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  1. collboy

    GEM disembark time New York Nov 26

    Thanks for the advice
  2. I'm trying book my flights from LGA and see the NCL website shows the GEM time of arrival on Nov 26 at 10AM. Is that just a time to be safe as I thought the ships most often dock in NYC at 6AM or 7AM? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  3. collboy

    Cigars on the Epic

    Where is cigar smoking permitted on the Epic?
  4. Can anyone tell me where I will pick up my rental scooter in New York for Breakaway from Special Needs at Sea. On the invoice it reads pick-up in Kiosk. Where is the Kiosk? The invoice also reads the scooter will be delivered to my room. Any idea which is correct? If I need an extension cord to charge my scooter, will a regular cord wok? I wasn't able to get an accessible stateroom so I know space will be tight..
  5. I struggle with settings on every cruise. We will use iConcierge, pick up and return texts, I am Canadian and may have a US and might consider purchasing a Caribbean package Please comment on: Airplane mode - on or off? WiFi - on for iConcierge? Bluetooth - off - unless I'm using a speaker Cellular Data - off?
  6. collboy

    Upgrade Bidding

    What does it mean when my offer shows "Pending".?
  7. collboy

    Just off the Breakaway this morning - ask me anything

    What was your stateroom # with the extended balcony?
  8. collboy

    NCL Specialty Dining - GEM

    It's all showing up now. Thanks for your replies
  9. My 90 days were up so I was allowed to go in and make my reservations. Once I was done, I have logged back in a few times and cannot find my reservations. Where do find them??
  10. "When departing the port by taxi, you'll need to cross the street to a dedicated taxi stand." It sounds like I do need to cross the street. Anybody have a suggestion?
  11. I have some mobility challenges and find it difficult to cross the road/highway to line up for taxi to LGA. Can I order a taxi, limo, Uber to pick me up where it is easier to get to pick-up place with bags in tow?
  12. collboy

    Getaway Levity Comedy Club

    Where is the box office?
  13. I have trouble waiting in that line of taxis after we clear customs. Any good ideas about somone or service that can pick us up and get us to the airport?
  14. collboy

    Pearl Entertainment

    We're sailing March 6 on the Pearl. Does anyone know what entertainment is on board?
  15. collboy

    Internet in rooms on Caribbean princess

    Thabks for your replies.