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  1. Hi all! mitsugirly ~ oh dear, so sorry to hear this! WIshing you all the best & a speedy recovery. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! Jenny ~ thanks for starting the thread. Guess I'll be the first "gainer" to post, I'm up 0.4 lbs. CG2010 ~ welcome to the thread! You're doing great. I'm 10 years older than you & have the same problem, got a lot of flab to lose.😢 I'm about at my highest weight ever so will smarten up soon, I hope!! See the rest of you later whatever the scale said. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. HI all! mitsugirly ~ glad to find your review early on!! Looking forward to hearing about the Breakaway as I'm sailing on it from New Orleans in Feb. 2021. I was on the inaugural Bermuda cruise on it. How was that connection on the flight down? Looked pretty tight/worrisome to me!! Wow, Sakari is almost as tall as you now!! Thanks for doing another of your awesome reports. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. Hi all! Have had a busy week so didn't check in. Belle ~ a lot of "whys" from a wise woman! Thanks. I was down 0.2 lbs Thursday. Today I was looking through my old calendars where I pretty much keep a diary, & see I am now 10 lbs more than I was 5 years ago!!😢 I'm 22 lbs more than I was 12 years ago & where I want to be but apparently not enough to stop eating so much!! Hoping for good results for all on Thursday! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. HI all! Nice to be missed but I'm not on a cruise unfortunately, just lazy!! Belle ~ you're right this summer does seem to be flying by!! There would never be a thong for me either! They look so uncomfortable! Jan ~ I know where your 0.6 lbs went, they found their way to me!!😢 pacruise804 ~ glad you enjoyed your time in Canada & your team did well. Diana ~ just a week 'til your Alaska cruise. Have a great time seeing the beauty of that State. Have a great week folks. I have a busy week ahead so will probably be signing in late. I'm away all day Thursday on a bus trip to see a play & do a little boat cruise. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. Hi all! I'm on the Feb 6 Epic cruise where we lost St Kitts, St Maarten & Curacao & had a sea day, Antigua & Tortola added. I'm so glad we didn't lose Bonaire as that's the one island I haven't been to & really want to see. I've booked air & hotel & somehow got charged for the 1st night so am committed. I wonder why all the changes. Same thing happened on my Nov. Bliss PC cruise.😢 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. Hi all! I too stayed there 2 years ago for a night before my Baltic cruise & found it to be a great place. It was close to transportation & places like Nynhavn & the castle with the changing of the guards. I bought the Copenhagen card & took public transportation there from the airport & over to Tivoli, a place I really enjoyed & hope to revisit next year. The breakfast buffet was quite nice here as was the room, although a bit small. GradUT was right on with his description. I want to point out the fact there are 2 other Wakeups caused my travel companion difficulty when public transportation was reduced for a holiday & she walked to the wrong hotel! That was worrisome as she'd stayed at a hostel near Tivoli & I was concerned for her! Next year I'm trying to decide about going to Wakeup B again or trying Hotel Bethel. Any comment on that please Danish viking? ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. Hi all! Thank you to Turtles06 & Nitemare for your helpful hints. The only places I really want to see are Vik & the black sand beach/pillars. Maybe a private or reduced tour would do as I wouldn't feel comfortable driving solo in Iceland the day before 4 sea days. Too bad I didn't stay one day longer last time but I was anxious to get home & Iceland is a pretty expensive place to stay. Woulda, coulda, shoulda eh?!! Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. Hi all! Belle ~ nice start to the thread, thanks. Nice to see some new people & more sharing of info. I, for some reason, am down 0.8 lbs his week & don't know why. Maybe I perspired some weight away as I ate pretty much what I wanted! RobinCruiser ~ I've used MFP & so has shootr. It is shocking how many calories are in some items! Nice to see a couple more Canadians on the thread! Bon Voyage to those of you cruising soon! Have a nice weekend. I'm going to a Christmas in July dinner tomorrow so who knows how that'll figure next Thursday!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. Hi all! I went to Reykjavik for 2 nights on an Icelandair stopover coming home from Copenhagen & did the Golden Circle tour. Next Sept I'm doing a cruise that stays over from 1 pm one day until 6 pm the next & wonder if there's any way I can do the South shore in the allotted time. Any opinions please? TIA & I must say I really enjoyed the Golden Circle with GeoIceland. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. Hi all! Lots of chatting going on here! So nice to see. I'm late checking in but am happy to say I'm down .4 lbs, not much but better than gaining right?! See you on Thursday & hoping for the best. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. Hi all! I was on the April 28/19 Pearl TA from NYC to Amsterdam & we had a couple of guest lecturers, one lady who spoke maybe 5 times about Irish topics, another motivational speaker who talked 2 or 3 times about having a better life. She was the author of a book called "Driving in the Middle Lane". These lectures took place at 2 or 3 in the afternoon & were quite informative & enjoyable IMO. Hope this helps. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! Lots of good losses this week. Good going! I OTOH am up 0.8 lbs. shootr ~ so nice to see you & your pictures back!! Rose ~ bon voyage! Which ship are you on? Lots of reporting this week! Welcome to the new people. A couple of my cruise friends have lost quite a bit of weight on WW so that plan seems to work. I don't like the idea of paying somebody to help you lose weight & when I make up my mind to give it my all, will do it by counting calories probably on MFP. Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. Hi all! Belle ~ you'd be so proud of me! I gave into the temptation to make some popcorn last night. I also bypassed Cheezies & chips in the supermarket. I will get some peanut butter pretzels when I go to a nearby city for lunch tomorrow but don't eat many of them at a time. I also crave chocolate a lot but don't have any here. Glad to hear neither of you from CA had problems with earthquakes. I read somewhere that a person was cancelling their cruise because of the devastation but can't find the article. cruises42 ~ I really liked HAL. They're a step above my usual CCL & NCL, more refined, with fresh flowers around, keep more to the rules & the ships (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) were a nice size. I loved that HAL Alaska itinerary with unusual ports. Have a nice week folks! Don't know what Thursday will bring as I'm eating out twice this week, once a Christmas in July! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. Hi all! cruises42 ~ I did that Amsterdam cruise round trip from Seattle Aug 24/14 & had a great time. Weather was good & saw a lot of lovely scenery, 1 bear, eagles, whales etc. It's a lovely ship & great itinerary. Andrea ~ even though you crashed off your plan you know you can always start again, that's the beauty of it! Belle ~ was the earthquake anywhere near you or Diana? Have a nice weekend. Going to be a hot one here. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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