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  1. Does anyone know from sailing on this ship if there is a happy hour in the Crow's Nest or any bar? If so what are the times and particulars. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone who has cruised in recent months know if it has returned due to popular demand??
  3. Do they divide the activities up from the younger kids or do they all go to the "living Room"?
  4. Taking two teenage Grandkids on the Harmony. They both have Apple phones. How well does Facetime, Instagram etc work on the ship both at sea and in port. Need to know before I purchase. Thanks.
  5. They are young and only have 7 days so really trying to help the best I can.
  6. Trying to help my Granddaughter plan her honeymoon in September, She is quite nervous about traveling out of the country. Does anyone have suggestions for a good hotel close to the port which provides transportation from the airport? Also what would be the best way for her to get to the port? This is all new to me as well, so anyone with first hand knowledge would be so appreciated. Thanks.
  7. What is the daily dress code for the different restaurants? Would slacks and button down shirt be alright for men and slacks and tops for women?
  8. Does anyone who traveled recently on the Edge know what happens for the Elite Cocktail event each evening or the morning breakfast? Thanks
  9. Does anyone who has cruised recently know if Happy Hour is back and if so which bars and times please.
  10. Where did you read that?
  11. Does anyone know if you get any complimentary time in the Spa on the Edge as they offer on ships with the Persian Garden?
  12. Are there any bars that offer Happy Hour prices?
  13. Does anyone know if there is a Happy Hour and where and when does it take place on the Edge
  14. Can anyone tell me how the Continental Breakfast and Evening Social works and where they are held on the Edge?
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