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  1. Thank You for a real world answer to my slightly off topic question.
  2. Would Princess allow a non refundable deposit to be transferred to an alternate new booking if plans had to be changed?
  3. Weather can be all over the place we did Alaska in early May Only had light rain 1 /2 a day out of 10, and clear and 68 degrees for Glacier bay. We live in Oregon and the Pacific coast weather is never what you expect. If its too cold eat inside and enjoy.
  4. What size table do the mini suite balconies under the sea walk have? In the past we have brought a 30"x30"x 30 " high camp table for the balcony so we can sit at normal height and enjoy room service breakfast and other meals.
  5. We booked Alaska first trip of the season no real break on price, but good value because we did 10 nights for the 7 night fare on NCL. Not gonna do NCL again loved them in Hawaii but mediocre at best for Alaska, not the destination just meh. (see sig) Early season in Alaska was great weather and prices are a little better.
  6. First cruise was Star Princess 2003 she was a little over a year old. We loved it, you can do as little or as much as you want. Could not believe how big the ship was took days before we knew our way around. We started a tradition for us of watching the sunrise from the Hot Tub, still something we enjoy but not always available that early in the morning.
  7. My wife prefers Princess, but it has been a while since we cruised with them. No matter which line we cruise we enjoy our private space in our cabin as well as room service. Since the seating is better on other lines in standard balcony cabins, we will not travel Princess if the cabin comfort is not what is expected. I hate sitting on the bed. Our next trip budget has allowed us to be booked on the Royal Princess in a mini suite so cabin comfort won't be an issue. I will no longer consider Princess standard balcony as an option and will spend our cruise vacation dollars on other lines.
  8. How long does the tour take ?
  9. Thank you Navy Veteran. That is the clarification I needed. The only advantage with Princess transfer is not dealing with luggage and not missing the ship.
  10. I am booking EZAir for our flight to LA , does booking flights with Princess EZAir include transport to and from the port? or do I need airport transfers as well.
  11. To avoid ridicule don't post about tipping.
  12. A little off topic , When did the Auto Gratuity policy begin? I don't recall when we started paying it. Our first cruise (Star Princess) was 2003 and I remember the Gratuity envelopes on that trip, but it was all a new experience and I am curious if somebody remembers.
  13. Our first cruise was on the Star in 2003 to the Mexican riviera. We won the trip for reaching sales goal at work. We didn't know what to expect but we were hooked. You can do as much or as little as you like. Star is still our favorite, love the Skywalkers lounge, and the pool deck that can be open or closed.
  14. My bad My wife reminded me it was Krystal vallarta
  15. Nuevo Vallarta is walking distance, been almost 10 years since we were there. Hot stone massage and more available, restaurants , pools , and beach access.
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