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  1. I found some old Eyes & Ears (the "News Paper" published by Disney to its Cast Members) from June 30, 1988. In the back was this ad from when Disney got their feet wet in the cruise line industry. Disney put themselfs on Premier Cruise lines to see if people would respond. Disney did not like the way PCL kept tight reigns on the can's and can'ts. By the time the Disney/PCL contract expired, Disney had decided they wanted their own cruise line so they could do things their own way. Here is the ad from the Oct 22,1987 E&E
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    Ship Models

  3. head mouse

    Ship Models

    So they sell them on the ship. Is it a build it yourself or already built? Do you have a pic? Thanks
  4. head mouse

    Ship Models

    Does anyone know if there are models for the Disney Cruise Ships?