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  1. It has been a long time since I've posted anything on this forum. Hopefully, cruising will resume late this year or next and I can continue making cruise videos. Cheers!
  2. One more question, just to clarify: Is they any sales tax charged for wine packages purchased online at home before boarding the ship? Thanks!
  3. I just returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Koningsdam and was told that if you pre-purchase a wine package over the internet before boarding the ship that the 15% gratuity is not charged. Since I don't have a current booking on HAL, I can't find anywhere on their website that shows the price of a pre-purchased wine package. Can anybody shed a little light on the subject. In addition, I know that if you purchase a beverage before the ship leaves FLL you are charged Florida Sales Tax on the purchase. Does this also apply to purchasing a wine package before leaving the port of FLL. Thank
  4. Rudi's is a total ripoff even with the 50% Mariners discount. I can't believe anyone would pay the full price of $49 per person for mediocre food and not so great service. The service in the dinning room was better than Rudi's. We ate in all of the Koningsdam special restaurants and Rudi's was the worst meal we had on the ship including the dinning room. My wife had Lamp Chops and they were tasteless. I had the whole Lobster and it was mushy. No we didn't send the meals back, but, in hindsight, we should have. The Pinnacle Grill was the best meal on the ship, but it too is getting pricy. Al
  5. Impossible to rename an existing thread! I started the thread over 9 years ago and it has rarely been an issue. 99.99% of the videos have been posted by me, so it should be evident! Just saying!
  6. Yes, as much as I enjoy sailing out of Venice, I agree with your comments. The city needs to be protected for future generations to enjoy.
  7. Please post you videos somewhere else. This is for videos I have produced. Thanks!
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