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  1. Been reading your blog and enjoying your adventure. Hate to tell you but due to the 1972 Marine Mammal Projection Act you can't bring your seal skin mittens into the USA. They will be confiscated when you go through customs. This has happen before to cruisers and there are plenty of articles on the internet about people being shocked when they are taken away. Any product with seal skin is not allowed.
  2. Do you mean from Tadusacc? i would go on a whale watch. see beluga and other whales and wild life. Get closer to the lighthouse and other scenery. You probably would have some time to walk around the shops near the beach and pier. Plus there is a cemetery and church near by. i liked that part of Canada so much after cruising that the following year we drove up by car and spent a few days there.
  3. I was there in December 2016 on the Prinsendam Holiday cruise. We took a taxi to Pigon Point Park. It's a gated park sort of their equivalent to a state park in the USA on the ocean. There was a fee to enter. Chairs and umbrellas for rent. Food and limited shop available as well. It was a nice day. Clean, safe, and comfortable. The water and views were typical caribbean with lots of palm trees. I would definetly go back there. One thing you don't often see in the caribbean was they had life guards. We walked around the town by the port when we returned later in the afternoon. Because we were there a couple days after Christmas most of the stores were closed. They had fruit vendors, the restaurants we saw were mostly fast food. My impression of the town near the port was that it really wasn't touristy. It was more stores for people that lives on the island. It wouldn't take long to walk around. There were some vendors in the port area selling souviors. If your not going to go to the beach on your own, I would do a HAL tour because there didn't appear to be much to do near the port. It's not an island that get's alot of cruiseships. So the town isn't really touristy.
  4. Just last night I was trying to look up cruises on my iPad and it was frustrating. I never was successful in bring up cruises for the date I wanted. Switched to my lap top and it worked right away. There is a bug with the website and ipads
  5. Hello, We have never cruised on Celebrity and are considering a Celebrity cruise to Bermuda on the Summit. We Are Emerald on Royal. WHat if any perks would we qualify for on Celebrity? Thanks for your help.
  6. Sorry that I wasn't more clear. We are flying into Seattle because our local airport has direct flights to Seattle, but not Vancouver. We have never been to Seattle so we are going to spend 4 nights in Seattle, 2 nights in Victoria and 1 night in Vancouver. Then we are going to get on the ship. I appreciate your road trip suggestions. I'm going to spend sometime this weekend researching the options you suggested and see which one we wanted to do. Depending on our final plans, we may even try to complete 2 of them. Thanks again for your help.
  7. We are actually cruising out of Vancouver and so our ship is not stopping in Victoria. Originally we were thinking of taking the train to Vancouver but now we have decided to take the ferry to Victoria staying over 2 nights and then taking the ferry to Vancouver. We've been to Vancouver mutliple times and seen the sights so we are just going to stay one night pre-cruise and then join the HAL Voldendam. Thank you for your advice on the Seattle hotels. We are going to stay at the Kimpton Monaco. We were able to secure a room for 4 nights using points so that is a great deal expecially for the price of a room at that hotel. What are the out of town excursions that we should consider during our time in Seattle? We would be willing to rent a car for a day or two if necessary to travel out of town. Appreciate your help.
  8. Hello, We are looking to spend 3 or 4 days pre-cruise in Seattle to visit all the sites (Space Needle, Chihuly, Pioneer Square, Seattle Aquarium, Pike Place Market, etc.). We also plan to take the ferry to Victoria, BC either for the day or possibly 1-2 nights. We are looking to stay at an IHG Hotel in Seattle on points. Below are the hotels we are able to stay at. We are most concerned about location being close to the sites, transportation, restaurants, safe to walk around at night. Recommedations on which would be the best 2-3 would be wonderful help. Crown Plaza Kimpton Vintage Seattle Kimpton Monaco Seattle Kimpton Alexis Hotel Kimpton Palladian Hotel Holiday Inn Downtown Holiday Inn Seattle City Center
  9. Kim, I always enjoy your reviews. I don't want you to think I'm being judge mental in about what I'm about to say. My comments are for everyone's education. You may not be aware of how dangerous it is to swim near or under docks/piers due to electricity. People can drown from electrocution due to stray electric currents in the water. Many people are not aware of this risk. This risk is even greater in foreign countries where there may not be electric code standards and enforcement. If you goggle electric drowning you will see articles from even the USA where a day of fun swimming near docks turns tragic. Please stay safe so you can keep writing your great reviews.
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