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  1. I am having a hard time choosing and would love some input between these itineraries. I am not too picky on the ship, but more so the ports. I usually like an itinerary that allows for 1 nice beach day (not too crowded), 1 port for good snorkeling and 1 port with some type of adventure excursion. We are not too big on shopping. We do enjoy trying local cuisine and booking excursions with local companies. We are looking at something for April 2021 as this would be an anniversary cruise. BREEZE or RADIANCE St Maarten St Kitts San Juan Grand Turk RADIANCE Aruba Grand Turk Curacao BREEZE Half Moon Cay Grand Turk Bonaire Aruba We have been to Half Moon Cay (always happy to revisit) and Grand Turk (wouldn't mind visiting again), but all the others would be new to us. What would you choose?
  2. Yes! I recommend them....we booked a 2 stop snorkeling excursion with them this past April. We had a great time and as always we were glad to be with a smaller group (compared to the ship excursion). They were wonderful to work with and made the tour a lot of fun
  3. I always avoid booking through the ship as much as possible. You can find better deals, more personalized service, and usually better excursions through private operators. Plus I like supporting the locals. We did an excursion of with Exclusive Escapes this past April. They were great! They have a few different packages to choose from. We chose one of the smaller packages that only took 2 hours. Afterwards we then walked to Jack's shack for lunch, hung out on the beach, then did a little shopping at the port. I highly recommend them! 🙂
  4. Definitely! I think it's maybe a 7 minute walk along the beach to get to Jacks shack
  5. Absolutely! We booked a snorkeling excursion outside of the ship and we were done at about 2:00 p.m.. It was an easy walk down to Jack's beach where I met some other people that did not go on the excursion. We had lunch and hung out on the beach until it was time to go.
  6. You can easily make it a beach day. We took the short walk along the beach down to Jacks Shack where we enjoyed lunch and a quieter, less crowded section of the beach.
  7. How do shuttles from the rental car agencies to the port work? Do they run on a schedule, can we take it when we are ready or do we have to wait until it fills up? TIA
  8. Nassau - Stuart's Cove Grand Turk - Exclusive Escapes Highly recommend them both
  9. Good point! I bet you're right in that the future cruise credit will go to his son. Normally I would leave this up to him to handle, but this is his 1st cruise and he is already overwhelmed with all the things to do and know. He also gave us an extremely generous wedding gift, and I want to help him out both for that and to help his 1st cruise be a good cruise. I also know that sometimes when you call carnival the answer they give you is one that will benefit them. Many times getting feedback from fellow cruisers reveals tips and work arounds to find solutions more beneficial for us - the passengers. I have also frequently experienced calling to ask a question and kidding a different answer from different carnival representatives. I love getting advice from fellow cruisers! Thank you!
  10. I am trying to wrap my head around whether this is better or not. I am overwhelmed with last minute wedding and cruise details that I know I am not thinking clearly. My cousin paid for both of them himself....so even if he cancels 1 person he still has to pay the same room rate? Any refunds/credits would go to him. So it sounds like if he leaves his son on (no show) then he will receive a refund of port fees, taxes, etc. He will not be charged any more for his room and get to keep his room If he cancels his son, he will get 75% back in future cruise credit (assuming he wants to cruise again-this will be his first). Others have told me that in this situation that by cancelling they received an increased rate and/or had to switch rooms. Now I am guessing that was more in the case of someone going from a 3 person to 2 person booking (or something like that)? He has a balcony booked....so would rate increase/room change not be an issue we have to worry about?
  11. Should he tell Carnival when he checks in that his son will be a "no show"? Did your roomie receive a refund of port fees, taxes, etc?
  12. Carnival's site is down for me to check, so I thought I would see if anyone knew the answer...... Our cruise leaves this Sunday (so totally paid for). My cousin paid for a room for himself and his son. He booked with the Early Saver rate and paid for Carnival Insurance. His son may not be able to join us - not for any good reason that would definitely result in a refund (emergency, illness, etc). We are wondering if there is any benefit to him actually cancelling his son or if he should just let him be a 'no show'?
  13. Just the email confirmation. It doesnt show online. 🙂
  14. Do you meet with the photographer before you wedding? When do you get to view/order photos?
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