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  1. We have B2B cruises in January. There is no way we will be on either. If I can roll over our FCD's to 2022 we may do that. From a personal note you do not want to be anywhere near a hospital these days.
  2. I am beginning to think our January 2021 cruise is a long shot. My wife has been after me to cancel it but I think Princess will end up cancelling it.
  3. I got the e-mail yesterday but when I looked at a couple of cruises today for January 2022 they were all shown as sold out.
  4. It may be cold but that is better than being in a Florida hospital with co-vid.
  5. Thanks for the info but I am not sure it is enough to entice me, given what is going on in some of the Southern States.
  6. Almost Finished. Cruise - April 18 Cancelled - March 11 (and again on March 12) Cancellation Notice - May 18 FCD’s - on or about May 18 Refund - May 25 (dated May 21) FCC’s - June 1 April 25 Cruise Cancelled - March 11 (and again on March 12) FCD’s - Rec’d June 9 FCC’s - June 17 Refund - June 17 (dated June 12) Unfortunately they did not refund my FCDs. I have now started that process. I hope it does not take another 3 months
  7. We have a cruise on Jan. 17,2021. I doubt we will be on it. if you listen carefully to some of the experts there "may" be a vaccine by January but the are talking about using it on an "exception" basis, if needed.
  8. Definitely an improvement, but not enough for me. At my age and health conditions 60 days is a long time and FCCs would likely prove useless.
  9. You could make a lot of money in the FX market by taking a contrary position to Princess.
  10. I checked my January booking this morning and it is now priced at 1.40.
  11. No. I believe they offered me an additional 25% in FCC's (i.e. in addition to the original 25% in FCC's )
  12. Cruise - April 18 Cancelled - March 11 (and again on March 12) Cancellation Notice - May 18 FCD’s - on or about May 18 Refund - May 25 (dated May 21) FCC’s - June 1 April 25 Cruise - rec’d an e-mail on May 5 offering additional FCC if I switched to Option 1 (I did not). I had to May 31 to accept this offer so nothing on it.
  13. We have a cruise booked for January but I doubt I will make final payment, there are just too many issues to be resolved. - not sure I want to get on a plane - no way to social distance on a cruise - no vaccine, and even if there is not be enough time to vaccinate every one - will any of the islands let us dock - don't want to end up quarantined on the ship for 2 weeks - etc.
  14. Update on my refunds. I had two cruises (B2B), one on April 18 and one on April 25. I cancelled both late on the evening March 11 (great timing on my part). I resubmitted both the next day under the March 12 Pause. I rec’d an e-mail on the April 25 cruise on May 5 offering me additional FCC if I switched to Option 1 (I did not). I had to May 31 to accept this offer and I suspect that is why I have not seen anything else on this cruise. As I had not rec’d the same e-mail on the other cruise I called Princess on May 7 and was told I should be getting a refund on it in a couple of weeks. I rec’d a cancellation notice on May 18 and my FCD’s about the same time. Today, I noticed a full refund on my credit card. The refund was dated May 21 but I don’t think it has been there that long. Still missing the FCC’s but I am not sure I will ever be able to use them. Hope this helps anyone in similar circumstances.
  15. Your 5 to 7 day cruise would probably turn into a 19 to 21 day cruise with you quarantined in your cabin for the last two weeks.
  16. Not true. Why do they keep saying things like this? I have not received the FCCs on either of two cruises. I have received the FCDs on one cruise but not the other.
  17. I had planned on a cruise this summer and another in the fall but they are definitely a no go now. We already have one booked for January 2021 but will probably cancel it. I doubt there will be a vaccine by then and even if there is I doubt enough people will have had it. In the future, I will probably book on very short notice. I have had my money tied up on two cancelled cruises for far too long.
  18. Finally a small step forward. We had back to back cruises on April 18 and 25. I cancelled on March 11 and then again on March 12. I just received a cancellation notice and had our FCD's returned to our account on the first cruise. I was hoping they would have included the FCD's in our refund.
  19. In my opinion, not until there is a vaccine. There is just no way to social distance on a cruise.
  20. Princess will have trouble raising any more money from me. I still have one more cruise booked but Princess will have to make significant changes before I make final payment on it. I would like to see the time between final payment and sailing greatly reduced and a guarantee of an immediate cash refund in the event of a cancellation (not 30 days, 60 days or maybe never).
  21. Insread of suspending salaries they suspended refunds so that they could continue receiving their salary.
  22. That's unfortunate. 1.40 is just too muvh for me. Luckily I still have one cruise booked at 1.30 but there is no way I am giving Princess any more money until I get my refunds for 2 cancelled cruises and I doubt that will happen before June 1.
  23. Not true. I called last week and the person that answered said she had been working on refunds that morning.
  24. I think some people are being too sympathetic to Princess's problems. The problem that I have with Princess is that there is NO evidence that they have even started on the March 12 cancellations.
  25. For what it is worth, and it may not be worth anything as it came from someone at Princess. I had back to back cruises in April. I cancelled late on March11 and again on March 12 under the March 12 pause. I received an email on one of them earlier this week. I was worried that the second one was missed. I spoke to an agent who informed me that the second one had been tagged for a refund. She also informed me that she had been working on refunds earlier today, that they were working on April refunds, and that I should get my refund in a couple of weeks.
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