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  1. The miniatures worked great. Between my wife, daughter and son-in-law, we probably brought about 40 drinks on board. The Baileys made the buffet coffee drinkable and we all took Yetis for our mixed drinks. Wife brought her 12 pack of coke and I stole a few of them. If you are going to try the mini thing, do not be tempted to buy the "pocket shots". I bought about 20 of them and brought 19 home that are still sitting in the cabinet. Very bad liquor. You are better off finishing other peoples drinks that they leave in the casino. Be sure to remove the cigarette butts first. This next cruise, I opted for the "all I can drink" package on RCI. We just had some extra money this trip and decided to treat ourselves. JB
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    Have his mom make some to bring along. Bring enough for all of us. JB
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    If you sit in the right bar long enough in Houston, that little old lady with the ice chest will find you. JB
  4. If they offered a senior discount, almost all of us would get it and then it would just be the price. JB :D:D:D
  5. If my wife reads this, I will be the guy carrying 20 bags of dirty laundry onto the ship at embarkation. JB
  6. On a cruise to Cozumel a few years ago, we stopped at Fat Tuesday's in the main square for a drink. We decided to go somewhere for lunch. A local man was eagerly petitioning us to visit his shop, which was several blocks away. I asked him to guide us to a restaurant (Somewhere he would go). He walked us down several backstreets to a hole in the wall place where we got the best food of our trip. The guy sat out on the curb waiting for us to finish so that he could take us to his store. Halfway thru lunch, I realized that we had left our bag with ship ID's, towels, camera, some cash and other stuff at Fat Tuesday's. I figured it was long gone, so finished eating, went to the guys shop, bought some silver jewelry from him and started back to the ship. As we were walking thru the square, the bartender at Fat Tuesday waived at me and pointed to the chair where I left my bag. It was still sitting there, almost 3 hours later. He had watched it for us the entire time. I ordered another drink from him and gave him a $20 tip. JB
  7. Plus 1 on Leona General Store. JB
  8. I don't like the idea of serving beer at Vintages. I really don't want a bunch beer drinkers hanging around while I enjoy a fine glass of wine. JB
  9. If I owned a cruise ship, I would make a few changes. #1) Replace the jogging track with a Go-Cart track. #2) Bungee Jumping, Parasailing, and Skeet Shooting off the back of the ship #3) Unlimited Free Drinks #4) Fishing is allowed from anywhere on the ship (Wherever they are biting) #5) Replace the Spa with indoor gun range #6) Replace the gym with indoor paint gun course #7) Remove all shops and install a Walmart #8) Smoking allowed anywhere and everywhere. #9) Fireworks every night (bring your own of formal nights) #10) Captain for a day excursion where you get to pick the port and do the driving. How bout anyone else? What changes would you make to your ship? JB
  10. I think you can do that if the dog buys a drink package. JB
  11. We only put our dishes in the hallway when we have an inside stateroom. When we have a balcony, we toss them over the side like normal people. JB
  12. We stayed at the Clarion SeaTac a few years ago and it worked out great. You can walk to it from the airport, or they have a shuttle (We did both). Light rail station is 1 block away. There is also C-store 1 block away. Small bar and grill in the hotel with reasonable food and drinks. JB
  13. I used the attached calculator to get me close. It is a little outdated and from Princess, but the concept is the same and its fun to play with. I was able to get to a break even point pretty easily without stressing, even though my wife doesn't drink alcohol. If you are a wine drinker, be sure to leave your wine at home and use the package. Be sure to add the cost of whatever wine you would have brought to the calculator. For me, it was 2 bottles at $20-$25 each. JB Princess_AIBP_Calculator.xls
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