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  1. We’re contemplating a 14-night Caribbean sailing in 2022 which is also being sold/marketed as two “different” 7-night segments. Does this imply that there will be two of “everything” scheduled (Caviar in the Surf, Marina Day, Rock the Boat, etc.) on the 14-nighter? I do realize that it’s all subject to change/cancellation based on sea & weather conditions.
  2. I agree. Travel agencies would have to pay the 3~6% credit card fee if they processed final payment using their own Merchant Account and then held onto the money before transmitting to RC. Hardly a profitable scenario! They will though run the client CC a bit early through Royals system ensuring that "Good Funds" are available by the drop-dead date. This precludes chasing down final payment from a client while the clock is ticking and they happen to be away on vacation or otherwise difficult to reach.
  3. I would hardly consider NASSAU one of the "highlights of the cruise". Additionally, $300 in OBC for a previously scheduled port-change is unheard of. Count your blessings and move on.
  4. I'm 99% sure that if/when you add a second person that it's at the "going rate" i.e could me more than what the initial passenger is paying.
  5. Yes, do it. Cancelled our CruisePlanner purchases immediately after Royal announced the cruise was toast. Received refund in a few days to CC.
  6. Keeping track of the piecemeal refunds (which sailing is this one for?) must have been a real bear!
  7. I'm not going to compromise my privacy (Public vs. Friends-only) and shill for Celebrity for micro-points.
  8. It all depends on it being a Full-Ship charter vs. a partial one. I've personally been on ships with a large group (Polka Cruise comes to mind) and private events (wristband access).
  9. Be prepared to "Pay-UP" and then suffer the "Death of a Thousand Cuts" waiting for a refund 😞
  10. Yea, I've found that the odds are very high that even once you get through to them on the phone that the "agent" always manages to screw something up. Then it's back to the phones trying to straighten it out.
  11. Your Celebrity Air is automatically protected under Celebrities "Cruise Care" travel insurance at no additional cost.
  12. Yes, many end up unintentionally booking "connecting" staterooms (which they don't need) then complain about noise from the other cabin. Go figure
  13. I never wanted that responsibility... Get your kid/friend to help you BUT I'm staying out-of-it!
  14. Seeing all the negativity levied against TA's just confirms the decision to "Wind-Down" my small cruise-travel business. I'm still working on cruises that were cancelled back on Black Friday the 13th, March 2020 and there appears to be no end in sight due to sloppy, back-of-house, operations by the cruise lines making it difficult to make any kind of headway (one step forward & two steps back). I've complained to them for their lack of "Financial" cancellation statements and zero transparency when applying FCCs and all I got back was "Trust Us" Grrrrrrr! Trust is over... all the goodwill has evaporated over the last few months and I'm done!
  15. Yes, people paying "full price" for specialty restaurants get first crack at them. Those with the dining package get the left-overs. One thing positive about NCL is that dining "package" people are treated the same when making advance reservations.
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