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  1. Sun Majesty (long since retired) Getaway Dawn The Majesty was our first cruise, back in 2005. The thing that impressed me about NCL was that even though the ship was old it was well maintained. Just sailed the Getaway out of NOLA last month. Nice ship, but just too large for my taste.
  2. I don't know the name of the parking place, but we park at the open lot kitty-cornered from the NCL terminal. It's open, but it's fenced in and has 24/7 security. When you come back the porters will bring your bags all the way there.
  3. Was also on the Getaway Dec 1-8. Clearing customs is now a lot easier since they don't require those forms unless you have a lot to declare. Just show your passport.
  4. Sorry, am unable to do this. Can this post be taken down or moved? Once again, my apologies.
  5. My apologies. Trying. Will get this down as soon as possible.
  6. I'm not sure how much more often dh and I will cruise, but it's for a different reason. Seems the ships are getting larger and larger and they're harder to navigate. We just came back from the Norwegian Getaway, our first "big" ship. No doubt I could use the exercise, but everything was such a long walk. One time I was in the Tropicana Room and had to use the ladies' room. I had to walk through the entire length of the casino and then some and then walk all the way back. Same with the buffet. From the elevator I had to walk past two pool areas from my elevator. We agreed that the ship was just too big and hope we can cruise in a mid-size ship next time. We live in St Louis and it's an 11 hour drive to New Orleans. Though I'd really rather not fly, I'd like to try sailing out of other ports. Not a lot of choices in NOLA, although I understand RCI is bringing in Majesty of the Seas, an older, smaller ship that is really old school cruising. I'll miss having a balcony, but at least I won't be walking all over creation when I'm hungry or want to use the hot tub.
  7. I say we move Election Day to April 17.
  8. I was on this cruise too. This was dh's and my first "big" ship, and to us it was just too big. I'll be the first to admit I need exercise, but everything seemed to be such a long walk. We dined in the Tropicana Room twice. One time I had to use the ladies' room. I had to walk through the entire length of the casino and then some and then walk all the way back. Normally I will walk up and down stairs as much as possible, but by day 3 I was taking the elevator from Deck 8 or Deck 10 to Deck 9 where our cabin was. Usually I will explore whichever ship we're on, but I was just too tired. As usual everybody was wonderful. I taught the ladies in the shops some American slang. They seemed to appreciate it. Unfortunately it seems like big is how ships are going anymore. Maybe if they could have a people mover of some kind.
  9. Celebrating 55 years today, so you'll be seeing more of me. We always book through a travel agent. Always. Our next cruise is once again to the Western Caribbean, but for 2 reasons: 1) this is my mil's first (hopefully not last) cruise. She is 75, and even though she still gets around pretty well, we figured it would be best to go with what we knew. 2) We live near St Louis and it's much easier to drive the 11 hours to NOLA. I have absolutely no desire to fly anymore between the gestapo security and flights that are more like African bush taxis now that everybody has to bring their pets with them. Eventually we'll do something new. Sorry, but those more expensive cruise lines are out of the question for us as we have to do some serious saving.
  10. We have cruised the week before Thanksgiving, mid January and now early December, all of which seem to be good times. We have no kids and can travel just about anytime, but we have to save up for a cruise, so we also look for the best deals.
  11. Retirement is a few years off for us, but we're in a better position to plan more carefully. My husband's retirement pension starts when he's 60, so that's a big thing right there. DH and I are both totally fed up with the pc atmosphere in most workplaces anymore. I'm in the process of selling or getting rid of things we probably won't ever use again. We live in a nice townhome right now, and God willing this will be our last stop before retirement. Right now we're in eastern Missouri to take care of my mil. Depending on how things go with her we can't wait to go back to South Carolina. If you live in the Midwest and like it, good for you. It's too cold for me and people aren't very friendly here.
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