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  1. Curious about this as well. I'm booked on a Thanksgiving cruise and a month or so ago, there was a big price drop, so I called looking to bump up a class and was told that there were no balconies available on the sailing. So either they're holding back inventory or the cruise is at or near capacity. I'd tend to think the former more likely, but who knows?
  2. I booked a cruise on 7/5, canceled 15 minutes later to switch to a different sailing. Still waiting on my $200 deposit refund. Will be 10 weeks Monday.
  3. I finally gave up and called. By a stroke of luck, I got a competent agent and after sitting on hold for 10 minutes, he came back and told me the FCC was applied and that a new invoice would be e-mailed to me. I wasn't holding my breath, but I FINALLY got the invoice I didn't receive prior and the balance was correct. Now I just need them to refund the $200 extra deposit they billed me for when the original booking went sideways and I'll be whole. 4 weeks and counting on that, but as long as they credit it back before final payment, I'll be happy.
  4. Well, the "done all at once" ship has sailed (pun intended) so I guess I can only hope for the best at this point. I suspect this is going to be a battle.....
  5. I also wonder if their apparent reluctance to even send me an invoice for my booking is a way to ensure people that are on the ball stay in the dark. All I know right now is what I owe, I don't even have a breakdown of what portion of that is the balance of my fare, etc. I suppose I could take the time to do all the math, but even assuming it all adds up, why is it so hard to just get an invoice? I'm in the customer service business myself (different field) and if my customers had to deal with this, heads would roll. Probably my own if the board caught wind of it.
  6. Good Lord, you're even farther down the rabbit hole than I am. As it stands, I would have been better off cashing out the two $399 fares and just applying the money to a new booking. I "gained" $200 (ostensibly) by taking the FCCs to begin with, and as it stands, it's going to cost me $236 to use them, in the form of another FCC that I can't use by the deadline. Is that what RCL really wants to do? It's in essence penalizing people for their loyalty. This will be my last RCL cruise if so, just based on principle, it's not really the small amount of $ I'm concerned with. Sounds like you're dealing with way more credits and way more $, so I wish you all the luck in the world getting it rectified.
  7. Are we absolutely sure this is the case? I booked a cruise in November last week despite my misgivings. I had two $499 FCCs, one in my name and one in my wife's, from an April 2020 cruise that got canceled by RCL. The rest of my family cashed out, I'm the only one who kept the FCCs. Fast forward to now, I decided to use them at my wife's behest rather than canceling for the refund of the original $399 fare. I found a cruise on the same ship and booked a 5 day OV stateroom that RCL's site said cost $502 per guest. Close enough. With the port charges, taxes, fees, etc and pre-paid gratuities, the total came to $1,385.36. I paid a $200 deposit, bring it to $1,185.36. I applied the two FCCs "successfully" and expected the balance due to then be $187.36. When I opened the planner to check the balance owed, it showed my final payment amount to be $423.36. Hmmm. Called Royal and the rep first tried to give me some song and dance about the port charges and tax not being covered by the FCC. I persisted and told him the total calculated was inclusive of all that and the pre-paid gratuities. After some more "digging," he said that since my wife's fare was 60% off with the sale (this is the only sale I've seen offered in ages, and probably for this reason) - that her FCC was greater than her total fare and that $236 was left over. I told him that I was under the impression that the FCCs were shareable as long as the holders were in the same cabin (disregard the fact that both the original cruise and this one were both paid in full by me on one credit card) and he said they were. He told me they'd issue me another FCC for $236 and that I could then apply that to this cruise. He tried to blame me saying there was a box requesting that FCCs be shared among the cabin members when I booked, but no such option was presented. Fine, whatever. So, the $236 FCC comes in. I get the number and try 10 times to apply it at royalcaribbean.com/redeem and the site is malfunctioning for days, won't allow you to choose your ship when asking for your sailing info, so you can't access your reservation to apply it (this is still happening, BTW.) Finally, after 3 days, I manage to get through and it says the credit was applied successfully and that I'll get a new booking