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  1. I'm so happy that this worked out so well for you both. And I'm sure there's no comparison - you definitely WON BIG! 😄
  2. Very impressive and nice plating, too. I'm still making crab cakes - steak won't be on our menu until after the mounds of snow melt 😁 and we can get to the grill.
  3. I think you should post something you do eat and comment to that effect. I'm sure there are lots of Captain's Club members who don't eat steak/meat/whatever. Shouldn't be penalized for not cooking this steak. Perhaps that's a way to send a message to Celebrity about this program. We just did our weekly shopping and there was no steak in our grocery order. We have steak at home maybe 3-4 times a year and I don't have photos of them. 😉 Maybe they will get a picture of the crab cakes we make for V-day. Then let's see if they "deny" the PUP.
  4. We sailed on Azamara Journey in August 2018 (Baltics) and Oceania Nautica (B2B British Isles) in June 2019 in an identical cabin (the forward oversized OV) so we were able to compare both lines in a relatively similar period of time. We cruised Azamara once before in November 2009 (pre-Azamazing Evenings and White Nights). We cruised Oceania twice before (Sept. 2017 and Nov. 2018, both on the larger Marina). Azamara: Captain Gianmario was fairly new so his interaction was somewhat more limited at that time, which is understandable, but he was exceedingly charming. We did not
  5. Phil, I understand our local facility is not at all comparable to the National Railway Museum, and I don't take what you are saying as negative. But since some of you had mentioned the Museum, I thought I would just share this. We haven't been to the Science Museum in South Kensington, but we have toured a variety of the museums and sights in London (including inside Tower Bridge and the tunnel under the Thames from Greenwich). We also took a trip out to the RAF Museum in Colindale which we thoroughly enjoyed. We've made a half dozen trips to London and/or parts of the UK, and there i
  6. That's rather optimistic based on the way the rollouts are going nationwide. In our area, all appointments in the regional distribution center are booked through mid-April, and many people in the eligible age group (over 65) have been unable to get an appointment. Supplies to local pharmacies, doctor's offices, hospitals, etc. are severely limited as well.
  7. Since you have all recommended the Railway Museum in York, I realized I should tell you about our area. We live quite close to the Croton-Harmon railway maintenance yard which services the Metro-North train system. Metro-North operates passenger service trains along the east shore of the Hudson River from NY City up to Poughkeepsie (beautiful scenic ride). We moved up here about 22 years ago from another part of the county. At one time the facility used to have an Open House day in October where you could visit the maintenance facility, see the locomotives and train cars. The workers see
  8. @Bloodaxe Thank you for the information. I'm adding it to my document so I can check it out if I ever get to Yorkshire.
  9. Is this something that you can do right from York? We once drove a rental car in England (around Bath and the Cotswolds) and even though my husband is an excellent driver here in the USA (high powered sports cars to boot), he vowed "never again." LOL.
  10. Oh, you are making me want to be back in the UK so much - we have so enjoyed every trip we have made there, with many wonderful memories. We just hope you are all staying healthy and safe as we watch what is happening with Covid and Brexit. (over here, we have our own "stuff" - sometimes I wish my next trip could be to another planet 😉).
  11. Glad you are feeling OK. Definitely worth it - can't wait until February 16 for dose 2. Hope my DH fares as well after he gets dose one tomorrow. I did extensive research on York and planned out an entire day, planned walk, places to visit, etc. Railway Museum is on the list. I kept all that info so I can easily update it if my plans include a visit. And doing it by land from London means we can plan for more than just an 8 hour day visit. The list of places to see grows ever longer....😉
  12. Funny, I was thinking about what the name might be and thought of Venture, as it is basically a synonym for Journey, Quest and Pursuit. And then I found this thread. Great minds....😁 And I realized, too, that Seabourn's new ship was named that, too.
