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  1. See screenshot of orgiginal invite in post #2976 - said there would be a recording. In the past they have offered the points for watching the replay. And this says you will get the points for watching.
  2. Sorry, I posted that you could watch the upcoming webinar, but see that someone already posted that. My CC emails are coming a bit late. Now I need to look out for the email "PUP is turning one", although I think we did all the ones that didn't require booking or sailing, except for the first social media activity where they put in the wrong Twitter handle.
  3. We have been in these cabins on the Nautica, as well as on the Azamara Journey, another R ship. We like the extra space, especially when we are sailing an itinerary that is either port intensive, or where the weather won't be that conducive to having a balcony (our Nautica cruise was British Isles and Ireland). We have been able to deal with the movement of the ship. However, do be aware that you will hear anchor noise if you are tendering. Our recent Azamara Journey cruise was in the Baltics, so the itinerary, which included 3 days docked in St. Petersburg, made it a good choice to have
  4. Ok, but still have to do the testing for each border crossing, correct?
  5. Betsey, One more thing. Will you have to do that ArriveCan thing each time you want to go to the opera? I am assuming so, so that will be an expensive pain. Sheesh.
  6. In normal times he's been fine, especially since we retired and no longer have the worries about work. But now it is just his anxiety about COVID, so I have to try to respect his feelings and make the best of it.
  7. Well, we are a no-go now because DH has announced quite firmly that he does not want to travel anytime soon. He just doesn't feel comfortable what with the uptick in cases and variants. No point in arguing about his feelings. However, I have negotiated traveling around NY state within a day's drive if we ( meaning he) want to return home. I will see what I can come up with. He also just had a conversation with a well traveled neighbor who took a short road trip in-state and said it was very limiting and not convenient eating out,etc. There goes my 6 nights across the border. C'est la v
  8. BTW, I just saw that the ArriveCAN application fee is $65. Not trying to make your day......
  9. We aren't leaving until 3rd week in September, so I guess we can see what happens in the interim and figure out the testing situation. It's just that we are leaving on a Tuesday am, and plan to cross the border on Thursday pm. So that means getting the test done late Monday- seems everything here is by appointment, so who knows if there are late appointments. My worry is getting stuck at the border crossing and being outside the 72 hour limit - well, that, and just getting the results once we are on the road. I might be rethinking this trip....... Hope you can make it go mor
  10. Yes, I was just thinking about the reentry requirements and wondering what they might be. Oh, and they require plans for possible quarantine in case you get a (false) positive. I had been thinking about adding on a day at the beginning of our trip but that would really add to the stress of all this. DH was always a bit of a reluctant traveler but by 2018 I had finally got him to turn that corner. Now with 2 years of no travel, who knows. This won't be fun if I have to make him jump through a bunch of hoops. Thank goodness I accomplished my 70th birthday trip of 5 weeks in A
  11. Paging Mackdogmolly - don't get too excited just yet. Have you seen the requirements to get into Canada? Maybe it will be easier for you since you are close to the border, but we will be on the road just under 72 hours before we plan to enter Canada. And if the timing isn't perfect and we get to the border too late...... https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/flying-canada-checklist/covid-19-testing-travellers-coming-into-canada#getting-tested And you have to register at ArriveCAN https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronaviru
  12. Our current plans are to spend 3 nights each in Montreal and Quebec City. We have been in both before (Montreal several times, Quebec City twice), so we may just wander around more than do the traditional sights/museums, etc. Haven't made any definite plans. I drove around Ile d'Orleans with my mom way back in 1975 but DH has never been, so thought we might do that. Otherwise, we may just go on the hunt for another Inuit sculpture to add to our collection. And just enjoy both cities and being away.
  13. Like Mackdogmolly, we are so looking forward to the border reopening. We are planning a trip through upstate NY, Montreal and Quebec in late September. Already booked our hotels last month in anticipation of the border reopening by then. We have many free hotel night certificates (about 20), most of which had their expirations extended due to COVID and while we probably won't get to use all of them before their new expiration dates, we were able to use 9 of them for this jaunt! Can't wait.
  14. We just had our March 2022 Oceania cruise Singapore-Tokyo cancelled last week. As Jazzbeau has pointed out, it is most likely a combination of restrictions (lockdowns, quarantines,etc) and low vax rates. At least we were notified 9 months prior to our sailing date, although I had been expecting this cancellation for quite some time. As for Japan cruises, perhaps Azamara is waiting to see the impact of the Tokyo Olympics and how the Japanese government reacts after that. Only domestic spectators are allowed for the games. This webpage has Japan's travel ban restrictions -
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