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  1. The miniatures worked great. Between my wife, daughter and son-in-law, we probably brought about 40 drinks on board. The Baileys made the buffet coffee drinkable and we all took Yetis for our mixed drinks. Wife brought her 12 pack of coke and I stole a few of them. If you are going to try the mini thing, do not be tempted to buy the "pocket shots". I bought about 20 of them and brought 19 home that are still sitting in the cabinet. Very bad liquor. You are better off finishing other peoples drinks that they leave in the casino. Be sure to remove the cigarette butts first. This next cruise, I opted for the "all I can drink" package on RCI. We just had some extra money this trip and decided to treat ourselves. JB
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    Have his mom make some to bring along. Bring enough for all of us. JB
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    If you sit in the right bar long enough in Houston, that little old lady with the ice chest will find you. JB
  4. If they offered a senior discount, almost all of us would get it and then it would just be the price. JB :D:D:D
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