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  1. My source at Carnival told me 8/7/21 is the new date for the inaugural...
  2. More info on Ultra cruises - https://www.cclpromos.com/carnivalplayersclub/ultra/
  3. More bad news today - https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24324-alaska-cruise-season-cancelled-as-canadian-government-bans-cruise-ships-for-2021.html
  4. It appears the Mardi Gras inaugural has been pushed out another month to 5/29/21.
  5. Just went to check on April cruises got the "Oh Snap" message. Not sure if they are working on the website or they have canceled all April cruises?
  6. Link to update on Carnival Radiance - Radiance Update
  7. Looks like the Carnival Panorama is joining the Carnival Miracle heading back to Long Beach, CA. Scheduled arrival is 12/22/20. Looking forward to seeing Carnival ships back in Long Beach, CA. I have a 4/3/21 cruise booked on the Panorama. Hope they get CDC approval by then...
  8. I believe "officially", there is no date for the Radiance inaugural (other than 4/23/21). Based on what the booking engine shows today, it appears the inaugural might be on 11/1. The 11/1 cruise was recently added to the booking engine (No Radiance cruises listed for Apr-Oct on the booking engine today). When the 11/5 cruise was the first one listed a week or so ago, I assumed it was the inaugural and booked it. Now since they added the 11/1, I am assuming it will be the inaugural and now I have booked that one too (I also have the 4/23/21 cruise booked too). I did ch
  9. Carnival booking engine is now showing a 11/1/21 (M-F) 4 day cruise - new inaugural date???
  10. It looks like the Carnival Miracle is heading back to Long Beach, CA from Panama and is due to arrive on 12/17/20. I wonder what the plan is for the Miracle in Long Beach with CA on governor lockdown?
  11. All the Mardi Gras cruises for Feb-Mar are gone. For April, it only shows the 24th. It sure looks like the inaugural cruise might have been changed again from 2/6/21 to 4/24/21 Has anyone heard anything?
  12. I also have the April inaugural booked and now have the new November inaugural booked just in case... I don't think the Radiance will be ready to go in April. No communication from Carnival yet either...
  13. I'm patiently waiting for the call or e-mail from Carnival! I'm packed and ready to cruise!
  14. This is getting ridiculous. I would feel safer on a large cruise ship vs an airplane were there is no social distancing. So it's okay for the CDC to destroy the cruise industry and allow the airlines to continue flying? Enough is enough. Let's start cruising again in November!
  15. (9/9 @ 6:14pm PT) I just checked the website and November cruises only show up for Long Beach (Los Angeles), Miami, and Port Canaveral. Long Beach - Carnival Panorama Miami - Carnival Conquest, Horizon, and Sunrise Port Canaveral - Carnival Breeze, Elation, and Liberty
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