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  1. So you all heard about the Tide Pod challenge, deodorant challenge, cinnamon challenge, etc. etc......Anyhow, there's a new "challenge" on the up and rise called "Cruising Ducks!" Check it out on Facebook, "Cruising Ducks!" In a nutshell, it's hiding those plastic rubber ducks all over cruises and then posting pictures of your finds on this fb group. Almost like geocaching, but without the high tech. This seems like a really fun, innocent challenge that could involve the entire family. I hope it really picks up. https://www.********************/1455676077870998/ I just learne
  2. Anyone know if people have played Pickleball on the Adventures of Seas....I just saw pictures of a few courts on Liberty of the Seas. Be awesome to play on board, regardless of how windy it is!
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