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  1. 4 hours ago, Matco said:

    I have/had the Radiance booked for, at the time, the inaugural out of Long Beach 4/23/21 and the 4 day after on 4/26/21... I have not heard anything regarding a cancellation... YET,  apart from anything already posted has anyone received any communication directly from Carnival?

    I also have the April inaugural booked and now have the new November inaugural booked just in case...  I don't think the Radiance will be ready to go in April.  No communication from Carnival yet either...

  2. (9/9 @ 6:14pm PT) I just checked the website and November cruises only show up for Long Beach (Los Angeles), Miami, and Port Canaveral.


    Long Beach - Carnival Panorama

    Miami - Carnival Conquest, Horizon, and Sunrise

    Port Canaveral - Carnival Breeze, Elation, and Liberty



  3. John Heald just posted on FB an update to the cancellation policy:


    I wanted to make sure I shared that we had listened to your feedback and guests sailing on cruises from May through September, 2020, may now cancel by 30 days prior to sailing. We also are giving you more time to redeem your future cruise credit so you can travel within one year of your original sailing date.

    details here and emails coming soon


  4. 14 minutes ago, coevan said:



    veggie burger or Vegan burger? no the same, 18 cruises in 2 years, you cruise once a month?

    Veggie or vegan - does not matter to me. Yes, we have been going almost every month (sometimes twice a month).

  5. 3 hours ago, coevan said:

    Why would you doubt the news articles? 

    Prior to the news back in 9/18, I could get a veggie burger at Guy's.

    On my 10/26/18 cruise, I was told to now go to the Deli to get a veggie burger. 

    Since that time, I have been on eighteen (18) Carnival cruises and have had to go to the Deli to get a veggie burger. (Inspiration x 12, Vista x 2, Horizon x 1, Legend x 1, Miracle x 1, Panorama x 1) - yes, I have a cruising addiction 🙂

  6. 3 hours ago, ObstructedView2 said:



    They are not store bought garden burgers. The vegetarian burger on Carnival is a (Black Bean Burger). More specifically, the plant-based burgers are made from whole and mashed black beans, brown rice, roasted pumpkin, cauliflower, and mushrooms, tofu, onion, and savory spices. And as the others have stated, can be found at the deli.


    Click on the links below for more information.




    Info @: https://cruiseradio.net/guys-burgers-now-has-a-new-menu-addition/


    Additional info @: https://www.livekindly.co/guy-fieri-vegan-burger-carnival-cruise-line/




    The news was wrong.  Guys does not serve vegan or veggie burgers.

  7. 30 minutes ago, 2PinaColadas said:

    I've gotten the veggie burger at Guy's. They always would tell me, "give us 10 minutes", but they did not send me to the deli and they did not cook it on the same grill as the meat burgers.  Maybe they went to the deli for me.  Not sure. They are better than the Gardenburgers I get at the grocery store. 

    Unfortunately, I believe they moved veggie burgers from Guy's to the Deli back in late 2018...

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