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  1. You could cancel/re-book the shore excursions? Make sure the $1500 spend ends up being ONE TRANSACTION.
  2. I would just rather NOT waste my time (In the Square OR in my Stateroom) redoing something which I had already done on land.
  3. Would be so much easier if Seabourn allowed the use of OBC to book your excursions while still ashore rather than playing this shell game 😌
  4. You can probably eliminate 50% of your chargers with a "Bulk/Gang" unit similar to this https://us.anker.com/collections/chargers/products/a2123
  5. Not sure about the rest BUT make the "Primary Guest" in both staterooms a different person.
  6. Have back-ups (reservations at other locations) in case CVS falls flat
  7. I was allowed early check-in on Sept 5th (they were twiddling their thumbs). Regarding being late... it won't be an issue as they just assign you to the next group BUT why cut it so close? Due to all the uncertainty we aimed for 10AM arrival and had a 11:30 check-in. Had coffee at a Starbucks located just before the turn-off to the port (Across from COSTCO) and then cooled my heels in the car for 1/2 hour before walking to the terminal.
  8. I fully agree! North-East cruises shouldn't be held "hostage" by Canada as well
  9. I was 10 or 12 years old the first time I viewed it. Made much more sense several years ago.
  10. A big Thank You to everyone for all of your comments (both Pro & Con) as it made for a very enjoyable read! I was fully aware and OK with the limited “Suite Perks” included with a Junior Suite before booking. I just wasn’t expecting the need to jump through hoops for the ONLY one allotted a JS (in addition to square footage, etc.) IMHO, Junior Suite is a misnomer/oxymoron, bordering on misrepresentation, as there are just too many exclusions from the norm for the term “Suite” to be included in the stateroom category description. Calling it an Insert_Superlative_HERE Balcony would be way more appropriate.
  11. I minored in marketing AND it's a fine-line between touting the virtues of a product vs. outright fraud 😀
  12. My sentiments EXACTLY! If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
  13. This is a First World problem, but I don’t like the way that “SEA Class / Junior Suite” guests are treated onboard ☹ No access to Suite Sun Deck or Lounge, no breakfast or lunch in Coastal Kitchen (dinner only if/when space is available) is limiting enough BUT having to knock/scratch at the Coastal door when you have reservations & your keycard doesn’t grant access is demeaning. Yes, I know, cry me a river, but IMHO, Royal should “recharacterize” Junior Suites as Jumbo Balconies and be done with it as the JS category is all Bark and no Bite!
  14. I ❤️ the idea BUT resent that you can't pre-reserve with the dining package. Would be OK if given a limited time "window" for package dining.
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