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  1. I purchased a QM2 Stateroom Desk Chair in the previous auction, luckily i live near the Shippers so was able to collect myself :D
  2. Hi All . Just over 1 month to go, anyone else joining us :D
  3. The list of guest speakers is looking good :)
  4. Still just me at the moment then
  5. Thanks as you say nothing could top the 40th but im sure it will still be special :)
  6. Hi thanks, it has been a while , i have been on many Cruises , all good here, how are you ?
  7. Hi Yes that is correct and hopefully lots of special occasions etc
  8. Hi Hattie, Yes it will be good, i was on the 40th Anniversary which took place on QE2 Hope you join. I did start a Roll call but was looking for any discssions. thanks Gavin.
  9. Hi, I have booked this Cruise for next year aboard QE, I cant find another thread for this but if there is could someone direct me to it. Is anyone else on this Voyage ? thanks Gavin.
  10. I am very upset to hear this as i know Paul and was on the Cruise where the alleged offence took place. :( When i boarded the QE at Christmas i asked of Paul`s where abouts and was told he had retired. We got on well and i so want this to be wrong.
  11. It seemed to be open at Christmas as my Dad offered to buy me an i-Pad. :D
  12. Hi Bobby, Do you mean the 20th ? I am boarding that day for the Christmas and New Year Cruise to the Canary Islands. :) Gav. :cool:
  13. Thank you Judy , very kind. Gav.
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