invoice within 24-48 hours. This was 5 days ago, still haven't seen it. Balance due is still $423.36. I've sent 3 e-mails to RCL just asking simply for a copy of my invoice so I can see the breakdown of charges - they promised this to me when I originally booked. Still haven't gotten it. WHY ARE THEY MAKING THIS SO DIFFICULT? All I want is the 25% kicker I am owed for letting them hold my money for the last 15 months. I assume I need to call RCL again, but I fully expect them to tell me I can't apply the remaining FCC because it's in my wife's name and I'm trying to apply it to my fare. I'm guessing if I ask them to cash it out so I can apply the funds to my balance due, they'll either tell me I can't because it's partially used or I'll lose the 25% "bonus" on it. I'd even accept that at this point. I'm really trying and have been trying to help them out by not cashing out when all their ships were grounded and by taking another cruise despite serious misgivings rather than taking my $ back. They are making it very tough to do so and I'm not thrilled. Anyone had similar situations arise and/or have advice on how to handle it? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. That's good. I am not anti-mask at all (just wore one in the supermarket despite being vaccinated and not required,) I just don't really want to wear one on a cruise ship. I was thinking more about unvaccinated folks, but I am glad that some vaccinated people are sailing and just wearing the mask when necessary.
  9. Exactly this. Couldn't agree more. What's confounding to me is that they seem to think that families and unvaccinated passengers will flock to them and happily wear masks. Now maybe I'm wrong and that other guy is right and I'm misreading the market, but I'm not sure I've heard one person say that they were sailing and more than happy to wear masks everywhere. Everyone I've heard say they were already booked seem to be of the opinion that it won't be necessary by the time they sail or that it won't be enforced.
  10. I'll say whatever I like as long as it doesn't violate the terms of this board, but thanks for your input. Whether I sail or not is something I'll decide as time goes on and I can see how this evolves. As it stands now, no. I'm just trying to figure out why they're doing what they're doing when it doesn't seem likely to please anyone, no matter your POV on vaccines. If you have a differing opinion and want to explain why you think this is a good compromise, I'm certainly open to hear your point of view. If not, then good day.
  11. The older I get, the more I value it. In my 20s, I lived in NJ and sailed out of Miami three times, Honolulu once, San Juan once. Since I moved to Florida, I've sailed out of Nassau, San Juan, New Orleans and NYC. All because I wanted to visit different islands.... but now that there are very few left that I haven't been to (and any cruise that visits one of them includes 2 or 3 others I've been to multiple times,) I tend to opt for the convenience and lower cost of cruising from my home port. It's mildly annoying that between the FL government and RCL, they've managed to come up with a plan that involves me either having to wear a mask half the time or fly to another state/country to cruise when I have a port I can get to in 10 minutes if traffic permits. If I lived anywhere but Florida and if my credit was with any line but RCL, it doesn't seem I would have these issues. It's f@#$ing irritating. 😄
  12. This is the first time most of us have seen any specifics. If it changes, great. As it is.... not great. Frankly, I'm unconcerned how it plays out once they actually sail. BEST case scenario is that everyone follows the rules as laid out and there's no acrimony between passengers or between passengers and staff. That's what I hope for, but it doesn't change the fact that in most of the bars/lounges and any time I'm passing between venues, walking in the promenade, on the elevators, etc, that I'm going to have to wear a mask. Hard pass from me. YMMV.
  13. I've been to most of the Caribbean islands by now - I used to cruise from Miami, San Juan, Tampa, New Orleans, New York - wherever I could get to new places, but now that I've been to pretty much all of them, I tend to just cruise from wherever is the most convenient. For the last few years, that's been PC. There's nothing better than getting off the ship at 9 and being home by 9:30, unpacked and clothes in the washer, with a whole day in front of me with no airports, trams, long drives home, etc. I just got back from Vegas last week - agreed, it is WIDE open. I think the only time I had to wear a mask was at Omega Mart, otherwise, it was a free-for-all. The biggest problem I saw was the inability to staff up to the point where all the venues could open and operate on regular schedules.
