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  1. Luggage tags on the Panorama inaugural cruise 12/11/19.
  2. The poker table is part of the casino and follows the same hours/rules.
  3. I am a poker player who cruises a lot on Carnival. I like having the poker table in the sports bar on the Vista class ships since it is in a non-smoking area; however, being away from the casino makes it harder to get players. Even on the ships with the poker table in the casino, it is usually hard to find players since people don't like playing on dealer-free electronic tables... (hit or miss). I just sailed on the inaugural Panorama cruise and the layout of the sports bar (now called the Hero's Tribute Bar) is better since there is not a wall blocking the view to the
  4. Stossel: Plastic Straw Myths https://youtu.be/kTrECOS4fzU
  5. You will have to go to the Deli to get a veggie burger. I go their and get the patty and take it to Guy's...
  6. We too sail on the 3 day cruises out of Long Beach frequently (we live 50 min from the port). Not too many Diamond guests usually. We have had Tea on the Bridge or cocktails in the Avant Garde lounge or the Piano bar...
  7. Diamond desk 855-386-8437 I finally turned Diamond on the Vista back in April (cruising with Carnival since 1991). I received the letter with the dinner for 2 at the Steakhouse and the luggage tags. My wife turned Diamond on the Inspiration that month too and they didn't have anything in the cabin for her. We ended up asking Guest services during debarkation to get her gifts.
  8. You can also track on http://ships.carnivalentertainment.com/#ship/carnival-panorama/cameras
  9. It's still there - " VIFP Club luggage tag set (presented once at Diamond level)" - https://www.carnival.com/vifp/benefits.aspx
  10. Video of the Carnival Panorama delivery ceremony today 10/29/19: https://youtu.be/LpyH8MTr0_A
  11. Yes, there is a diamond party on the 3 day cruises...
  12. Yes, we were on the Vista last week (10/12-10/19) and it was working.
  13. Not anymore. Veggie/vegan burgers are only available at the Deli
  14. PhillyFan33579 - I disagree with the CD - I don't believe all "priority" guests know this...
  15. I don't understand why they don't have signs saying D/P/FTTF are allowed to enter???
  16. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-burger-venue-now-offering-vegan-burgers/26665 (not true)
  17. You mean like the one in post #6 ? YES
  18. Looks like they are working on it now. The specialty dining option is listed; however, when you click on it, you get an error message...
  19. John Heald posted this yesterday (7/31/19): "Just a reminder that tomorrow - August 1st - you can start to make reservations on line for the specialty restaurants and Chefs Table on the Carnival Panorama" I went to my bookings and the option was not there yet...
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