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  1. I will care. Why? Because of "vaccine breakthrough". (See the article below.) Just because one is vaccinated does not make one immune from catching the virus. That is a false notion held by many. I keep saying that the vaccines are not the be all end all to preventing the spread of COVID 19. They are designed to work very effectively to prevent death and hospitalization only, but are not designed to prevent COVID19 from spreading from person to person. The COVID19 virus, once in the body, has negative, long-term effects. So I say no thank you to easing up COVID protocols that I follow at
  2. It has become clear by now that vaccinated people can still get Covid inside their bodies, which has been passed on by not only unvaccinated people but also vaccinated people too. The entire objective of the vaccines is 1) to eliminate death, and next best 2) to prevent hospitilization. That's it! So being vaccinated does NOT protect anyone from getting the Covid virus. Take a look at the Seychelles where 60% of the population has been vaccinated. Yet, the number of Covid cases continues to rise. Why? There seems to be evidence that while all vaccines offer very high protection from death and
  3. My 2 cents is: if Crystal can't do a world cruise or other long itineraries, I can't see how Seaborn or even a rowboat will be able to do those. In other words, it's a situation of either "go" or "no go" for all the cruise lines in tandem. If Crystal is a "go", so other lines will "go". And if Crystal doesn't go, I wouldn't count on other lines to be options to travel on and be in positions to offer similar itineraries. While I am anxiously waiting to know which cruises are a "go", I am definitely more interested to know "where" and "how" they will go before I decide to go aboard
  4. I am booked on the 2022 Crystal World cruise and I can NOT see how this cruise can possibly depart as planned at this stage, even with vaccines going into people's arms as I write. I apologize if I am negative and sound like I am raining on my and your WC parade, but that's my view at this stage. It's one point debating where the cruise can leave from, if Miami and LA are out, and debate whether Panama City is a good option. But regardless if the ship leaves from Panama or Bimini or ???, the next big question is where does one think the ship can go after that by early next year???
  5. I am trying to stay tuned to news about Genting, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, and Crystal. This article seems to be 3.5 years old. Was it meant to be recycled to remind shareholders on the Singapore Stock Exchange that the deadline to transfer to the HK stock exchange is "March 2021"? I noticed at the end "Copyright © 2021". Not sure why this is "news", if first released in Nov. 2017.
  6. I reserved the 2022 WC and was checking with my TA about Crystal and asking about options for my reservation. My TA's agency is not refusing new Crystal bookings at the moment because no deposit/money needed, so no hassle for them to refund anything if/when a cruise is canceled, or even in the worse case scenario if Crystal were to go bankrupt. 😬 However, the agent isn't recommending Crystal. In my opinion, this doesn't bode well for Crystal in the long term, when potential customers are being told to stay away from Crystal. I hope the glass is still half-full for Crystal.
  7. Aaah, very good question indeed. I too am curious about what Japan expects to do about enabling visitors and even Olympic athletes to enter the country by the time the Olympic games are scheduled to start. IMO at this time, I think the country is dealing with each day as it comes for the time being, hoping that the global situation gets better by July. We can only wait and see at this point.
  8. Australia, NZ are 2 excellent examples of how to control/mitigate the COVID threat and keep it at bay as best as possible. There are many other countries that can be listed along with these two. And while people have traveled and do travel to Australia, for example, from what I know, Australia like most countries requires anyone entering to demonstrate proof of valid reasons and get permission in order to travel to/from there. And then go through strict, lock-down quarantine after they have arrived. Wishful travelers just can't get on a plane because they want to go. (Of course this is NOT t
  9. I don't get the "vaccine passport". The WHO has had the "yellow card" system for years. I keep my yellow card to show proof of my yellow fever vaccination. So what's the deal with needing a special, universal "COVID vaccine passport"? Won't a simple yellow-card type of proof-of-vaccine certificate be sufficient? Or, because of the number of people needing to be vaccinated worldwide, is there worry of people making fake vaccine passports?
  10. I am the OP Ron. Thanks for the valuable feed back. You all have given me lots of concrete answers where possible and some ideas to ponder. I understand the refund situation. Since I didn’t take out insurance for “carrier default”, I can only take my chances that Crystal remains solvent. I will keep a close eye on news about Crystal’s financial situation. I will “wait and see” what happens at least by the time the full payment is due in August. And by the time we can next board a Crystal ship, let’s hope Crystal’s service will still be impeccable and the WC will have s
  11. I have never cruised on Crystal, but in Oct. 2019 I reserved the 2022 WC (LA to LA) because of the itinerary and the allure of Crystal's reputation in offering cruises people rave about. I was on the HAL 2020 WC that ended early. 😭 I had booked the Princes 2021 WC, but cancelled it before Princess did. Now that we are less than 1 year before the Crystal 2022 WC is scheduled to depart, I have started to give more thought about the 2022 WC cruise, with questions going through my mind, such as whether I should cancel now or just hope for the best. Like everyone, I really want to go
  12. Wow, Kazu. Thanks for the great help with what I was looking for. I thought there might be a link to laundry/dry-cleaning prices. And you sent it. ☺️ This gives me a good idea of what I can have laundered/dry cleaned and the costs. Ron
  13. I have searched here, but can't seem to find any specific info about what one can/cannot put into the HAL's laundry bags. Are there restrictions? Or is it up to my own discretion about what clothes I choose to put in the bag and take my own chances? Are the prices for dry cleaning listed anywhere on HAL's website? Or does anyone have a pic of the price list? Specifically, checking about charge for dry-cleaning man's suit. Thanks in advance for answers to my questions.
  14. Thanks for the information. That's what I will plan to do. For sure, I don't want to fill up suitcases with hangers, when I don't have enough room for clothes even. 😬
  15. I have heard of cruisers telling the stewards to remove the wooden hangers because the wooden one's take up more space. With wire ones they bring themselves, they can fit/hang more. I will see what I can manage to do with hangers when I get onboard.
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