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  1. Going to be on 4-13 Navigator sailing - anyone know what Caribbean band will be on board. Was on in December and the band (I think the name was Extra) was really good.
  2. Thanks for the great review Gambee and looking forward to my 1st cruise with MSC. Have a question if you could answer - are the doors metal? Want to put a magnetic sign on the door.
  3. We have used Fabrizio a couple of times and absolutely love him and his tour. We had been to Italy several times so we saw all the top tourist places before so we made it a little difficult for him to show us places we have never seen before. I have to say that it was THE best tour we had ever taken. Not only was the tour great (1 night tour and 1 day tour) but he was so entertaining - we laughed throughout our tour. Oh, and did I mention - he's very knowledgeable as well. Would recommend him to anyoneJ! :D If you're reading this Fabrizio - we love you!!!!
  4. Anyone know when Carlos is coming back? We will be on the 10-13 sailing and am hoping he will be there. We absolutely love him!!!!!!
  5. We just booked the cruise yesterday and today I did the on line docs and printed set sail pass and was wondering when we could order the luggage tags. Cruise sails on 10-13
  6. I'mnot talking about a dummy cruise. We have a cruise actually booked and redeemed points and applied to this cruise as an OBC. Just wondered if they changed HOW you can use the OBC while onb oard.
  7. Have they changed the way and how you use the points as an OBC? Can you still use them in the casino and to get cash on board?
  8. Another question regarding this - when does the "order luggage tags" appear on my cruises page? I've printed my set sail pass and am now waiting for docs to appear so I can print.
  9. We used a private tour company a few years ago and for the life of me I cannot remember or find the card that has this company information on it. It was right in the area where the tenders leave you off. It was a small place and am trying desperately to find them. Does anyone know who I'm trying to remember (hee, hee) or have recommendations?
  10. Looking for input for a whale watch excursion in February. Who would you recommend AND how "rocky" was the boat ride?
  11. Well that's another issue - I've e-mailed and called and asked what time we actually arrive in Fairbanks and can't get an answer and this is why I did the ships tours but after reading everyone's opinion, I just cancelled the arctic excursion (tour WAS at 6PM). It only states that we will have the evening free (we are coming to Fairbanks from Denali) to do whatever we want and then the next day we fly home but our flight isn't until 10PM so we need to find something to do that day too because I don't want to sit at the airport all that time.
  12. Any suggestions? We were just trying to find something to do in Fairbanks. I totally agree that it IS expensive when it doesn't sound like you are really doing very much.
  13. Thanks for the input - I have contacted RCI trying to get more info but have not yet received a reply.
  14. Sorry . . . it's a ships tour with a flight - they don't give alot of detail. This is all it says . . Arctic Circle Air and Land Adventure - FB01 Fly north from Fairbanks and wonder at the story of the vast and remote land below. Witness remnants of gold mining that continues nearly 100 years after the yellow metal first brought newcomers rushing north. View the remarkable Trans Alaska Pipeline, symbolizing the immense changes brought to Alaska's Arctic by the discovery of oil over 30 years ago. Thrill at the excitement of crossing the Arctic Circle. Experience the rugged and magnificent Brooks Mountain Range as the flight passes just south of the Gates of the Arctic National Park. Participate in a ceremonious Arctic Circle landing at a Brooks Range wilderness community on the Middle Fork Koyukuk River and receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate. Learn the fascinating story of the surrounding Brooks Range wilderness. Note: Actual flight time is approximately 2 hrs total
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