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  1. This x 1,000,000. Agree with you completely, but then the discussion on these boards starts with “But what if I don’t have a smart phone?” and “I cruise to get away from technology, not tethered to it.” So I suppose the medallion is a happy medium (for now) between two extremes..? Andrew 🙂
  2. True story! The only reason I bought it was for the Amazon reviews. I loved his earlier works and the Amazon reviews were glowing. I guess I missed something.....
  3. Hi friends, We remember you both well... and I have that photo of the back of our heads saved in my folder from that cruise too. 🙂 As far as tips... hmmmm..... Well from what I remember, you are an amazing photographer. So take as many photos as you can. Then take more. I have hundreds and hundreds from each cruise, but only post some of the "good" ones. But I like the memories of all the photos, even the bad ones.. Definitely treat yourselves to some specialty restaurants if that's your thing. My vote is always for the Crown Grill. And I hope ZaZa is still there as she'll make your experience that more memorable. Good Spirits at Sea (the bar by the International Cafe) has started rolling out interactive bartending shows which are fun. Be sure to see the Regal Princess Rock Band. I wrote about it in my review. And be sure to get a spot EARLY so you can see and hear everything. I'd recommend standing along the railing on deck 6 or 7 instead of ground level at 5. And I'd skip trying to get a table in Crooners for this. It's a cluster. Oh and just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you need to also. It's YOUR cruise. Make it for YOU. I don't play bingo at home. I don't find it enjoyable. Why would I stand in a line on a cruise ship to play at sea? You get my drift. Have fun. Enjoy that suite!!! Andrew 🙂
  4. Hi @JennAngel9 thanks for this and I appreciate your perspective 100 percent. LOLing at your tender experience. Although we are elite and get to avoid the ticket line, I hate the process of tendering. Slow beyond slow on top of slow. I’m wondering if your crowds issue has to do with the time of year you cruised?! We’ve encountered lines, but never as bad as you described. But I think the big reason why is we don’t have kids and aren’t chained to cruising during school holiday weeks (thanksgiving, Christmas, ny, etc). Alas I appreciate your perspective and thank you for your thoughts. The Regal is leaving the Caribbean in April and not coming back for the foreseeable future. So there will be some new/unique itineraries. Just not in the US. Andrew 🙂
  5. No no. On Christmas Eve the barrel chair threads are the gifts that keep on giving.
  6. Ditto! 😉 I hope you give Princess a try. Lots has changed since your last cruise. Andrew
  7. FYI... maybe I read your post wrong but... Yes, the drink package includes water and coffee. But no, ordering either doesn’t count against your alcohol total of 15. It’s 15 alcoholic drinks per day, per person. You can get as much water or coffee or soda as you want. We both can drink (especially on vacation) and we’ve never come close to hitting the max. Most I’ve done was 11 on a sea day... and that’s from drinking starting at 10am until 11pm. Andrew
  8. Have a blast. Caught a glimpse of your live from thread. Glad the weather cleared up. A friend of ours works on the ship and sent me a photo from Grand Cayman today. Looked lovely!! Andrew 🙂
  9. Yes you can. Self disembark is typically the first group off. Enjoy your cruise! Andrew 🙂
  10. Thank you for the compliments. I try to make all my reviews as balanced as possible, with a little snark thrown in for good measure. Have an amazing time. And I do hope you’ll post your thoughts when you’re back. I think you have a unique perspective as someone who’s cruised Princess, but hasn’t done so for a decade. I’d be interested in hearing your “what’s changed in 10 years” observations.... because it’s been a lot!! (For the better and some for the worse). Enjoy your cruise! Andrew 🙂
  11. I had Leonard. She had Fernando. Double trouble. Beware!!! 😂😂😂
  12. I'm super jealous and wish I was getting back on board. It's my understanding that cabin stewards pretty much have the same group of cabins for their contract. So if you're staying aft on the Dolphin deck, I'm sorry. If you're staying anywhere else, I'm happy for you! 🙂
  13. Have an amazing time, Lori! I hope you get to encounter Zaza too. Enjoy, Andrew 🙂
  14. We made our comments known on the survey. What Princess chooses to do is up to them. Small things I can deal with (forgetting ice, etc.). But coming into our cabin on the last morning, moving our stuff, and prop'ing the door open is unacceptable. Alas, I hopeful for the next cruise! Andrew 🙂
  15. She runs a tight ship (pun intended). Her hubs is also on the regal. Sebastian was over in Princess Live. She told us she left Celebrity and came to Princess so they both could be together. So I get the impression they travel on the same ship during their contracts. Have an amazing cruise! We decided to pass on the Sky due to no Crooners. Andrew 🙂
  16. So they can tell we are in the cabin, but they don’t utilize the scanner. And they have the ability to open the door even when the deadbolt it locked. I truly had no idea. I assumed “someone” would have the authority to open the deadbolt, but would assume that authority wouldn’t be given to every steward. You taught me something new.
  17. I just asked Brad. He said, without question, that his name was Leonard. It appears his twin was yours.... 😂
  18. There is LITERALLY nothing I'd rather do less than take my dog on vacation.🤣🤣 --He stays at grandma's house, sleeps for 20 hours a day, and gets unlimited 'people food' --We enjoy a week without barking and shedding and dog breath A win/win! Andrew
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong...... But I swear one of the features of the Medallion that Princess kept promoting was that the stewards would know (based on the medallion location) whether or not you were in the stateroom and act accordingly. Apparently not...? Andrew 🙂
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