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  1. We are on an extended journey and our turnaround day for the 2nd cruise portion is in Dublin on a Wednesday. On our cruise calendar the time in port is listed as 5 AM - 9 PM. Since we have a late departure, will muster drill still be held at 5-5:30? I assume that even though we are booked as one cruise, rather than a B2B, we still have to do muster drill for part 2. Is there any "make up" if we miss it? I'm asking because we plan to do an extensive walk in the city, and would mostly likely return past 5 PM unless we must be back on board for muster. (The Dublin port lists us arriving at 3:30 AM, so maybe the ship will be cleared by 5 AM, but we don't plan on getting off before 8-8:30 and 3 cups of coffee!). Realize we will find all this out once we are onboard, but any insight greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Yes, contacts have been made with all the vendors any of us could find. It basically comes down to a few factors - willingness to do something from Ringaskiddy, availability, price (and some pretty steep prepayment and cancellation penalties that are off-putting to a lot of people). Currently a work in progress - a lot of work, with limited progress
  3. Have heard that number of taxis may be limited - this is not the main port and BOTS (2500 pax) is in Cobh. So, yes, there is transportation, but since we have NO knowledge of whether or not a shuttle will be provided, a lot of what we have gathered in terms of information is that options are somewhat convoluted, take a long time with multiple transfers or are very expensive (taxi, assuming getting one isn't an issue). So far we are coming up a little short on Irish luck!
  4. Maybe I need to clarify a bit of our current situation. We have been told by Oceania via multiple TAs that we are docking in Ringaskiddy, not Cobh, which is not close to Ringaskiddy. There is no direct access between the 2. (see comment below answering LHT28). As of now, we have a private excursion booked, but despite multiple postings on our roll call, the organizer cannot get others to join so the price is quite high per person, and they are considering cancelling it. Other providers (Butlers, Paddywagon, etc.) have been contacted and they are either booked up or unwilling to do a private tour from Ringaskiddy. Paddywagon has options, but they require getting to Cork (not Cobh), so that is why I'm asking about the shuttle, as Oceania has only told us any shuttle will be listed in Currents for the port - which does not allow for advance planning. So, it seems we need to get to Cork somehow, and a shuttle would be the ideal option. LHT28 - according to both the TripAdvisor Destination Expert for Cork, and the directions on Port of Cork's website, there is no direct ferry from Ringaskiddy to Cobh. It's a bit of a loop, and probably takes well over an hour with several connections. Roothy123 - yes, yours was the post I found. Also saw a followup post from another saying a cruise 2 months after yours had a shuttle. But all that information was from 2013, so more than 5 years ago. Thanks, all.
  5. Thanks. We already have all these transport options. Was trying to find out if ship runs a shuttle. Have been advised that if there is no shuttle, the bus option may be a problem for handling any volume of cruise passengers.
  6. I've checked the Oceania shuttles topic, and searched the forum. Most recent information I found is from 2013. Hoping someone who did the circle Ireland cruise last year might have some information to answer this question. We're on Nautica in June on the Gaelic Glory cruise around Ireland., and the Cork port website lists us as docking in Ringaskiddy, rather than Cobh. (Brilliance OTS will be there). Oceania has told 3 of our TAs that Ringaskiddy is where we will dock. This is apparently an industrial port, not close to either Cork or Cobh, with poor transportation options. A group of us have had difficulty trying to arrange private excursion (limited O offerings) so we are now trying to find out if Oceania runs a shuttle here. The 2013 info was no for a July cruise, and then yes for a later cruise in September. My TA was told that information will be listed in Currents for the port call - not exactly helpful for advance planning. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Could be, but I was reading a recent post in which he referred to links in his signature. Oh well. Life goes on.
  8. Sorry, I don't have this person in ignored users. So this doesn't solve my problem.
  9. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    See you are from Edinburgh - love your city. Spent a week there in June 2005. Wonderful memories. We have another port day there on this cruise. Looking forward to our return. Chocolate or haggis? I know what we'd choose!
  10. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    We live very near a major railyard in our area. They used to have Open Days and we went once. It was quite interesting - not a museum as such, but the repair shops, big locomotives, etc. We've been to another RR museum elsewhere in the USA. This looks interesting, but cars (and chocolate) are more my DH's thing and I think we are going to have a jam packed day already. But I'll keep this in mind if we have extra time.
  11. I have signatures turned on in my profile. I can see most people's signatures. However, one person had links to blogs in theirs that I wanted to refer to again. But this person's signature doesn't show for me now. I have noticed that there is sometimes a little down arrow on the right side of posts that, if used, let's you hide that poster's signature or all signatures. Maybe I accidentally did that for this poster??? If so, is there a way to turn it back on/reverse it? I'm clueless...
  12. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    I just realized I had recorded a show called Curious Traveler that was an episode about Yorkshire. I just watched it and most of it was about York! Wonderful. I can see why you all recommend it so highly.
  13. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    Glad to hear. Thanks.
  14. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    Thanks, Host Bonjour. Lucky you to have multiple days there. My DH likes cruising and dislikes driving on the left side of the road, hence this British Isles cruise. We did some driving in England years ago for about 10 days - that was more than enough for him in his lifetime! My preference is for independent land travel so I can spend more time in one place - we spent a week based in Edinburgh - but this time we have just a long day to spend in York. I'm just happy that it's a long port day so we can at least get there from Newcastle.
  15. the mice

    Day trip to York from Newcastle

    THANK YOU for the offer of assistance. We are walkers, so hoping the June weather is as dry as it apparently was last year. Using Google Maps and the York Visitor Center Chocolate Trail map, I've put together a walking itinerary (and always remain flexible). Here's the basic plan - not planning to visit inside ALL of these, unless there is plenty of time. Any recommendations on which are best / which inside visits can be skipped. Hope to arrive in York station around 10-10:15 and would like to head back to the ship on a train around 17:30 (but we are flexible). So basically around 7 hours in York. The plan: Start at Visitor Center - York Minster - Holy Trinity Church - York Chocolate Story - Barley Hall - sights around St. Helen's Square - the Shambles - Jorvik Viking Centre - Fairfax House - Cliffords Tower - Castle Museum - Jacobs Well, Trinity Lane - All Saints Church, North Street. Your advice truly welcomed!! Cheers! Marilyn