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  1. Well, now I may need to deal with the Norovirus. I hope that the money is laundered--I mean disinfected.
  2. Wondering just how many have been affected. Missing 2 ports and heading back one day early sounds pretty serious. Will be sailing her soon. Hope she is ready for our cruise.
  3. Thanks for all of your help with this OBC question. Sounds like the first thing to do is set up a cash account
  4. When cashing out after that 1 pull will they then hand me cash? And 5% deduct will not occur?
  5. What a fortunate problem. I may have too much nonrefundable OBC that I would like to spend on private tours. a) I have read that if you have a cash account rather than a CC then you can go to the casino and ask for that amount and you will not incur a 5% charge. b) I have read that if you have a CC on file then going to the casino and asking for that amount will cost you 5%. c) I have read that neither of the above will work. What has been your experience?
  6. Considering Lots of Honor; however, I understand that they have few shuttles and Pak n Cruise shuttles are not available for Los of Honor reservations. Is there any truth to that? Also, what is the long story scenario? .
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