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  1. Mario is on vacation for 2 months. Junior Allen is now in the suites lounge on Serenade
  2. That is most likely him. Very nice. Since they don’t provide sheets with officers’ bio’s on Spectrum we never found out his last name. Thanks for filling in the blank!
  3. Spectrum Ellen, Sylvia, Romana and Cyndi are sharing duties alternating between Silver and Gold lounges
  4. Just off Spectrum...Fang is on until at least the end of March...
  5. Joni (don’t know last name) is on Spectrum
  6. Haffnar is suite concierge on Vision, we just received an email from him.
  7. Harmony...Cheker leaves in a week or so..SL will be Jeremias and Mohamed is SL. Didn’t get confirmation for DL once they change..
  8. Moe is on Harmony this week but leaving to go to Coco Cay on 7/28. Don’t know who is his replacement
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