call.
  5. I have noticed on my past few cruises people running there own excursions and charging less than the cruise lines and they advertise on roll call . I don't know how I feel about this? I was going to do one with a couple on one of my cruises but it seemed off and come to find out, the people that went didn't have a good time. ( it always starts off on roll call like - we have a great friends in .....or we used to live in...…... or my best friend runs a tour in ....)Is this a new thing or is this just a few people that do this all the time and make $$ while cruising ? I looked up the people and they always have lots of past post from way to many cruises taken and all of them are from different cruises about excursions that they are running.
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