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  1. Thanks to everyone for the info. We head out in two days for our first cruise on Oceania. We are looking forward to the experience after 30+ cruises on Princess, Celebrity, HAL, etc. If it's as good as we are hearing then likely will book one of the 2021 Cuba itineraries while on board the Nautica. Understand all the comments about agents, etc. Spouse worked as a T/A for over 25 years, so we ALWAYS use a T/A and don't rely on the lines' staff.
  2. Sorry if this duplicates another thread - I have been searching but could not find this info We depart in a week for our first Oceania cruise. Looking at future cruises with them. Are there benefits (ie OBC, reduced deposit, etc) to booking a future Oceania cruise while on board our current cruise? Thanks for any info
  3. You don't need to use the form any longer. Just make a copy of your brokerage statement (blank out any sensitive info like account number, etc. Write your booking number on the page and make sure the name on the account matches the name on your booking. Then fax it in to the cruise line In the past I have used the following fax number: 1-661-753-0180 Hope that helps And I should tell you that your question answered one of mine: Expiration of the OBC program? Current web site info shows a valid through date of July, 31, 2019. So looks like they just update the material with a new date every year.
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