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  1. Cruisenouvelle

    Constellation Hesitations

    We were on Constellation in August this year. Loved the ship,staff, cuisine, itenerary... everything!! Don't fear, she's still a beautiful, comfortable ship.
  2. Cruisenouvelle

    Any Grappa drinkers?

    Oohhhhh way too strong!
  3. Cruisenouvelle

    Customs and Immigration Questions

    We were once part of a ' random' inspection for an onboard jewelry purchase that DH didn't think he needed to declare. I'm not so sure they're random.
  4. Cruisenouvelle

    Cruise line alternatives for Celebrity enthusiasts

    We've had good luck with Princess Cruises. Decent food and on Coral Princess, the suite was very nice despite its age. YMMV.
  5. Thank you so much for the advice and photos! We are sailing 11 August, and will return to Venice. Your counsel is helpful.
  6. Cruisenouvelle

    Classic drink package

    Your gratuities are included in the package, as I recall.
  7. Cruisenouvelle

    Hot tub issues...?

    Recent news article. Not trying to scare anyone, just something to think about. https://nyp.st/2rC6rNv
  8. Cruisenouvelle

    Waste of Time and Money in Hair Salon

    "I'm not Gumby damnit! " Best line of the entire thread!!! On a serious note, I enjoy the little port day specials like mix& match 3 treatments for $99,etc.
  9. Cruisenouvelle

    Spring break 2019

    This site gets a little more specific... https://www.studentcity.com/when-is-my-spring-break Oops! I see someone has already shared this.
  10. Cruisenouvelle

    MDR - 14 Night Dessert Menus

    Thank you!
  11. Believe me, Celebrity's abysmal website is common knowledge.
  12. Cruisenouvelle

    New Image of Celebrity Edge Livery (3/1/18)

    Thanks for sharing...we cancelled one of the 3 night previews, but definitely plan to enjoy Edge in the future.
  13. Cruisenouvelle

    Outsmarted class system

    Unfortunately, it's pretty prevalent. That's the reason there are so many lurkers. Bottom line- enjoy your cruise on Celebrity. It really is a wonderful cruiseline.Bon voyage!
  14. Cruisenouvelle

    Outsmarted class system

    To the OP....don't allow anyone to make anyone feel that way!!! Most of us couldn't care less what other cruisers have, nor what category cabin/ suite they can afford. If you drive a Fusion, do you feel anxious when you see a Mercedes? I hope not! And...all your mainstream cruiselines have different categories of cabins as well as loyalty tiers, not just Celebrity.
  15. So enjoying your narrative and photos. Thanks for sharing your adventures!