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  1. Kona is the only tender port for Pride of America cruises
  2. I usually try to book suites (Haven or non-Haven) on NCL. The prices increased so much that I have been booking cruises on Princess. Princess suites have also increased, but only moderately. NCL suite prices are now comparable to luxury line prices. I prefer NCL. They have a causal atmosphere and do suites better than the other comparable cruise lines. I will come back to NCL if their suite prices become competitive with other similar class cruise lines.
  3. Having been on this particular cruise 3 times, here are my thoughts: POA Hawaii cruises are all about the extended time, including overnights, on the islands, and if restricted to NCL only excursions it would not be the same experience. Until that changes I would not book this particular cruise. In summary I think you are making the right decision, but highly recommend that you book it in the future when the rules change - It is a great cruise! For most other cruises, while I do not like the restriction, I would still happily go and have a great time.
  4. I use to book directly with the cruise lines but switched to a TA for all my cruise bookings. The reason I did so comes down to dollars. Depending on the cruise line I either get lower pricing or refundable OBC from the TA. The discount or refundable OBC is in the range of 8% (varies with each cruise) of the total costs. My TA also is also considered an AMEX travel partner and I receive additional benefits (OBC and perks) by using an AMEX Platinum that I would not receive booking directly with NCL or any other cruise line. Other components of travel - flights, hotels, insurance
  5. If you found the night life on NCL to be a bit lacking, you may experience the same feeling on Princess. For me the Night Life on NCL is more active than Princess. I do like both lines, but find Princess a bit more subdued than NCL.
  6. I am sure that sometimes you get good flights, but not always the case. For my last POA cruise it included free airfare and I live in the Bay Area. Unfortunately NCL had me flying from SFO to Salt Lake City then on to Honolulu. Return trip was the same and the layover in SLC was 2+ hours each way. I ended up cancelling the free air portion and booking my own flights.
  7. I cant speak to your cabin, but have done this cruise 3 times and will do it again in the future. The island stops are wonderful including overnights in both Maui and Kauai. My experience with the crew has also been excellent. Enjoyed al the meals at both the MDR and Specialty restaurants. You will have a great time.
  8. If you do a google search for "American Express travel representative" you should find the answer. One of the larger travel franchisees will appear often in the results.
  9. I just logged into my account and NCL is still listed. There are a few other cruise lines in addition to those shown on the link that you shared.
  10. This is in relation to an American Express Platinum card - not related to NCL status. American Express provides additional benefits to their Platinum card holders
  11. You do not get the AMEX OBC if you book through NCL direct. You have 2 options to get the OBC. 1) Book thorough AMEX travel. 2) Book through a non AMEX TA that qualifies as an American Express Travel representative. The one I use gives me the extra benefits of a TA, such as onboard credit or reduced fare plus the little extras. I also get the AMEX Platinum OBC benefit and dinner at Le Bistro as long as I pay with my Platinum card.
  12. "I have mine on the refrigerator. Just a reminder of some of the places the DW and I have been." BigWaveDave87 - Two of my favorite things show on your magnets - Cruising and Shelby American. I go to Carroll Shelby museum every time I'm in Vegas.
  13. farmersfight, Have sailed on PoA 3 times, 2009, 2017 and 2019. Service was great all three times, comparable with the rest of the NCL sailings. Have not experienced any of the issues that others have mentioned.
  14. We only cruise a couple of times a year and always do a full suite. Once I retire we will cruise more often and book balconies or mini-suites. We enjoy the quiet time of the cabin, but want to at least have natural light and fresh air. If the only option was an inside we would do a non-cruise vacation instead.
  15. Depending on which Cruise line my TA gives me either a discount on cruise fare or refundable OBC. It tends to be around 10% of the fare. I also get additional OBC by using my AMEX platinum with them as they are an AMEX travel affiliation partner.
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