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  1. My mom just got a casino rate offer. Turns out when I called to check, the price of the current BOGO50NRD rate is lower than the casino rate! They would give her the additional $50 off that came with the offer though. She's also a base level player, this is the first time that she's received an offer. Went into clubroyaloffers and there was one from May that she never even knew about...never got an email or a snail mail offer. It was a bit disappointing for her, but she's not a big player, maybe $400 or so per cruise, but she was pretty excited thinking that she might get a better cabin rate.
  2. Good morning. I have first time cruisers going to Bermuda in June on Escape. I'd like to tell them options for transportation off the ship when it docks (at the Dockyard?) so they can figure out what they want to do and how to do it. I believe that there is a free ferry to St. George, is that correct? Also, if they want to go to Hamilton, there is a "for fee" ferry as well, all from the same place? If someone could confirm this and perhaps tell me the cost if they want the ferry to Hamilton, I'd appreciate it. They are looking at some excursions, haven't discussed that with them yet, but I'd at least like to give them some basic information on getting off and getting around when they first arrive. For some reason, I just haven't had a lot of clients going to Bermuda, and probably none on NCL. Thanks for the information.
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