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  1. 2 stand out for me. Honeymoon Cruise on the Sitmar Fairsky before she was bought by Princess. 10 days in the Caribbean. We knew nothing about cruising, just seemed like it would be a very exotic honeymoon, it was. Food, service, ports, and everything else was spectacular. 30th anniversary cruise on Pride of America around the Hawaiian islands in an owners suite with a hot tub on our balcony. We just had the greatest time and a butler that was there for anything we could ever need.
  2. If they left the points on accounts, what about all of those that had cancelled cruises cancelled but did not have the extra points show on their account. Should they all be complaining that they did not get them?
  3. Update: Received full refund to AMEX credit card on Saturday. Including prepaid OBC.
  4. March 29th Grand Princess Cruise Cancelled by princess on March 12 Submitted option 2 on March 13 Received confirmation on March 14 Received 25% FCC in April Still waiting for refund of cruise and prepaid OBC, over $7,000 (suite)
  5. That is great news - I had same cruise booked and chose option 2. Planned on filing my credit card dispute this week, now hoping I will not need to.
  6. I had a March 29th cruise, that was cancelled by Princess on March 12. I filled out their paperwork selecting option 2 and received confirmation from Princesson March 13th. I did receive the FCC portion, but no refund of my cruise fare or the refundable OBC that I purchased. Many others report similar situations, so I don't think that they are now working on the May refunds. Soon I will ask my CC company to reverse all charges.
  7. "How long is reasonable to wait for deposit return" We were booked on the Sun, departing 10/18/20 Panama Canal, which was canceled by NCL on 4/13. Within 3 days my Cruise Next certificates were back in my account On 4/25 my deposit was credited back to my credit card All done without filing any paperwork or special request In contrast, we were scheduled to be on the Grand Princess on 3/29, which was cancelled by Princess on 3/12. Princess gave option for full refund and some extra future cruise credit, or no refund and a much larger future cruise credit. On 3/13 we filed their form for the the full refund option On 4/22 the future cruise credits were posted to our accounts No word on the cruise refund or the $500 of prepaid on board credit we had purchased - hoping they refund by the 90 day mark So for those that think other cruise lines are treating this any different than NCL, perhaps not.
  8. kayelbee - I have the same experience. Had prepaid OBC, cancelled (around March 1st) to get my money back, since it was obvious that Princess would soon cancel the cruise. I am still waiting for the OBC refund, along with the cruise fair, and FCC (chose option 2).
  9. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html
  10. DublinFC - The Hawaii beverage package does include alcoholic drinks. The language is a little vague due to Hawaii alcohol restrictions/laws.
  11. M6 to an MA is a significant downgrade. Categories M followed by a number (with the bigger numbers being better) are considered higher categories than M followed by a letter.
  12. POA (3x) Sky Pearl (2x) Star Southward Have both the Sun and Jade booked for future cruises
  13. Maltings Beer and Whiskey Bar - Deck 6 Mid-ship. You can get some great Whiskey's (with an up charge) not available at other bars.
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