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  1. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread. Izena ~ hope all goes well with the surgery. You're doing terrific with your weight loss. I didn't lose this week, I'm up 0.2 lbs, guess that was those guac chips before I threw the rest of the bag out. It they're here, I'll eat them! Today I'm picking up another Christmas in July meal so wonder what that'll do. Hope to see the others checking in later. Have a nice day & stay safe. Have fp on my MSC cruise today but am unsure if I'll be able to get insurance so have emailed my supplier. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! dhanakorn ~ thanks for the review, you did a great job. I really enjoyed that cruise too & love the Epic's solo lounge, seems bigger than the ones on all the other ships. Sorry you ended up sick. That often happens to me while cruising, usually some EN&T thing. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. HI all! Izena ~ I hate when banks charge for things!! Heck it's our money & at least here, they're not paying us any interest!! Nice loss, you're doing great!! Belle ~ no, I'm nowhere near goal unfortunately but am happy to be going in the right direction this week. I weighed myself Friday as I was lighter on calories Thursday & was down another few ounces.... then I went shopping!!! I bought some guac chips but will probably throw them out as they're not worth the calories. Right now I'm waiting for a rhubarb cake to bake but hope to give half to my neighbour & freeze some. I picked up the Christmas in July turkey dinner yesterday & was delighted to see a chocolate cupcake, that & the coleslaw were the best parts of it. WHen the Church has it usually it's a pot luck with so many side, choices of desserts etc but this was just a little turkey, a lot of stuffing, veg & maybe a bit of potatoes with gravy. I'm hoping for better on the one I'm getting Thursday. Have a nice day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. Hi all! Belle ~ nice start to the thread, thanks. Izena & Alabaster Cruiser ~ WTG losing weight! Jan ~ staying the same is good too. Do what you have to to keep healthy, especially with kidneys, you wouldn't want to need dialysis. I'm happy that I'm down 1.6 lbs, now at the lowest weight I've been all year. Take care & stay safe. ~ Jo ~😊
  5. Hi all dhanakorn ~ looking forward to more of your review & loving the pictures. I too was on this cruise, my last before the pandemic & am so glad I was. It was a lovely trip. Thanks for reviewing it. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. HI all! Belle ~ I don't know about being happy to step on the scale! Sometimes it disappoints, like today when I'm up 0.6 lbs! Izena ~ you are doing great! Jan ~ at least you didn't gain. Neat having the same trainer for 15 years. Have a nice day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. HI all! Belle ~ thanks for the words of wisdom. Susan ~ what a nice weight you lifted!! Congrats on the new booking. I see you sailed on Amerikanis. That was our 1st cruise ever, in 1989. I should have used yesterday's weight as I was down 1.6 lbs but then I went shopping & you know what happens then, snacks!! Anyhow I am down 1 lb so not too bad. Unfortunately it's the same pound I'm losing & gaining back!! Have a nice day & stay safe. I got my hair cut & had a teeth cleaning yesterday so am feeling good. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. Hi all! Clemson Cruiser ~ Looking forward to your cruise report as I will sail on Horizon in November. Interested to see how you like your cove balcony. I had one on Breeze & really liked it. Have a great cruise & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for the words of wisdom & the Canada Day greeting. My friend in Maine says it's also Postal workers day so I have 2 reasons to celebrate, lol! Ombud ~ sorry to hear about the bee sting but glad you got help. I'd love to be in the normal range rather than the obese. Izena ~ wow, you've done amazingly well! Kudos to you! Susan ~ I'm so disappointed as like you I gained, 0.6 lbs. I wonder if the values for my exercises are too high that the MFP app makes me feel like I would have lost rather than gained. Jan ~ do your DD & baby live close by? Have a nice day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. HI all! Jan ~ congratulations on your new grandson, your first right? Glad all went well. Katia ~ happy birthday & enjoy your cake & family on your special day. Belle ~ I booked another cruise this week too. Picked the Caribbean Princess from Miami 14 days, stopping at some great ports, 2 of which I've never been to, but not 'til Jan 2023. I now have 11 booked but 3 I'm sure to cancel. Izena ~ oh that was sad your Mom didn't tell you her preference 'til much later. Nana seems a popular choice in our family with the German grandmother being called Oma. None of them are names I'll ever be called. Both my DDs are in their 40's with no kids. I'm hoping for good news tomorrow as I've been better about snacking.🤞 See you then & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. HI all! Belle ~ nice poem, good ideas. I'm also joining the loser's club this week. I'm down 2 lbs bringing me to a weight I haven't been since Jan 2020 Izena & AC ~ you're both doing great & around where I hope to be once I smarten up! Have a nice day & stay safe. Off to exercise then out for lunch with a school friend I haven't seen since 1982!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting us off with your usual words of wisdom! Jan ~ yikes, you sure have a lot going on! Hope all turns out well on all fronts. Don't even mention teeth!! All but 4 of mine are capped & not for beauty reasons. I'm just hoping they don't all decide to go at once, I only have so much dental coverage . Izena ~ I can't imagine having to remind myself to eat. I'm usually thinking about the next meal during the current one! Maybe that's why I'm up 1.4 lbs this week. It was a bit of a shock as I didn't eat anything really bad this week, or so I thought! Have a great day & stay safe. Oh I had my 2nd dose last Sat. so I'm ready to cruise. MSC changed the itinerary on my cruise but I'm okay with it. They also gave some OBC for doing so. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! Belle ~ yes they changed me from having a certain cabin to being a guarantee! I emailed my TA & all is back to normal cabin wise, but the itinerary has changed. That's okay with me as one of the places is new to me, their private island, which we'll go to twice. Izena ~ wow, you've done terrific on your weight loss goals!!! Holy crow, that's a LOT of moves. SInce leaving my family home I've moved to an apt, a flat, our house & now the cottage. Well, at least you have a lot of practice so know what has to be done! Have a nice day & stay safe. I wonder what numbers tomorrow will bring, fingers crossed! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. HI all! Belle ~ I'm losing the same few pounds over & over again too! No, I'm nowhere near my goal unfortunately. I have about 20 lbs to go. Congrats on the new bookings! Susan ~ good luck with the move. That's something I'll dread when the time comes. We've been here 34 years so lots of stuff to get rid of. Of course a lot of it could go right into a dumpster! optimusprime82 ~ have you checked your booking lately? MSC has changed the itinerary & also seems to have cancelled the cabin assignment! Have a nice day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. HI all! Wow, wish I'd lost 18 lbs but I only lost 2.8 since the pandemic began. optimusprime82 ~ oh neat re being on the cruise too! We won't be meeting at the gym, that's for sure on my part! The only time I've been in one was when I had to do therapy after my knee replacement. I had my 2nd vaccine Saturday so am good to go when the time comes. Have a great week & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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