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  1. that wasn't "live". it was heavily edited, even with videos of other ships!
  2. The only change is a deletion of this paragraph under the Lift & Shift option: • If your sailing was cancelled on: - April 8th, 2021, please contact your Travel Advisor or call us by April 22nd, 2021 to move to a new sailing.
  3. maybe a "latest update" date column needs to be added to take into account these renovations. or rather the age of the presented information?
  4. Somebody had set up to filter out blanks or missing information. I noticed the question column titles were missing and some Comments were misplaced. So I restored the spreadsheet back to when it looked right, from January 2021. All the rows are showing now.
  5. Azamara has some sailings with reduced single supplement. From here. DATE NIGHTS VOYAGE NAME FROM TO RATE % 1-May-21 6 AMALFI & ADRIATIC WONDERS Rome (Civitavecchia) Venice, Italy 125% 7-May-21 13 ITALY INTENSIVE VOYAGE Venice, Italy Barcelona, Spain 125% 20-May-21 6 GRAND PRIX WEEKEND VOYAGE Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain 150% 26-May-21 10 IBERIA TO IRELAND VOYAGE Barcelona, Spain Dublin, Ireland 125% 5-Jun-21 13 IRELAND INTENSIVE VOYAGE Dublin, Ireland Stockholm, Sweden 150% 30-Jun-21 16 ICELAND INTENSIVE VOYAGE Oslo, Norway Edinbur
  6. Do the same thing you did when you were married? Unless, of course, only one of you went for a swim at a time. I take the bare minimum valuables. I hide my wallet and phone wrapped up in something so it is rather difficult to just walk by and grab. Folding the chair over to cover everything helps. Rarely do I bother a neighbor to watch stuff, but I will if they're friendly or if there are many beach vendors. I think it's silly looking to wear it around your neck but not outrageous. I even see people do it on the ship!! (and most of the people on the beach ARE fr
  7. check for photos on Cruisedeckplans.com public site. or youtube. NCL Sky should be same layout so try that ship too.
  8. Cruiseplum downloads a few times a day from some central database....I'm told...but maybe just a bit out of date in your particular instance.Cruise prices do fluctuate hourly if not daily. If it continued throughout the day, there must be a glitch.
  9. maybe you're concerned about future posts, and I'm not sure why you're moderating, but in case it's about the OP.... You should try the site out before commenting. That site is a wonderful search engine site. It is not a travel agency and does not book cruises. Links within take you only to the cruiseline's website. I spoke with the owner who created the site because they love to cruise and wanted to share their programming that they created as a hobby.
  10. It's on page 2 of the benefits form. Upper right corner. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/cc0ce13c#/cc0ce13c/1
  11. I'm pretty sure all are under Cruise with Confidence. But I think you're noticing the difference between cancelling outright (penalties but possible cash back) and cancelling with CwC (no penalties, but no cash back...just FCC).
  12. HAHAHA. Of course not. If Americans don't See the tips separated out or directly out of their hands, they go crazy with wondering whether to tip or not? Many will assume Celebrity will keep all tips and feel obliged to tip separately. So expect many threads about that!
  13. Hi Petra. I read that there were only about 1500 passengers. Why was that so? Some cruiselines say they will start at 50%, but I don't understand, if the sailing is fully booked, how they determine which people get to go. It seems to me that your cruise was available for booking pre-covid. When did you book this cruise? Perhaps everyone was "cancelled" and first to rebook got to go? I understand if the only question you can answer is when you booked. Thanks!
  14. Thank you very much for this live review! I have seen Youtube videos of the buffet. But I couldn't figure out if, say you wanted a piece of bread, you had to go back to the sink area to rejoin the buffet line, or could you cross the roped barrier to get it handed to you? Also, did you keep any of the daily newspapers? i'm sure they're in Italian, but it would be great to post them in the F B group of MSC menus and daily programs. Thanks again!
  15. Would you mind uploading the menus and dailies to the F B group MSC cruises menus and daily programs? They've been requested....the yacht club menus and dailies, especially.
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