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    Anyone familiar with Cayman Brac?

    Hi My friend has a small home on Cayman Brac and he states it is flights only, however it is fairly commonplace to Island jump. It is similar to popping over to Maui from Oahu, I believe.
  2. Cruisin' Newbies

    Where to stay in Miami?

    [quote name='honybunyyy']We have decided to cruise on the FOS in April of 2008. And I am doing my homework early. I need to know the best place to stay near the port the night before and possibley afterwards. We live in Denver so I thought we should arrive a day early to avoid any plane issues that could happen. We have cruised once before, but left from Port Canaveral. Thanks for all your help.[/QUOTE] We found a nice deal on the priceline put your own price ($100) at the Intercontinental (5 min cab ride to the port) and its a 4 star on Biscyne Bay. We're going in December, we can let you know how it is.