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  1. Wow, Kazu. Thanks for the great help with what I was looking for. I thought there might be a link to laundry/dry-cleaning prices. And you sent it. ☺️ This gives me a good idea of what I can have laundered/dry cleaned and the costs. Ron
  2. I have searched here, but can't seem to find any specific info about what one can/cannot put into the HAL's laundry bags. Are there restrictions? Or is it up to my own discretion about what clothes I choose to put in the bag and take my own chances? Are the prices for dry cleaning listed anywhere on HAL's website? Or does anyone have a pic of the price list? Specifically, checking about charge for dry-cleaning man's suit. Thanks in advance for answers to my questions.
  3. Thanks for the information. That's what I will plan to do. For sure, I don't want to fill up suitcases with hangers, when I don't have enough room for clothes even. 😬
  4. I have heard of cruisers telling the stewards to remove the wooden hangers because the wooden one's take up more space. With wire ones they bring themselves, they can fit/hang more. I will see what I can manage to do with hangers when I get onboard.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am glad to hear that bringing a can (or bottle) of beer to other venues is not as restrictive as I thought. I will go for a bucket and see what happens.
  6. Thank you for the response. Glad to hear.
  7. But mommy, I like wire hangers because they are skinnier and I can fit more hangers across the closet. Can one ask cabin stewards for wire hangers too?
  8. Buckets of beer are reasonably priced, compared to buying each can separately. As a relatively inexperienced solo traveler new to HAL, I know that I cannot (and don't want to) drink 5 cans of beer at one time. I know that if I do not drink all of the 5 beers in the bucket at the same bar after I buy them, I can take any unopened cans to my stateroom. But I personally do not like to drink alcohol in my stateroom. So, my questions are: Can I bring any of the unopened cans to another bar or area of the ship and drink them there? such as the pool area? I surely don't think
  9. Thanks for the replies. I feel better and will just go ahead and get the Premium Plan and hope for the best. Calling on Whatsapp and other SMS sites requires that the other party also have that same app. With Skype, I should be able to make calls to land lines just like usual. With lots of sea days, the streaming option will keep me more entertained. I noticed on my cruise that all 3 Internet packages can be purchased in advance, but there was no mention about "pre-purchase discount price", so I think the prices might not change. Pre-purchasing sounds like less hassle. I hope the
  10. Wow! This is great to know. I live in Asia and eat Indian food at least once a week. I was wondering if there was a way that I could get curries and such to have a variation of foods on my long cruise. And now I know. I was thinking that with so many of the crew from India and surrounding countries, that the ship would cook great Indian food for them, so why not for us too! 😊 I assume that I can order Indian food, even with any time dining. Yes?
  11. I have been reading information here about the HAL Internet packages. While out to sea, I think that the Premium Internet package is the only package that can access Skype to make business calls and that can access YouTube. Am I correct in assuming that I cannot access Skype and YouTube with the "Surf Package"? (1 rank lower package than Premium Internet ). What has been your experience specifically with Skype and YouTube on the Premium Plan? Was it slow? Difficult to connect? Or work surprisingly well? And do you happen to know which websites/
  12. Thanks for the replies. I should have been a little clearer on what I was thinking of when I posted this. I plan to bring/buy things I need like meds, toiletries, and other things like nail clippers and hair trimmer needed on a long cruise but not a a shorter one. Many necessities I will buy locally. I posted this thinking of what unnecessary "things" like gadgets or travel goods ended up taking up space, such as door and ceiling magnets (which people rave over) as well as over-the-door shoe holder, shower organizer, plastic folding-boxes, desk-top organizer, etc. to store things.
  13. I have seen several posts asking about "useful" things/gadgets to bring. I am asking just the opposite: What did you bring that you thought would be useful but never ended up using? I am scheduled to go on a long (100 days+) world cruise. In planning my packing for this long cruise, I am thinking about what "not" to bring to save on weight and space especially for the check-in luggage on the plane. What things do you leave at home nowadays? I plan to do some pre-cruise shopping, but want to get the "right stuff". Thanks.
