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  1. We too did this cruise, we had dinner in PG once and breakfast a few times. It appeared to me they were short staffed everywhere. The breakfast in the PG seemed to take forever so we did it twice than headed to the lido which seemed chaotic at best. Lines of people waiting for an omelette while ONE cook tried their best. Our room steward was the best. Always asking if we needed anything etc. the elevators are being redecorates with glass planels on the walls so there was always one out but most times two. Talked to a few of the elevator crew they stated work would be done in time for the ship sail to the Baltic. There is only one smoking area on the ship and that’s on 9 always crowded. I think the thing I found annoying was when the shops had sales etc it was never listed in the daily what and where. We took advantage of price drops prior to sail and ended up with a large amount of OBC than CANNOT be used in the casino. It will show up as being removed from your OBC but you will get a bill at the end when they adjust.
  2. in this article it talks about a drink package. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3145
  3. Go across the floating bridge, there’s a small quaint cafe, buy a soda and sit on the internet and relax!
  4. I appreciate the reviews, I never do them due to nasty comments that almost always come because someone doesn't agree with me. So I appreciate the fact that you two are taking the risk. I myself cruise just to get away from 72+" of snow each year. We will be on the Zuiderdam March 31st as well we did this same cruise same room three years ago and enjoyed ourselves. We are just looking forward to sitting on the balcony and sending pictures of warm weather to our friends back home shoveling this crap! But again thanks you for your reviews!!!!!!!
  5. We have been given (the first price drop) a great deal of OBC we started with 400.00 and are now at 1000.00 so they have definitely treated us well, plus we have and kept the explore 4 so not sure we could even begin to use more, my complaint is the way they handle their website issues and lack of customer service this time. They are having to give up many things and money they wouldn’t have to if their website worked correctly. But we gain 😊 we are expecting 10-15” of snow sat we are sooooooooo ready to go, that will put us at 78” of snow so far this season 😳
  6. I did that and also posted to their facebook page so someone else maybe able to take advantage of it and get further than me. They just weren't getting it or willing to work with it. I will say after they handed me off to numerous people, placed on hold for upwards of 15 minutes, and still no where I did not become the happiest customer.
  7. I had the same situation two weeks ago. When I checked the price on our cruise the price was lower for our cat. Than for fun I checked the price on the Pinnacle suite and was shocked to see it was half the price we paid for our SB. I called Holland and they claimed they did not see the same thing. I had a friend do a booking for the same 7046 room and she also came up with 4554.00 total for two. After I got bumped all over with the price specialist, promised a call back in 24 hours which never happened, so I called again because it was still showing up for that price w/o my mariners number. They did give us more OBC and said they were adding 100 each for excursions which never happened than and extra dinner which also did not happen. I don't really care about either of those I just wish they would get their website in order as I am sure their price specialists wish the same lol. What I found interesting was when I talked to one specialist she quoted me a price drop for our room, but than transferred me to a price specialist and they saw a higher price :0.
  8. They are also on Facebook and answer any questions you may have along with pictures.
  9. If need be I believe you can transfer your TA to a HAL rep if your nervous about having the extra time for saving. But if your TA gave you perks check to see if HAL will honor or have something better.
  10. I have 20 friends that just got on a flight 3 hours ago for the cruise tomorrow as they have not heard anything from Norwegian to the delay or cancelled as a matter of fact they called this morning and Norwegian stated everything was still as planned. Where did you hear it was cancelled? LOL wanna warn the person picking them UP from our airport.
  11. when we looked on the site it said the same so I emailed them and they do have a car. Did you by chance email them? If so and still none, I can’t recommend any other tours as the last time we were there we just explored on foot sorry.
  12. Definitely call, can’t hurt to see what if anything they can do for you.
  13. You can get off and find a tour guide that will take you to some areas of interest such as the beach, etc. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. You should be fine here. Take your scooter to the floating bridge and head across to the shopping area and floating market. The stop you may have some testy time with is limon, there is a shopping area right at the pier but a bit tight. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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