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  1. Funatabi


    As I suspected, it's the bunk beds, even folded up, which get in the way. Oh well, I will try to ignore them, and hopefully I won't get bumped in the head doing so.
  2. Funatabi


    Just booked the Island, in an inside cabin that can hold 4 people. I am new and wondering your reason(s) why you wouldn't book a cabin that can hold 4 people. Because it holds 4 people, that is maybe why I was able to reserve it.
  3. That's great information. Thanks. I kept looking at the deck plans and thought IA would be better because the staterooms seemed to be the most mid -ship. Not being a frequent cruiser I wasn't sure if mid-deck or decks higher or lower would be preferred. IA mid-ship and mid-deck makes makes sense to me. That's what I chose.
  4. I have looked at so many deck plans on so many websites to figure out the difference(s) between inside stateroom sub-categories A to F, and to find out which sub-category is considered to the "best" or "preferred" one. (I assume in descending order IA is rated higher than IF.) I haven't sailed on Princess, so I am curious to know from Princess frequent cruisers. TIA
  5. Thanks for the helpful tip. I also will look into doing something like that. This cruise is a full transit of the canal, so not sure if that will make a difference.
  6. I am the OP, and I appreciate all the constructive feedback and suggestions. Actually, I have to confess. I have already reserved the HAL 2020 Grand World Voyage departing Jan 2020, never having set foot onboard any HAL ship in my life. It was the HAL itinerary, size of ship (Amsterdam), and curiosity of cruising on HAL that made my decision to book. However, one of my bucket-list items is missing from the HAL cruise, a Panama-Canal transit. And so my curiosity got the best of me, and I started looking to see what cruises are on offer for 2021. I checked numerous cruise lines of all categories. When I spotted the itinerary for the 2021 Princess WC the wheels in my head started spinning. It includes the Panama-Canal transit and ports new to me, without too many repeat ports with the HAL cruise. I saw that the ship for the Princess WC is the Island, so I started reading reviews about it. Some were downright negative and that is what prompted me to post my question here. Basically, the 2021 Princess WC itinerary is the biggest draw for me. In addition, the "relatively reasonable starting cost" enables me to at least get myself physically onboard at 1/3 the price of what it would cost me if I were to book the all-inclusive luxury lines. And for good or bad, at least the Island is a good fit for me personally because I like medium-sized ships. I feel much better now because the overall feedback here has been more positive than I thought. And there are some valid negative points that I need to keep in mind. After "sleeping on it" for a night, I contacted my travel agent the next morning to book it. The ball is in motion. I can't believe I am reserving this one too, months before I even go on the HAL 2020 cruise. I will keep a positive attitude and open mind about the Island and Princess Cruises, remain enthusiastic, and look forward to another exciting adventure. Thanks again for the valuable comments. Once I get things arranged, I will be moving over to the rollcall and "meeting" fellow cruisers in advance.
  7. The January 2021 world cruise out of Los Angeles seems like a fantastic itinerary to me. I am a little bit concerned about sailing on the Island Princess, though, which gets conflicting reviews. It's either a love or hate situation with the Island and with Princess Cruises. Reading the reviews, I can't believe people are commenting about the same ship and cruise line. I have never sailed on Princess and I am wondering if I should just ignore the bad reviews and go for the itinerary rather than the ship? But the cruise is 111 days long and are the Island and Princess good choices for an around-the-world cruise? I would like to hear comments, good or bad, from any of you have sailed on the Island and your comments about Princess. TIA.
  8. I like cruising, as we all do. I love Venice, a city that I have been lucky enough to visit three times, but I still yearn to visit again. I have not entered Venice via a cruise ship, only by bus and train. And every time I have stepped out of the Santa Lucia Station and set foot in front of the Grand Canal, my eyes swell with tears at seeing the most jaw-dropping and amazing site to behold on the face of the earth. BUT, while visiting the city and I saw cruise ship after cruise ship sail by, I also got tears in my eyes, seeing that beautiful but fragile city being destroyed by the wakes of those gigantic ships that were eye-sores so out of place. That site kind of made me feel sick. Even as a cruiser, I am for a ban because ships of any size don't belong in the main canal.
  9. I can't speak for HAL, but on the one Carninval cruise I took, all of us at the same table had a big laugh the first night when we were seated for dinner. Everyone turned out to be a Japanese national. 🤣 That is, everyone except for me, a US national. But because my address and my traveling partner's address are in Japan, I got lumped together with all the Japanese cruisers. Five of the Japanese were living in the States even, with US addresses. So this was definitely a move by Carnival, in my opinion, to cater to language needs and facilitate communication. We had a fun week together at dinner time and around the ship. Personally, I don't care with whom I sit, as long as everyone is enjoyable and fun.
  10. Thanks, I agree that asking HAL too is a good idea, just to make sure.
  11. Thanks for the helpful replies. I am glad to hear. I am scheduled to cruise on the long GWV. I appreciate the info about tour cancellations. It's good to know about refunds going to CC or transferring to OBC. I am having more difficulty with deciding about wine, bev cards, and OBC anyway. I know that I can buy while onboard too, but wanted to have some items paid before I go so as to avoid going into shell-shock when I the bill on the last day of the cruise. Just my particular idea about dealing with payments for these extras
  12. I have never cruised on HAL and am planning to pre-pay wine packages, OBC, shore tours, beverage cards. I have looked all over the HAL website for information about cancelling or reducing pre-paid items, should I want to cancel/modify them after I buy them. I can't find anything about this. Before I buy them, I would like to hear other's experiences about this. Thanks for any input.
  13. Thanks for the answer I was hoping for. Since my nose and palette are not trained to recognize the difference between Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, Screaming Eagle, or 2 Buck Chuck, I am more interested in saving money when I can. Regardless of what the wine selection will be, I am going to order several packages now, rather than risk having to pay higher prices in 8 more months.
  14. My world cruise is still 235 days away. I have seen the prices for the wine packages increase since the time I reserved my cruise last summer. For example, the current 8-bottle Cellar 1 is $251.85 ($31.41 per bottle). Last year's price for 8-bottle Cellar 1 was $219 ($27.38 per bottle). I am wondering how much HAL will increase the price by the time I board the cruise next year???? To avoid the risk of paying more at time I board, I am thinking of pre-purchasing wine packages now to lock in the price, and then select what I want when I get onboard. My question is: Will HAL honor or guarantee the price if I buy the package now, even if the package price has gone up by the time I board?
  15. Ah, that's also good to know. Thanks.
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