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  1. Went out to the jetty to watch sail away. Have a great cruise, everyone! Also have a great view from our room at the Lago Mar too! Andrew
  2. I hope everything works out for the better. My partner and I hiked a rain forest in Dominica years ago. Was one of the best cruise excursions we've ever done. Andrew
  3. Ohhhhhh that drink looks delicious. And yes I realize it's before 11:30am ET. No shame in my game.
  4. Isn't Sweet Soul Music on the Regal as well? Or did I imagine that? Andrew
  5. I’ve never really found a lot of the photos by the ship’s photographers to be that good to begin with. In 20 cruises, I think I’ve purchased 6 photos. Interesting concept though. Ethics aside, I hope that photographer is using that money to help himself and his family. Andrew 🙂
  6. Have lots of glasses of wine at vines for me. Hopefully no issues with the wine list 😂😂 -a
  7. This is unfortunate and I’m sorry it happened. I’ve witnessed these individuals taking their jobs WAY too seriously (although I have to assume they have good intentions but poor delivery.) Perhaps there have been lawsuits in the past, which caused their stern rules. My partner is a bigger muscular guy. He had a suitcase in one hand and a backpack on his shoulder and something similar happened where he was told to take an elevator. He laughed at them and got on the escalator. With that said, I don’t believe these are Princess employees. I’m glad you had an amazing time and hope the good overshadows the bad and you sail Princess again. Andrew 🙂
  8. Great review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our experience in the dining room has been similar to yours. It’s gotten increasingly poor over the years. Oh well. Andrew 🙂
  9. Keith... As your journey comes to an end, I want to send a big THANK YOU your way for your super “low key” live from thread 😉 You’ve provided a wealth of knowledge to so many looking to sail on the Sky. I remember yearssss ago Dave (I think) did a huge Royal Princess thread when it debuted. Yours is equally as informative and I appreciate it. -a
  10. I would guess around 40 inches, which is good for cruise ship standards IMO. I don’t really have a good photo of a tv. This is from a mini suite, but the tv size is the same in all rooms. Enjoy your cruise! Andrew
  11. Ohhhh Crown Grill. Be still my heart. Enjoy the day, Keith! 🙂
  12. Hmm. I’ve never seen anything cooked served here, with the exception of certain seafood items which can’t be eaten raw. But if by “raw bar” you mean just oysters, then no. It’s not just a raw bar. They have a selection of sashimi too. Was good. Not great. Certainly not bad though. Enjoy your cruise! Andrew
  13. Glad this all worked out! Have an amazing cruise. We board on the 8th. Andrew 🙂
  14. Yes I believe the second formal night is grand cayman because Cozumel is a late night. Enjoy your cruise! Andrew
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