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  1. Hi all! pirate ~ I won't tell! 😉Hope to see the review soon. I got rid of all my countdown clocks, even one was too big they said! Now I won't know when you guys are going away. Have a nice weekend. 2 more of them 'til I sail away! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. retiring soon

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Hi all! I'm down to 360 hours & can hardly wait!! Not much going on here this weekend. Hope you all have a nice one. I hope the wind dies down so we can finally bbq the steak I bought a couple of days ago. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. HI all! Betty ~ thx for that info. I have seen Jersey Boys before in Toronto, will see it on Bliss & now the guy who arranges the bus trips is offering it next March so if I really like it I might see it again. I have all 3 of my countdown clocks visible. pirate ~ how's that review coming along?😉 Have a nice day, still cold here, 36F but sunny at the moment. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. Hi all! Oh, I hadn't even noticed the countdown clocks were gone! I did notice that when you click on the posts you can't see all the roll call contributors like we could before. Betty ~ did you go see Havana & if so what did you think? Apparently they made some changes but I don't know how, do you? How did you like the food on Bliss? I put CC as a bookmark on my smart phone so just have to click on that to get in. I have the sign in already in. This new format will take some getting used to! Pretty cold up here so I wore my winter coat today. I'll be glad to be cruising in warmer climes. Have a nice evening. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. retiring soon

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Hi all! Ann ~ I'm just spending one overnight in San Pedro, night of Nov 2. A group is getting together for dinner at the Fish Market, so that'll be nice to meet some people before the cruise. So looking forward to be in warm places. I put on my winter coat today & the wind's really howling tonight. Have a great cruise!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. HI all! Good to be back even if it is pretty strange! I've already "liked" 2 threads, lol. Looking forward to both of your reviews. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. retiring soon

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Hi all! NIce to be back! Grandpaul ~ belated birthday greetings! Ann ~ soon you'll be sailing away lucky girl! I'll be so glad to get away to someplace warmer than here. We've had to put the heat on although last Tuesday for the trip to Algonquin Park, the weather was sunny & 80. The leaves were beautiful up there & still have some lovely ones around here. The new boards will take some getting used to but I've already "liked" 2 posts. Have a nice evening. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. retiring soon

    DWTS Fall 2018, Dresses and more...

    Hi all! Nice to be back! I watched the young people Sunday night & really enjoyed the show. It was nice to see the judges & coaches interact with the kids. I absolutely hated Erin's dress last night, what an awful tight white thing! Enjoyed the show though. ~ Jo ~ 😊