  14. Thank you, Kazu. I did find the information, which is helpful. I guess I was hoping to see purchases written all in one list, rather than by "itinerary". Anyway, now I know where to look. On a side, note, I can call 800 numbers just like I can call any other numbers. But calling 800 numbers outside the US is not toll free. 😥
  15. I am scheduled to cruise on the HAL 2020 GWV. I ordered wine packages, excursions, on-board services, etc. I received confirmation e-mails regarding these purchases. However, I can't seem to find on HAL's website anywhere, a list of items showing what I bought. Is there a list, and if so, where is it on the website? And is there a way to modify these purchases? Specifically modify wine packages, to change the package and/or number of packages?
  16. I am the OP, and sorry to have caused confusion. I am not even going to Japan on the cruise. I used the two Japanese ports for sake of example only. There are many other scenarios: Sydney/Darwin; Belem/Rio, etc. In asking questions about this on other topics, I found out that one of the biggest issues is whether the intended re-boarding port is a dockside or tender port. Cabotage laws aside, a tender port has a high possibility of being bypassed/skipped due to poor weather conditions. One poster on another topic said that their request was denied because the re-boarding port was a
  17. I am reserved to take the HAL 2020 world cruise, and there is some discussion on our roll call about leaving the ship in one port and re-boarding it in another port within the same country. For the sake of an example, it means leaving the ship in Yokohama, Japan, doing a land tour of Kyoto, and re-boarding in Kobe (also Japan). Due to cabotage laws, i.e., laws governing the carriage of passengers and freight by foreign airlines/ships within one country's domestic ports, some people are saying that you could be denied re-boarding the ship if you violate the cabotage laws by not re-
  18. Funatabi


    As I suspected, it's the bunk beds, even folded up, which get in the way. Oh well, I will try to ignore them, and hopefully I won't get bumped in the head doing so.
  19. Funatabi


    Just booked the Island, in an inside cabin that can hold 4 people. I am new and wondering your reason(s) why you wouldn't book a cabin that can hold 4 people. Because it holds 4 people, that is maybe why I was able to reserve it.
  20. That's great information. Thanks. I kept looking at the deck plans and thought IA would be better because the staterooms seemed to be the most mid -ship. Not being a frequent cruiser I wasn't sure if mid-deck or decks higher or lower would be preferred. IA mid-ship and mid-deck makes makes sense to me. That's what I chose.
  21. I have looked at so many deck plans on so many websites to figure out the difference(s) between inside stateroom sub-categories A to F, and to find out which sub-category is considered to the "best" or "preferred" one. (I assume in descending order IA is rated higher than IF.) I haven't sailed on Princess, so I am curious to know from Princess frequent cruisers. TIA
  22. Thanks for the helpful tip. I also will look into doing something like that. This cruise is a full transit of the canal, so not sure if that will make a difference.
  23. I am the OP, and I appreciate all the constructive feedback and suggestions. Actually, I have to confess. I have already reserved the HAL 2020 Grand World Voyage departing Jan 2020, never having set foot onboard any HAL ship in my life. It was the HAL itinerary, size of ship (Amsterdam), and curiosity of cruising on HAL that made my decision to book. However, one of my bucket-list items is missing from the HAL cruise, a Panama-Canal transit. And so my curiosity got the best of me, and I started looking to see what cruises are on offer for 2021. I checked numerous cruise
  24. The January 2021 world cruise out of Los Angeles seems like a fantastic itinerary to me. I am a little bit concerned about sailing on the Island Princess, though, which gets conflicting reviews. It's either a love or hate situation with the Island and with Princess Cruises. Reading the reviews, I can't believe people are commenting about the same ship and cruise line. I have never sailed on Princess and I am wondering if I should just ignore the bad reviews and go for the itinerary rather than the ship? But the cruise is 111 days long and are the Island a
  25. I like cruising, as we all do. I love Venice, a city that I have been lucky enough to visit three times, but I still yearn to visit again. I have not entered Venice via a cruise ship, only by bus and train. And every time I have stepped out of the Santa Lucia Station and set foot in front of the Grand Canal, my eyes swell with tears at seeing the most jaw-dropping and amazing site to behold on the face of the earth. BUT, while visiting the city and I saw cruise ship after cruise ship sail by, I also got tears in my eyes, seeing that beautiful but fragile city being destroyed by the wakes of th
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