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  1. Thanks Dan G. I'm still not getting emails when I get a reply. I have tried every thing. Still working on the problem. I appreciate your advice.
  2. Thanks for the help every one. I didn't get a email about the replies. I will have to fix that. I will try to find out for sure what taxi Co's really do go to the station and also will pick us up at the hotel downtown and go back there. I did know that there were not any taxi's that roamed around downtown. With all the Cruise ship passengers and activities there it is kind of strange that they don't ( just my opinion ). Hopefully the hotel can help also.
  3. I have read though many of the threads and still can't decide whether there will be taxi's waiting at the station when the Empire Builder gets in when we arrive. It is suppose to be in at 10:30 a.m. but we are not counting on that because of delay's. Can some one tell me if there will be taxi's there or not. If not, does any one know of a taxi service who goes there. I have called some of the limo service people and they say they won't go there to pick up passengers. We will have to much luggage for the bus or Link. And our hotel will be close the Pike Market so we would not want to walk down hill any way. Any ideas who we would use??? I'm having a hard time thinking that there isn't a company that doesn't want to help the train passengers. Thanks for any help on this.
  4. Call Edgewater and ask about their shuttle service for the airport. I just looked at their amenities on the google site and that was listed. I hope you get some good luck on that. Of course I don't know how old the amenities listed are.
  5. Does any one know about the taxi situation at the Amtrak station at Jackson St to get downtown? We will have to much luggage for the Link or Bus. I have read there might or might not be taxi's there. If not, who do I call. Many of the taxi companies say they won't pick up there. Or should I start a new thread for this? Any advice will be helpful.
  6. I will give a few tips. Don't over pack. That can be the biggest mistake first time cruisers make. And wear your comfortable already broken in shoes ( not brand new ones that will give you blisters from all the walking you will be doing ). Also it is a good idea to take some sea-sick medication before you get on the ship and for a few days into the cruise. Prevention for not getting sick is the best policy. I have never gone on a cruise during your time frame so I can't comment on the weather for then or give you advice for the drinking situation since I don't do that either. Just go with the flow, expect a few hick-ups, get to the port the day before if possible and have a great time.
  7. There is no way to tell when the whales might pop up and give you a view. And you have to be in the right place on the ship to see them if they do. I have seen them a few times on the ship but mostly from a tour. If it is a priority for you on your trip I would book a tour. If you are going this season I would book soon as this is a popular tour.
  8. My best advice is to go to your ship site and see what tours are offered in Ketchikan. That will give you an idea of all the tours and things to do there. I agree with others that this is the best port for just walking around and shopping. Creek Street is very interesting. The Lumberjack Show is right at the end of the pier.
  9. In Juneau go on the boardwalk from the ship behind the downtown district where the Red Dog Saloon is and you will see tall statues of the miners there. Also there is a bronze statue of the famous dog Pasty Ann from the olden days. She has a very interesting history on a plaque there. In Ketchikan you can go to Creek Street and see the shops and things there. Skagway has some interesting buildings and items to see as well. There are a lot of free things to do in all of your ports with a lot of photo shots to take as well.
  10. I can't say much about the heli/dog sled tour in Juneau since I have not done it. My most memorable tour there for me is the whale watching tour. In skagway you can do the dog sled tour and pan for gold. Do a search for those there and see what you come up with. I'm sure you are going to have a wonderful time on your cruise. Happy sailing.
  11. MY MONEY!!. Because I prefer to cruise solo I am forced to pay the outrageous price of the solo price for my cabin .
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