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  1. Added to that....even if you got two doses of the same acceptable vaccine (ie Pfizer), you are considered to be unvaccinated with RCI if the interval between your doses is longer than 42 days. My next NCL cruise isn't until late 2022 so I'm not concerned about that one yet....however it's looking like I will likely have to cancel my upcoming Oasis cruise with RCI unless the guidelines change before October.
  2. Our October cruise out of Bayonne is paid in full as well, using FCCs from previously cancelled cruises. We've both had double doses of Pfizer but they were 64 days apart. We'll be waiting until August 21 to see if the US opens up their side of the US/CAN border, and also to see what the vaccination guidelines for NJ departures will be once the Oasis test cruise out of Bayonne in August is complete. If there's any ambiguity at all in the guidelines (like there seems to be right now) we'll cancel and move the FCCs to a cruise in late 2022.
  3. We're booked on that cruise and on a May 2021 Bermuda sailing as well. They probably won't happen but I'm still hoping...
  4. Thank you. This was what I thought, and what I read when I re-checked RCI's non refundable cancellation policy after reading the post by nemesees.
  5. Are you saying if I decide not to make final payment at the end of May for my September cruise, that I will lose ALL of my nonrefundable deposit? Since my sailing date doesn't qualify for the "cruise with confidence" FCC cancellation option (only applies to cruises up to Sept 1), I've assumed that the usual RCI cancellation penalty would apply - $100 pp kept by RCI and the rest returned to me as FCC.
  6. Anthem of the Seas had plenty of attention last month...not fun for us either as we waited hour by hour to hear the status of our cruise.
  7. What a treat it has been to find a thread like this! I love your perspective on life and your sense of humour (Canadian spelling....don’t know why we need to add an extra “u” to some words) and I hope you’ll be back often to share whatever you feel like talking about. I did visit Texas (San Antonio) years ago and loved it - and absolutely nothing spoiled my vacation!
  8. Both ships departing on the same day is actually a good thing. It means that everyone who parked at the terminal for the previous cruise on each ship will be arriving back on the day you depart, and will then disembark the ships, get into their cars, and leave the parking lots.....this should create all the space that arriving passengers will need, as long as you don't leave your arrival at the pier too late.
  9. Hi Henry! It was great to meet you on the Escape last year, and I've been enjoying your helpful and informative posts ever since. I'll see what I can find out about the officers when I'm on board in a couple of weeks. Kathy
  10. Thanks for your reassuring reply! I think we're also on the same February 2021 cruise as well. Kathy
  11. This is good to hear! Although we've been out of MCT a good 15 times or so over the years, we've never had a problem getting a parking spot in the past. Our next cruise is December 2 on the Gem and I was a little worried that cars being turned away had become a routine occurrence these days. We're the only ship in port that day, but Bliss departs the day before so hopefully those pax won't take up all the parking spots! On a side note....Gem is scheduled to arrive at 10 am. On all of our previous cruises on Gem her arrival time was no later than 8 am. Does anyone know if she actually does arrive in Manhattan at 10 these days or is it usually earlier? Kathy
  12. Thanks again for all the photos! For some reason I totally remember this dining room from my 1992 cruise and can’t wait to enjoy those sea views once again. How comfortable are you finding the beds? I’m booked for 17 nights on Empress and wondering whether I need to bring my own egg crate mattress....sure wished I’d had one on my Anthem cruise.....
  13. Thank you for your wonderful review and amazing photos! We last sailed Empress in 1992 when she was Nordic Empress, and this morning we booked one of the new Bermuda itineraries for next May. So excited to see the ship again and to dock in Hamilton and St. Georges instead of Dockyard.
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