  13. Wow - I had read that the dosing schedule for AstraZeneca could go as long as 12 weeks, so I guess they are using that schedule for you. We are getting our shots at one of the large regional vaccination centers about 12 miles from us, so they schedule dose 2 when you get dose 1. The distribution issues seem to favor the regional centers and that has caused some problems for smaller vaccination sites (I think some local pharmacies (you call them chemists) and other healthcare centers) that have had to cancel appointments. So stressful for everyone. How's your arm? Mine is
  14. Happy to help. We ❤️ Canada and can't wait to be allowed back in. Will probably be the first place we go once we can safely travel again. I just got my first vaccine shot (Pfizer) this morning and DH goes Thursday. Then 3 weeks later for shot 2. So exciting. DH said I was like a kid going to her first day of school. Too funny. Hope you and your wife enjoy your Valentine's day concert.
  15. Paging Nordski - maybe this will help with your Josh Groban request. I saw this in my email from Travelzoo this morning: https://www.travelzoo.com/local-deals/All/Entertainment/366837/?utm_source=localdeal_us&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2905362_html_-_deal%3a2905362&utm_content=2905362&ec=0&dlinkId=2905362 - Marilyn
  16. I haven't used it but have read about it - the service is Cameo (cameo.com). Perhaps you can find another celeb on there. No idea of how much it costs or anything else about it.
  17. Happy Belated Birthday - and yes, I'm old enough to remember Arlo, Woodstock and "Alice's Restaurant" playing many nights on the radio while I was studying (or trying to, anyway). BTW, did you see who liked your post? DH and I are scheduled for 1st shots next week (unfortunately not same day). According to the info, our 2nd shots are scheduled when 1st is given. Can't wait. And now that song is going through my head - LOL!
  18. Trade press has statements from the Sycamore Partners side: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24220-royal-caribbean-to-sell-azamara-brand-to-sycamore-partners.html
  19. I don't think this has been posted elsewhere. Although it was from over a week ago, I hadn't read it. Even though Larry is no longer with Azamara, I found it quite interesting and thought some of you might also: https://thepointsguy.com/news/tpg-lifetime-achievement-award-2020-larry-pimentel/ Happy, Healthy 2021 to all.
  20. The email came to both my and DH's email accounts at approximately 10:08 am ET. It was for 20 PUP. Since it did not require inputting a Captain's Club number, I don't think it can be shared. The fine print says it is for the email recipient only.
  21. I have a DVD recorder that I have used to record many travel shows from my TV. I even found a workaround to record from my Verizon FIOS service, although only in standard definition mode, by recording on my FIOS DVR and then copying to a DVD, putting several shows from the same area/city onto 1 DVD. I now have a very extensive collection of all Rick Steves shows, Dream Cruises, some Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe, Rudy Maxa, Curious Traveler and many more. As for books, I remember many years ago, before a trip to Florence, I read Irving Stones' "The Agony a
  22. I just did a Celebrity B2B from SYD to AKL last October - November. We are in the NYC suburbs, so flights from JFK or EWR rather than ORD. But here's my experience. Not sure how things will be post-COVID, but once there is a vaccine, hopefully the available routes will be there. First, I wanted to see the Great Ocean Road (highly recommend this), so wanted to start in Melbourne, then fly to Sydney. I wanted to use miles/points for the flights, and wanted to do the transPacific legs in Business class (so my DH would go....). I wanted awards at the "saver", not premium, lev
  23. Well, it's only 1 extended journey, not 2, (that would be wishful thinking), but at 28 days total, its a long time cruising. I know you understand all the intricacies of O much better than I do, since I've only been on 3 O cruises, one of which was an extended journey. So thanks for the replies. I'll just be happy for a vaccine so we can get back out into the world again, be it on land or sea.
  24. Thanks for quick reply. My TA is Connoisseur Club Member and she just got back to me (after you did), saying discounts did not combine with what we had. We did a book onboard on the Brit Isles cruise June 2019 (where we met you), then moved it from 2021 to 2022 back in March this year, and then repriced it on a price drop in May. So the price is good. Thanks.
  25. Can someone clarify something for me. We have an extended voyage booked for which both legs are listed on the BF sale list. I thought O says if it's offered as an extended voyage then it can't be booked as a B2B. So does that mean, this 4 category upgrade does not apply? TIA.
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