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  1. So sweet of you, thank you! And I agree they will find a vaccine. Lifting one to you too...cheers!
  2. Sadly we are having to cancel our New York to London one that was going to be for our 20th anniversary in April. Besides the health concerns, we have been economically impacted by this virus situation job-wise. As much as I've always loved travel, right now I don't even have a desire for it. Masks and such are just not my idea of a good time. Bring on a vaccine, and bring on job stability, steady income, and peace of mind before we will be cruising again. Which I sure as heck hope doesn't mean never again.
  3. I am LOVING your report and pics!!! You remind me of us on a cruise...enjoying food and drinks and entertainment. We will be having our first BIG ship experience next year and I'm not liking hearing how hard it is to get into venues, but appreciate the heads up. Thank you especially for all the menu and food pics. Can't wait for more!!
  4. Loved your report and pics, thank you! It won't be until 2021, but when we finally are on this ship and I find they are still serving crispy bacon, I'll remember who to thank! Love the Margaritaville breakfast tip also!
  5. I am so glad to read this thread, as I also have read too many negative reviews about this ship. We're not booked until 2021, but I still am grateful for reassurance...thanks to all who are replying!
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