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  1. Hi all! Belle ~ nice message. We are all in this together, just wish some people were more considerate! pacruise804 ~ thanks for the belated Canada Day wish. It sure was a different one as I imagine your 4th of July will be. I wish our Mayor would say masks are required. There seems to be a lot of visitors in Town, it is a tourist destination & who knows where those people came from & have been?! I either stayed the same or am down 0.6 depending on when I got weighed this morning. Let's say stayed the same then a loss will seem right if it happens next week. DH thinks a loss of a pound a week shouldn't be hard to do & I sort of agree. I am feeling heavy & just read an article that said belly fat holds in vitamins & hormones that should be circulating. We'll see. I do like to eat & often😉. I guess I should start doing My Fitness Pal again & move some more. Have a great holiday & stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! Diana ~ thanks for the Canada Day wishes. It sure has been a different one but quite enjoyable thanks to events over the computer. There'll be no fireworks in Toronto, or maybe even Ottawa but the CN Tower will change colours or something so that'll be nice. My Town is a tourist area & I definitely noticed more people there yesterday & lots not wearing masks!! We are also having some vandalism of a statue in Town of our 1st Prime Minister who was not fair to the aboriginal people. 2 days in a row red paint was put on him, once just on his hands but later it looked like somebody just threw the paint at him. Have a nice evening & see you tomorrow, hopefully with good news. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & your thought provoking message. pacruise804 ~ looser clothes is a good feeling.👍 JennyB ~ nice loss in those few months! Diana ~ I'm with you, stayed the same, actually these last 3 Thursdays. I should be heading down but staying the same is better than going up. Robin ~ I'm a little shorter than you but about 15 lbs heavier so you can imagine how I look, especially when DH is a foot taller & a couple of pounds heavier than me!! I was 147 for almost 20 years until I retired & that's where I'd like to be again. We're in stage 2 here so allowed a bigger group, Church, outdoor patio eating & hairdresser appts. I couldn't get one 'til 2 weeks today so look forward to that! Hey, I wonder how much this extra hair adds to one's weight?!!😉 Have a good week & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. HI all! Belle ~ wow, you put a lot of effort into this week's poem, thanks! Glad to see some nice losses. I stayed the same which is better than gaining. We're in phase 2 up here so can go to the hairdresser if you can get an appointment. My ophthalmologist called to reschedule the cancelled April visit so I'm going Monday. He has a lot of rules to be followed but better safe than sorry. I have no problem with wearing a mask except when the darned thing slips down your face!! Tying a knot in the elastic should solve that problem. Have a nice weekend & great week ahead. ~ Jo ~😊
  5. Hi all! Belle ~ nice introduction to the thread this week. Jan ~ well at least you enjoyed yourself & know that you can lose those pounds again. DIana ~ hip hip hooray for you but boo hoo for me, I'm up a pound. Must have been those little bags of Cheetos & Doritos.😉 I still haven't learned to stop bringing the junk home. Have a nice day. I'm at a Zoom meeting while posting here. I'm muted & invisible so it's okay. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. HI all! I've done that a few times & didn't know it was called a side to side either!! At Port Canaveral I walked the short distance from DIsney Wonder to Freedom of the Seas with a little help from 2 gents. We had to wait a while to get on FotS as they were unloading motorcycles from a ride for dialysis I think it was.. I have a NCL to Carnival in New Orleans coming up in Feb so now know what to call it!😉 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. Hi all! Things are loosening up here starting Friday. We can go to Church, drive ins, restaurant patios, the hairdresser (yeh!!) but certain areas like Toronto & Niagara Falls weren't included in the next stage. Looking forward to doing things outside the house but probably will still wear a mask. Stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. HI all! pacruise804 ~ wishing you many happy healthy returns of the day. Happy Birthday!🎂 DIana ~ yikes 104 is HOT! The lobster roll was yummy but a lot of work getting the meat out so I think I'll just buy one when available. Yes, wonder what cruises in the future will be like. I have 2 booked in Feb & 1 long, for me, in April so hope all goes well.🤞 Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. HI all! Belle ~ thanks for your words of wisdom! We had takeout last night so that was a nice change from cooking. I got a call from the hospital today that they'll reschedule my bone density scan but I declined as I'm not keen to go into a hospital if not really necessary at this time. Nice losses ladies & also staying the same, DIana.👍 I celebrated my loss last week so am up 0.4 lbs. I was surprised it wasn't more actually! Made myself a lobster roll for lunch yesterday then had Perch taco, fries & chicken wings for supper. Take care & have a great stay at home weekend? ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. HI all! Belle ~ thanks for starting us off on this last check in of May. Wow, time is flying by even though we aren't doing much. pacruise804 ~ thanks for your MIL's tip but that won't work for me. I still eat after dinner & look forward to it, but it's just a Tootsie Roll pop & a couple of juice sticks, no chips or chocolate & I lost 2 lbs!! I am in Ontario & we're still pretty closed down. It is a bus trip to a theatre then dinner at Red Lobster in Aug., then there's another trip to Toronto for the Second City & the Old Spaghetti Factory at the end of Aug. Good thing about these cancelled trips & lunches out is our chequing account is fatter!!😉 Funny how we keep gaining & losing the same pounds eh?! 20 to 25 lbs is what I'd like to lose. Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. Hi all! pacruise804 ~ thanks for your concern. Yes, we'll assume what you say about DH is correct, lol. He's not saying it in a mean way & is concerned for my health. I was 105 back then, lowest was 97 after having my appendix out. I was 5'2" then but have shrunk a bit with age. He suggested snacking less than every night & I have been taking it easier so we'll see what tomorrow brings.🤞 DIana ~ oh too bad you couldn't have your much looked forward to meal. Chinese food sounds like a nice change too. Restaurants here are still only doing take out. Still wondering whether my Oct Canada cruise will be a go & if I should cancel a bus theatre & Red Lobster outing for Aug. 19. What are the chances of that happening do you think? Have a nice day. Another hot one here. See you tomorrow. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. Hi all! Thanks for all your support & no I didn't give him the finger, slap or tell him to shush. I know what he says is right & I do feel sluggish at this weight so will try a little harder. I am 70 lbs heavier than when we met 55 years ago!! It's the darned snacking that gets me so I should just stop buying the junk but I really like it!!😢 Jan ~ I know! When he tells me things like that it makes me want to eat more!! My DH is not a funny guy either, he's German!! Have a nice long weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for your thoughts. Our holiday weekend was last week & all I saw was one firework display. I am the same as last week. DH asked me how much I weigh (almost as much as him) then gave me a lecture about how it would be better for my health if I weighed less & was not obese by BMI. He's right but I do love to eat & always am looking forward to my next meal/snack. I am at my highest weight ever.😢 Anyhow hope the rest of you are doing okay & keeping safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks as always for those words of wisdom. When will things get back to "normal" & we be able to cruise again, I wonder? I see some nice losses, guess I may have picked up one of the 1.2 lb ones, lol. I'm keeping pretty busy with things on Zoom & other places. Right now I'm on hold for 146 minutes with Delta to see how much my ecredit is for the cancelled New York flights from Wednesday. The phone's on speaker so I can do other things while waiting. Yesterday I held for 2 /12 hours but I want to get this settled. I also booked a land trip to Poland for next year so I have something else to look forward to. Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. HI all! Belle ~ thanks for your words of encouragement. I was thinking that maybe some people who no longer pop in aren't cruising so don't come on Cruise Critic. I wonder about shootr & miss his pictures. I had a good week it seems as I'm down 1 lb. Don't know how I did it but am glad. Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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