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  1. Trade press has statements from the Sycamore Partners side: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24220-royal-caribbean-to-sell-azamara-brand-to-sycamore-partners.html
  2. I don't think this has been posted elsewhere. Although it was from over a week ago, I hadn't read it. Even though Larry is no longer with Azamara, I found it quite interesting and thought some of you might also: https://thepointsguy.com/news/tpg-lifetime-achievement-award-2020-larry-pimentel/ Happy, Healthy 2021 to all.
  3. The email came to both my and DH's email accounts at approximately 10:08 am ET. It was for 20 PUP. Since it did not require inputting a Captain's Club number, I don't think it can be shared. The fine print says it is for the email recipient only.
  4. I have a DVD recorder that I have used to record many travel shows from my TV. I even found a workaround to record from my Verizon FIOS service, although only in standard definition mode, by recording on my FIOS DVR and then copying to a DVD, putting several shows from the same area/city onto 1 DVD. I now have a very extensive collection of all Rick Steves shows, Dream Cruises, some Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe, Rudy Maxa, Curious Traveler and many more. As for books, I remember many years ago, before a trip to Florence, I read Irving Stones' "The Agony a
  5. I just did a Celebrity B2B from SYD to AKL last October - November. We are in the NYC suburbs, so flights from JFK or EWR rather than ORD. But here's my experience. Not sure how things will be post-COVID, but once there is a vaccine, hopefully the available routes will be there. First, I wanted to see the Great Ocean Road (highly recommend this), so wanted to start in Melbourne, then fly to Sydney. I wanted to use miles/points for the flights, and wanted to do the transPacific legs in Business class (so my DH would go....). I wanted awards at the "saver", not premium, lev
  6. Well, it's only 1 extended journey, not 2, (that would be wishful thinking), but at 28 days total, its a long time cruising. I know you understand all the intricacies of O much better than I do, since I've only been on 3 O cruises, one of which was an extended journey. So thanks for the replies. I'll just be happy for a vaccine so we can get back out into the world again, be it on land or sea.
  7. Thanks for quick reply. My TA is Connoisseur Club Member and she just got back to me (after you did), saying discounts did not combine with what we had. We did a book onboard on the Brit Isles cruise June 2019 (where we met you), then moved it from 2021 to 2022 back in March this year, and then repriced it on a price drop in May. So the price is good. Thanks.
  8. Can someone clarify something for me. We have an extended voyage booked for which both legs are listed on the BF sale list. I thought O says if it's offered as an extended voyage then it can't be booked as a B2B. So does that mean, this 4 category upgrade does not apply? TIA.
  9. Although we had plenty of Marriott points and I usually try to use points for hotel stays, we paid for the room because I was able to get a corporate rate which made it worthwhile to pay instead of using points. I found that hotels were much less expensive in Lisbon than elsewhere, so you might want to look into this. Since travel has been so severely impacted, you just might find a better deal for a paid rate than using a lot of your points. There are many hotels right in the area of the Fontecruz, as well as a plethora of dining options. If you don't have a lot of time/days in Lisbon, y
  10. Since you are using Marriott points in Lisbon, check out the Fontecruz Lisboa, Autograph Collection. We have stayed there twice and the location is excellent. We walked everywhere from there (yeah, we even walked the hills!). And it is close to various transportation to more distant places. You will find many reviews of this hotel online. As for Livorno, I would suggest you go to Lucca. It is much closer than Florence, easy to do on your own, and a lovely place. We love Florence, one of our favorites, but we have visited twice, both on independent land trips where we sta
  11. Such happy news - hope it won't be too long before you get to see him in person.
  12. Read there was very heavy rain in Scotland leading to a serious train derailment in Aberdeenshire, with report of 3 deaths so far. So sorry to read this news. Makes me realize we have so little to complain about.
  13. We are still experiencing a very hot summer here in the NYC 'burbs with little if any rain in our local area. Luckily our complex was spared any impact from Tropical Storm Isaias but the same cannot be said of all parts of the area where some people are still without power one week after the storm. It is strange to read the news and realize that we didn't have any impact other than a few branches down (not trees) and a single lightweight chair blown over on our deck. Not sure where to post this, but it's an interesting perspective. While most of us are probably tired of l
  14. Hi Nordski, A bit of info for you re: getting to Australia. We live north of NYC and just went to Australia last October. Since I wanted to fly business class using miles, I had a bit of a challenge finding such flights. We flew first on Air Canada on a reasonable paid economy fare to Vancouver for an overnight. The next day we met up with a couple we had met on a cruise last June. Then we flew Air Canada to Australia in business class using miles. Our flight was to Melbourne but I am sure they also fly to Sydney. The late departure was conducive to sleep.
  15. And here's another news item I just came across - not encouraging at all: https://travelindustrytoday.com/a-big-blow-to-cruising-four-cruise-lines-report-virus-onboard/
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