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  1. Does it surprise anyone that the majority of positive tests are crew members? Why didn’t they anticipate this and not turn around and go out to Hawaii?
  2. Was there only one Holland America ship in the Far East recently?
  3. We’ve done both and would probably opt for Mariner. We like the public spaces and the shower situation is a plus.
  4. While I have not been on this particular itinerary, I have done other cruises (Alaska, New England, British Isles) that followed similar trajectories. You're constantly turning, changing course, depending on ports. One day the sun is full on your balcony and the next day it's in the shade. I think you'll find that you will be just fine.
  5. Totally agree with you. I think my grandchildren would be bored on Regent (ages 8-10-13). That’s why the cruise industry has Disney.
  6. I’ve only booked something when I had to use up onboard credits. Most services are not nearly as good as what I can get at home. I once had a broken acrylic nail that needed repair and you’d have thought I’d asked them to tune-up a Maserati! They didn’t have a nail technician who knew what to do. Good thing we went home soon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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