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    How many hrs would you drive?

    Personally, I can't think of anything less inconvenient than flying. I think my personal record is driving 5 days to cruise that left from Seattle to Alaska. Although Seattle is only 12 hours away we took the scenic route and spent a couple days at Crater Lake, one at Mount St Helens another day and a half touring Seattle before the cruise. We return though scenic Astoria. All in all two wonderful weeks, with seven driving days and seven days cruising.
  2. LeftCoastCruiser

    No fanny packs on this badonk-a-donk!

    Personally, if I can't fit it in a pair of Cargo Shorts, it doesn't come with me. Its a day trip, its not house moving. Most things you really don't need other than a camera, ID, cruise card and money.
  3. LeftCoastCruiser

    X & Express Departure

    It works great, the clue is that there are a limited number express departure passes issued, so arrange your departure plans early with the front desk.
  4. LeftCoastCruiser

    Best Princess Ship?

    If its Princess then any of the sparkly new Grand Class ships offer all sorts of things to suit your needs and the best balcony rates! I think its good to remember that no one line or ship is the best for every cruiser. We have had great cruises on Celebrity and RCI too!
  5. LeftCoastCruiser

    Alaskan Sampler

    Sounds like fun! :cool:
  6. LeftCoastCruiser

    Princess now to charge $3.00 for room service pizza

    My kids are going to be so upset, they love having pizza and video game parties in their room :(
  7. LeftCoastCruiser

    Ship Lingo

    We are a land based species and the sea is a different world. When the mariners when to sea they were use to isolation with their shipmates and the elements. Over time this fraternity established its own language and rituals. There is a certain romance in the sea. Its is greatly unknown to most of us. It is the conduit to foreign lands and different cultures to many of us. It is special to all and those who sail upon it and within it have a certain reverence and respect for it. Such things we hold special we have special names for and that is why things are named different at sea. "They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all..." Admiral Kirk quotes DH Lawrence, Star Trek IV
  8. LeftCoastCruiser

    Dawn Princess Cam

    The Dawn is here in SF today. LBL have a great cruise! We will be boarding on the the 12th when you return.
  9. LeftCoastCruiser

    Mercury Review

    LOL It's never a bad thing :D
  10. LeftCoastCruiser

    Mercury Review

    You're all making me want to be back on the Mercury again ;)
  11. LeftCoastCruiser

    Downed Princess Web Site

    Thank you for the link--it worked great! :D
  12. LeftCoastCruiser

    Dawn Princess Bridge Cam

    I guess they are having difficulties, the Bridge Cam is stuck on 3/26 Acapulco. Today I believe they are scheduled to be in Cabo.
  13. LeftCoastCruiser

    Dawn mechanical information wanted

  14. LeftCoastCruiser

    I don't like the Grand Class Ships --- Am I the only one???

    With Princess, I've only been on the Diamond and didn't care for it compared to the 1900 passenger ships I've been on with Celebrity and RCI. I'm trying the Dawn in a few weeks so I'll let you know ;)
  15. LeftCoastCruiser

    Home From Mercury.........3/18-3/26

    Lois, Glad to hear you had a great time on the Mercury. We've been on it twice. Its our favorite ship!