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  1. Thanks for ‘live blogging’ the cruise. I enjoyed this month (+) long cruise more than I expected - even the sea days were fun! We avoided the dreaded noro (sometimes being a germaphobe has it’s merits!) and saw many wondrous sights. I’m glad we had a chance to meet.
  2. Had to go downtown for a meeting this morning. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen one of HAL’s wonderful “dam” ships here in port and just wished I was sailing away with her on another adventure.. This time, as I drove ‘round the curve and the Noordam came into view, I was grinning as I know that tomorrow that wish is coming true! Back to packing...😀
  3. I hope that the passenger with the med emergency is going to be okay. That’s worrisome, but they will get great medical care here. We had to make an unscheduled stop off Cabo a couple of years ago on the Veendam for a similar situation. For the rest of the passengers - are they letting you off the ship here today, then? I suppose there are worse things than an extra day on Oahu! E komo mai!
  4. Thanks, zelker. Can’t wait to see her! Not sure how I feel about the status-y changes they’re making...too much like the airlines and some hotel chains. Guess that’s the way of the world. I’m just happy to be back onboard!
  5. Thanks for the photos - we’re joining the Noordam next Sunday, in Honolulu. Can’t wait!! This will be our longest cruise to date. We did a 21-day SoAmerica/Antarctica a few years back and loved it. I may have missed it, but what was the extent (if any) of cabin refurbs?
  6. Morning coffee aboard ms Westerdam, April 2019
  7. I was referring primarily to the Lido plate loading Olympics, or ordering multiples in the MDR “just for a taste.” It happens. Sorry you misunderstood. Just an observation on my part - the nitpicking kind of supports my initial point about the liberties of anonymity.
  8. Zelker - thanks so much for the shipyards link! What fascinating photos. We were on the Noordam for a Med cruise in June 2006 and are looking forward to boarding in Honolulu on the 20th.
  9. What I love most about HAL is the reliable service and friendly crew. I appreciate their eagerness to please that doesn’t slosh over into the obsequious. Like many others, I prefer the smaller ship size and the classy, mellow atmosphere. My party boat days aren’t exactly over - they never ever were. I go on cruises to relax. We were on the Zaandam for 21 days (SoAmerica/Antarctica) and it felt as comfortable as home to me. It was hard to leave. The port talks are usually interesting (depends on the EXC staff) and I’ve seen things as a result that I might have otherwise missed altogether. This was especially true our our recent spring cruise in Japan. The timing couldn’t have been better nor the Sakura more stunning. HAL’s food is consistently good - often excellent - and (perhaps best of all) I don’t have to plan, prepare or clean up after. Those first few days back home are HARD, I tell ya! I realize that all lines provide food, but in my experience HAL offers better. I especially enjoy the extra touches, like the frozen orange sherbet cups served on the hot and sunny deck as we went through the Panama Canal and the welcome cup of hot chocolate that greeted us portside on a cold, rainy Christmas Eve in Puerto Chacabuco as we waited for the tender back to the ship. I haven’t experienced that level of personal touch except on the much smaller river cruises in Asia. I imagine that for (considerably) more $$$, there is better to be found, but I’m happy right here...
  10. We’ve been cruising with HAL for over 20 years, and the steward situation has not really changed as respects being greeted day one. This is not the case with other lines we’ve sailed with. I really like getting their calling card, as I’m not as great with names as I once was. We’ve been on other lines and come back to HAL because it appeals to us personally and, thus far, hasn’t disappointed. I wonder how much of the whining that seems so prevalent is not just the result of the general societal tendency towards negativity. The relative anonymity of online forums enables the worst in some to emerge. As a result, we see the picking apart of every little thing. Take the trial run of charging for a second entree in the MDR, for example. I see it less as a grab for revenue and more as an effort to reduce waste, and as such I would applaud it heartily. The amount of excess food - that people take out just because they can - that ends up being trashed on these ships is appalling. But enough people fussed that they ditched the plan. Complainers gonna complain. I’m trying hard to keep the whining from drowning out my enjoyment of the experience.
  11. We had an extraordinary cruise aboard the Zaandam over the Christmas holidays 2015/16. I was terrified in the run up because I’m a bit queasy in high seas, and knew a couple of friends who had the Antarctic portion of their trips aborted due to weather out of Ushuaia. It couldn’t have been more beautiful for us. Just the luck of the draw - no one controls the weather, and there are no guarantees. But the payoff of taking that chance was spectacular for us. Good luck and smooth sailing!
  12. When first I read of this situation, I came to this site to see if other (esp. more experienced) cruisers saw this the way that I did: a captain and cruise line acting in the interest of safety of passengers and crew with a (probably small but vocal and potentially dangerous) group of angry, hyper-entitled folks protesting. I was not disappointed in the responses I’ve read. Common sense prevails here, as usual. One of my biggest peeves about cruising is the entitled attitude of some passengers. There’s always a handful of malcontents aboard, and I avoid them once identified. I’d far rather the captain exercise common sense risk management and miss a couple ports than try to jack**s us through unsafe conditions and get us injured or worse. I agree with some here that the particularly vociferous and threatening passengers should be banned in the future. I’d certainly not want to encounter that kind of person on my ship!
  13. Great recap of a fabulous cruise! We were on the same one, but took different shore excursions here and there. Such amazing weather for the majority of the cruise - Mt Fuji with my morning coffee was spectacular. Even with the blustery weather at Hirosaki Castle, the cherry blossoms were fantastic!
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