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  1. Belated thank you to Wally Alligator for posting 191RCL809 info while I was gone. Appreciate you, Carley
  2. Could someone pls post the offers on 191RCL809 Variable? I will be away by the time snail-mail arrives. Thanks much. Carley
  3. Thanks all for posting the Sizzle offer. Carley
  4. Thanks! Found those but still looking for the Sizzle one - H19SIZ2. Carley
  5. Hi gaylemh, do you still have the Sizzle mailing? I have it in my offers H19SIZ2 but can't find the mailer. If you still have it can you post it here or email it to me at cmycav @ peoplepc dot com. Thanks much. Carley
  6. Soflalaw, I did not know that; always thought it was C&A. But I see from the screenshot googled for Crown and Anchor Society that they too call it CAS. Learned something new! Regards, Carley
  7. Did you really mean to say CAS number? CAS number is for Norwegian Cruise Line's Casinos at Sea. Royal Caribbean's Club Royale number is your Crown & Anchor number. Carley
  8. pmoniz, my email address is incorrect above and I was too late to edit. Correct email is: cmycav @ peoplepc dot com. Thanks.
  9. Hi pmoniz, I think I may be on the same cruise later in the year (Nov 22-Dec 2) -- NCL Gem 10 day Southern Caribbean round trip NYC. I would love to see the freestyle dailies if your cruise is the same itinerary (NYC, San Juan, St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, St Thomas, NYC). It would be great if you could post them here, email them, or even mail to me (would reimburse postage). Please let me know what you think. Thanks much. Carley (cavcmy @ peoplepc dot com)
  10. KelJ, loved your review! My sisters and I will be on Liberty March 2nd and would love to see the Compasses for your week. Can you please post them or email to me (cmycav at peoplepc. com)? Thank you so much!
  11. BirdTravels, I absolutely loved your review! Although we are not going on a Western Caribbean cruise next, we will be on the Getaway and your day-to-day travel log was so detailed with descriptions, photos, attachments, etc that I have bookmarked it to use as a resource for the Getaway. It's amazing! You are amazing! Thank you again and know that I will follow you wherever you go next time! Carley
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