  14. I'm willing to fly, period. But it's tough to stomach flying to a cruise port when I already have one in my backyard. Plus, I get comped rooms in Vegas, so if I'm going to have to fly regardless, I'd rather take the free room, cash out my FCC and have my spending money for the week taken care of. Just a personal preference. I cruise a lot because it doesn't require the time, effort and cost of airfare - if I have to add that into the mix anyway, I'd just as soon take a land-based vacation and go back to cruising later on when (hopefully) all this is over.
  15. I really want to support the industry and help them get back to business, but the way RCL has chosen to do this in FL is somewhat bewildering to me. Doesn't feel like anyone is going to be happy with this, but maybe I'm wrong.
  16. Yes, it was fully paid and canceled a couple of weeks before sailing. They gave us the option of our money back or 125% of the fare as a FCC. The rest of my family all cashed out, I was the only one to take the FCC. I have to book passage by 12/31 for sailings by April 2022 or I lose it, so I only have 6 months left to book something (less actually, but that's because of other things unrelated to RCL) or cash out the original fare paid. I had fully intended to sail as soon as it was possible to do so, but if I'm either going to have to wear a mask all week despite being both recovered from COVID and fully vaccinated or fly to another departure port in order to sail mask-free, I'm out. I could theoretically walk to Port Canaveral, it's a little frustrating to be faced with hundreds (if not over a thousand) in R/T airfare to get to Seattle or Nassau to sail from there instead. That's not worth the 25% bump from the FCC - I'll just cash out and go to Vegas instead.
  17. I think they set this up to make the "vax only" venues mainly places children wouldn't visit anyway. How many kids under 12 are going to be frequenting Chef's Table, Izumi, R Bar, Schooner Bar, The Pub, the Viking Crown Nightclub and the solarium and casino? Aside from a few late-night adult events, these are the only places designated for vaccinated passengers only, many of these don't permit children under 12 anyway. The real losers are their parents and the rest of the vaccinated adults who either have to choose to wear a mask or not visit every other location on the ship besides those.
  18. I'm just having a hard time seeing how anyone is happy with this. Vaccinated cruisers probably aren't going to sail knowing they have to wear a mask on 70% of the ship. They'll probably hop over to a line that is sailing at 95% or that doesn't require a mask. Unvaccinated cruisers aren't likely to book knowing they're going to have to wear a mask any time they're not outside and aren't going to be able to access the casino, the solarium, several bars and multiple events. Kind of a "no-one wins" situation they've created.
  19. I have a FCC on file from a cruise originally booked for April 2020 that I either have to use by 12/31 or redeem for the original paid amount.
  20. Woof. WAY too many venues accessible to un-vaccinated passengers, I'd be forced to wear a mask for at least half the cruise. 0% chance I book under these auspices. The rules and regs are in such flux right now that I haven't lost hope, but they've got about 2-3 months to get something better than this together or I'm cashing in my FCC for $$.
  21. That's good, at least it provides an out to those who may have interpreted their mask rules differently.
  22. Awesome. Just unfroze my credit LAST WEEK after several years locked up (since Equifax.)
  23. It was the same in Vegas before they dropped the mandate a few weeks ago. I was there in October, December, and March - if you were at a slot machine and had a beer, they expected you to have the mask up, lower it for 3 seconds to take a swig, then put the mask right back up. If someone was smoking, they expected them to pull it down, take a puff, the raise it right back up, even if the cigarette was still going. A couple of times, I lowered mine, took a pull from my beer, and then momentarily forgot to raise it while placing a bet or something - often within seconds, someone was right there saying "sir, please put your mask back up..." I doubt this will be any different. They can't afford to play fast and loose with the rules given the auspices.
  24. Exactly. I have no axe to grind here, I just feel for people booking that are unvaccinated thinking it's going to just be a "normal cruise" only to find out once they get on board that they're going to be restricted to 10% of the ship (arbitrary number) and have to wear a mask the whole time. That would suck so hard, and I just don't want any CCers to get a terribly unpleasant surprise.
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