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  1. I am LOVING your report and pics!!! You remind me of us on a cruise...enjoying food and drinks and entertainment. We will be having our first BIG ship experience next year and I'm not liking hearing how hard it is to get into venues, but appreciate the heads up. Thank you especially for all the menu and food pics. Can't wait for more!!
  2. Loved your report and pics, thank you! It won't be until 2021, but when we finally are on this ship and I find they are still serving crispy bacon, I'll remember who to thank! Love the Margaritaville breakfast tip also!
  3. I am so glad to read this thread, as I also have read too many negative reviews about this ship. We're not booked until 2021, but I still am grateful for reassurance...thanks to all who are replying!
  4. I don't care when you write it, just write it please! You are highly entertaining!! Very much enjoying your style, thank you!
  5. Awesome that you will do a report! As for the showerhead, it was fixed. And you are so going to like that sunset verandah! Enjoy!!
  6. Live or otherwise, would love to read your report! Sorry to say that no we do not have any planned at the moment. Between work and finances, we've just had too much else going on. But am hopeful for next year!
  7. I am so jealous...wish I was going on another TA on Silhouette. Hope you share your adventures!
  8. Heads up to folks who like a great travel bargain...there are some awesome deals right now on TransAtlantics!
  9. Thank you for having better memory/insights than me! You really do remember way more than me! I don't remember any space available under the bed.
  10. First time cruisers...very cool! I'm excited for you. I will say that it all depends on what you're looking for? It is indeed a very old ship. As for kids or teenagers, we had very few, but I do believe that depends more on WHEN you choose to go. Go over spring break? Expect kids. That pretty much would go for any cruise.
  11. Thank you for saying so...it means a lot. I appreciate you!
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