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  1. The daily service charge should be the same for all suites. Most likely an error.
  2. We were recently in 13500, it along with 13000 are great suites. Very bright as they are a little more modern in style, so not full of the traditional dark wood like most suites. Plenty of interior space. The balconies may be the largest balconies you will ever find on a cruise ship, probably around 1200 square feet. You have both covered and uncovered space. We had 4 loungers, 2 tables with chairs, 4 end tables, and there was still a huge amount of open space. You could easily hold a party for 50 people. Amazing views when cruising the Napali coast. Unlike some of the other owners suites, no hot tub on the deck and no 2nd bathroom.
  3. For our NCL free Air we were routed from Oakland CA to Salt Lake City, then a multi-hour layover and then to Honolulu. Same route for the return trip. The return trip departed Honolulu around 8:30pm and had us arriving in Oakland around 9am the next day. Total travel time for the round trip was over 22 hours. If we had direct flights it would be about 10 hours. So, we notified NCL that we would not be using the free air and chose to pay for our own flights. I would not plan on having good flights from California, but you could give it a shot and just cancel and book on your own if they don't work for you. The Cruise is spectacular, so regardless you will have a great time
  4. PrincessShareholderBenefitRequestForm.pdf
  5. Have also stayed at the Doubletree San Pedro, and used the shuttle. Loved their free parking.
  6. sassy928 - My reservation showed the flight path (through Salt Lake) but NCL said the tickets had not been issued yet, so no fee for canceling. Sailing12away - Your flight to the East coast has you returning at ~7am the next morning. My flight to the west coast would be arriving ~10am the next morning. There are many direct flights, and we would have been fine with the any of the other common stop over flight paths (through LA or Seattle), but to fly 2 hours east and add in long layovers, was just not worth it for us. My post was in response to the OP who wanted to know if NCL flight experience was positive, in our case I would say no.
  7. Bad experience. Tried to use for an upcoming POA Hawaiian cruise. eDocs Showed us flying from Oakland CA- Salt Lake City UT, Honolulu HI. I know that this has to be a Delta flight and there is a layover in Salt lake of at least 2 hours and 45 minutes, so total travel time of around 12 hours. Return trip same route Saturday flight from Honolulu - Salt Lake, Sunday flight from Salt Lake to Oak. No idea of actual flight time, but overnight from HI to CA is ridiculous. Had my travel agent call and let NCL know we would not be boarding the flights. Re booked my own travel through Hawaiian Air, both flights around 5 hours, but my trip cost just went up $1,000
  8. I booked a cruise under this promo. You receive a single $100 of onboard credit and can use 2 cruise next certificates for balcony or above without the normal 6 months in advance clause.
  9. On our last cruise, we never received the letter, so I called the concierge line to make the arrangements. It was quick and painless and everything we requested was taken care of. Have a great cruise!
  10. You would need to contact the premium air department 1.866.625.1163 premiumair@ncl.com
  11. If you look at the NCL site for Sky sailings in June they all show show either "FREE OPEN BAR" or "Enjoy an all-inclusive onboard experience with unlimited drinks". No need to worry. Your non-premium drinks will be included at no charge, i.e. Bacardi rum, Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Jose Quervo Tequila, Crown Royal, JW Red Label. The unlimited adds premium brands i.e. Pusser's rum, Grey Goose vodka, Hendricks Gin, Patron Tequila, Chivas Regal, JW Black Label.
  12. They will have open bar/all inclusive. It is more restrictive than the beverage plan offered on other sailings. The upgrade gives you unlimited premium drinks at no additional charge. I am not sure what is included/excluded with this upgrade, there may may be some super premiums that are not included.
  13. Here are 2 showing the balcony. Only downside to the room is the balcony depth.
  14. My wife and I have stayed in suite 10000. Great room, super quiet, as you do not have any other rooms that share your walls. Probably the best bathroom of all the suites. Shower can easily hold 2 people and from the bath tub you you have a view off the bow of the ship. The forward facing deck affords great views, but it is not very deep. Lounge chairs have to be at an angle to fit. Getting in and out of the hot tub can be a bit tight..
  15. brookie848, I was able to trade for Captain Morgan on my last NCL cruise.
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