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  1. No problem using your balcony when transiting the locks.
  2. Where we live (BC Canada ) 99% of the Covid cases are unvaccinated people . 20% of those are school kids under the age of 16.
  3. We are booked on a Full Transit fro Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale on Feb 12 ,2022. We feel comfortable going but we aren't planning on a going ashore or taking excursion. We have visited most of the ports at least three times some even more. We plan to fly in the day of the cruise and fly home on the day we arrive in Florida.
  4. I heard on Youtube that Emerald Princess had 69 to 109 cabins added during its pandemic dry dock. If so where were the cabins added on the ship and if a new Deck Plan is out.
  5. In Canada and the US many phone uses a true GPS signal and only revert to towers as back up. This because Enhanced 911 requires a true GPS signal for locations.I've gotten locations on my phone when in Airplane Mode.
  6. Never have had trouble my Iphone in WiFi mode on board ship. Just have to make sure WiFi calling is enabled or turned on. We have even done Face Time onboard.
  7. Why not find a carrier that has low roaming rates in the UK and EU? My carrier in Canada charges $15 CDN per 24 hour period if you use it. If you have WiFi you can make calls thru your phone. I have done this onboard ship, just put the phone on airplane mode and made calls using the ships Wifi.
  8. There are about three or four companies doing PCR and Antigen Tests. Lifelabs is the biggest they have about four or five outlets in the Vancouver Area for PCR and Antigen. They also do Antigen test at Vancouver International. Cost for PCR is about $200 incl tax (24 to 36 hour reports) Antigen is about $100 incl tax ( 15 to 60 minute report ) Don't currently have the names or prices for the other companies.
  9. We always get a confirmation of the cruise booked. If you booked thru a travel agent. The booking information goes to them directly.
  10. Its actually listed on your booking confirmation. Look at the last three pages. They are listed there.
  11. I've had my PVP refare for these types of specials.
  12. We have rebooked and refared going one way. If I have issues my PVP calls they air department they do it for you.
  13. I heard that FLL is only doing PCR testing for people flying to countries outside the US.
  14. It depends on whether you bought Flexible or Restricted EzAir . If you bought restricted , there will be change fees levied by the airline that the cruise line has to charge you. If you bought Flexible you can change or cancel up to 45 days before your cruise. This said , some routes only have restricted airfare . it all depends on the contract that exists between the cruise line and the airline. Never asked because our fare has always been lower than buying directly thru the airline or travel agent.
  15. It could just be routine maintenance. A ship has to go into dry dock every three to five years work on the hull ( cleaning and repainting) and other maintenance that can't be done with passengers onboard. Medallion Net is probably being installed as well. faster to install when in dry dock , don't have to work around passengers. We were on one ship and they were install cables to expand the WiFi . They were only allowed to work during certain hours but never during the night.
  16. Island Princess is currently in dry dock #8 in Marseilles France.
  17. On the Royal class ships ( like the Majestic) its worth the upgrade . The balconies on regular cabins are so small . That you can have only one person sitting on it . No room for two.
  18. If you fly into Seattle and take the train . Depending on your arrival time .You'll possibly need to overnight in Seattle before boarding the train. The same in Vancouver . The can and does run late ( freight takes priority) . There are usually two trains a day each way. One is in the morning and the second is the evening. There also are numerous Amtrak buses running between Seattle and Vancouver. The only issue is you have to get downtown to board the train. QuickShuttle runs between Seatac and Vancouver on a regular schedule. Here is the link https://www.quickcoach.com/index.htm Bolt Bus also runs from Downtown Seattle to Pacific Station in Vancouver. Current Bolt runs are handled by Greyhound https://www.boltbus.com/ and https://www.greyhound.com/en/discover-greyhound/boltbus
  19. You have to refare at the current. The catch is that there isnt any of the Princess Plus package left. I tried that on one cruise . My PVP that there was anymore room in the Princess Plus package. I think they a maximum number of the Plus package.
  20. My work day (before retiring) started at 7:00AM . Had about an hour commute to pick up my work truck and then up 60 minutes to be on the work site by 7AM. Just break my schedule since retirement.
  21. Caffeine isn’t an issue. A good cup of Coffee or Latte will put me to sleep like a baby. I’m also usually up at 4AM each day.
  22. I can easily have five lattes , two cups of fancy tea, a beer at lunch and a glass of wine at supper.
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