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  1. We have enjoyed sailing on the Spirit class ships over the years. We like the location of the Steakhouse and the layout of the ship. Spirit x 2 (2003 & 2006) Miracle x 4 (2016, 2017, 2017, 2019) Pride x 1 (2006) Legend x 1 (2019 - Alaska - aft cabin - loved it! - ready to go again!)
  2. I would like to see them replace the Fantasy class ships; however, I don't see this happening anytime soon. Carnival only has two new ships on order - the new Mardi Gras for 2020 and sister ship in 2022.
  3. Do you think Carnival will ever add any of their specialty restaurants to the Fantasy class ships? I have sailed on the Carnival Inspiration many times (port is close to home) and would like to see them add one (i.e. Steakhouse, Cucina del Capitano, Bonsai Teppanyaki) (only current option is Chef's Table) I think there is room to accomplish this (i.e. move the nightclub to the main showroom or use the Lounge space (Avante Garde on Inspiration), etc) Interested to hear your opinions...
  4. (Unless you received notification from Carnival) I believe the parking structure is only closed for Imagination cruises. I sailed on 1/10/20 (Inspiration) and parked in the parking structure...
  5. I have been a rule follower and have been faxing (efax) my shareholder OBC requests. They usually get back to me within 2-3 business days (via e-mail). I reached out to Guest admin a couple of days ago asking them about emailing. Here is their response: IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING YOUR SHAREHOLDER ON BOARD CREDIT Please do not email your stock statement, this is not an acceptable way for us to receive this highly sensitive information. We only accept this by fax or regular mail information is provided below for you. By fax to: 305-406-6102, or mail to the foll
  6. Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland posted a video of the funnel being installed on 1/16/20: https://www.facebook.com/meyerturku/videos/827135824425234/
  7. Rumor has it they are creating a level above Diamond - 400 days + I could see them adding a level between Platinum (75) and Diamond (200).
  8. Rumor has it that the new loyalty program will be announced at the end of the month....
  9. Got off the Inspiration today and my D/P gift was the luggage tag...
  10. Parked in the parking structure today 1/10/20 and I could not believe how empty it was at 11am. Must be because of the Imagination cruisers not be able to park... Nice for Panorama/ Inspiration cruisers!
  11. This is what I was told - "The parking structure is closed on Thursdays and Sundays for construction."
  12. I faxed (have not tried e-mail yet) my request on 1/2/20 and got confirmation on 1/7/20. I have requested 18 via fax over the last 15 months and usually get a confirmation back within 2-3 working days...
  13. Dining package deal - saves you $8... "For $60 per person, passengers who opt to purchase the plan will receive one meal at Fahrenheit 555 — the line’s signature steakhouse — as well as two $15 vouchers which can be redeemed at the Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Brewhouse, Bonsai Sushi, Cucina del Capitano or JiJi Asian Kitchen."
  14. It's been almost a year now... Has anyone heard anything lately? Just curious to see if they change the number of days needed for each level and/or add new levels...
  15. If you fail to cash out your players bank, Carnival will send you a check in the mail (unless the amount is small - not sure what the cut off amount is. I believe they donate that money to a charity)
  16. Luggage tags on the Panorama inaugural cruise 12/11/19.
  17. The poker table is part of the casino and follows the same hours/rules.
  18. I am a poker player who cruises a lot on Carnival. I like having the poker table in the sports bar on the Vista class ships since it is in a non-smoking area; however, being away from the casino makes it harder to get players. Even on the ships with the poker table in the casino, it is usually hard to find players since people don't like playing on dealer-free electronic tables... (hit or miss). I just sailed on the inaugural Panorama cruise and the layout of the sports bar (now called the Hero's Tribute Bar) is better since there is not a wall blocking the view to the
  19. Stossel: Plastic Straw Myths https://youtu.be/kTrECOS4fzU
  20. You will have to go to the Deli to get a veggie burger. I go their and get the patty and take it to Guy's...
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